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  1. thinspiration

    Resleeve and duodenal switch

    Thanks. Everything is going great
  2. Hi everyone, I’m at currently at Mexicali Bariatric center 1 day post resleeve and duodenal switch. I feel feel great. All doctors and nurse are very attentive, clean facilities, great price! Can asked for more. Excited to see my weight loss and maintenance progress.
  3. thinspiration

    Massive stall! Grrr! Frustrating!

    Try kettlebell workouts. I'm just starting out I do 100 swings a day. Hoping to build up to 300. Try eating 1000 to 1100 cals. Good luck
  4. thinspiration

    Massive stall! Grrr! Frustrating!

    Try kettlebell workouts. I'm just starting out I do 100 swings a day. Hoping to build up to 300. Try eating 1000 to 1100 cals. Good luck
  5. I too am not obsessing about quantity at dinner tonight. I have no room to put it in my small banded stomach. I love my lap band. I don't ever want to live without it!
  6. thinspiration

    Lap Band Buddies New York/long Island Area

    Hey would love to be lap band buddies. You could text me at 347 661 6149.
  7. thinspiration

    Need A Mentor/buddy...i'm In Socal

    If u need a buddy text me at 347 661 6149. I need one as well.
  8. thinspiration

    Nyc Lap Band - Dr. Shawn Garber?

    I had my surgery dec 2011 not with dr garber but with dr angstadt. He took my insurance which is Oxford/united healthcare. I don't think that office takes Medicaid. Any other insurance if accepted is ok for payment. My experience has been well with them. Ive lost 77 pounds so far on minimal fills. I'm at 4.5 cc and I don't think I want another for a long time. Don't wanna become a bulemic.
  9. Hey, what kind of Oxford do you have? I have Oxford under United Healthcare. I'm not sure if you have a different kind of Oxford. I had my surgery 12/20/11. At the time when I contemplated surgery, I called Oxford insurance to inquire if they covered, they said yes. The requirements were that if you had a BMI between 35-40 you had to have one or two comorbities to be approved. If your BMI was over 40 that's all you needed to be approved. Mine was 46. All I did was complete my surgeon requirements and they submitted my paper work and i was approved within a day with no weight loss program required. It was pretty quick for me. I had my first consult on 10/18/11. I got my requirements done quickly and I was on the table 12/20/11. It's unfortunate that they are requiring medically supervised weight loss. I know sometimes when you want something done and you have made up your mind, you want to get it over with. YOu should ask if your previous attempts at weight loss is acceptable for approval. Sometimes that may be good enough. P.S. Try not to lose too much weight on the Medically supervised program because they may deny you because they may feel you can do it on your own.
  10. thinspiration

    Did You Do A "last Meal"?

    Yes, I think i went too crazy with it though. I had chinese food, red velvet cake, five guys burgers and fries, pizza, subway, and all the snack foods you could think about. Not all in one day, it was the week leading up to the surgery. I didn't have a 2 week pre-op diet. I had a one day pre-op diet of clear liquid and nothing after 12am day of the surgery. Surgeon said my liver looked great and I tolerated the procedure very well. So yes enjoy a last meal. Not as far as I took it though. Funny thing is that at 7 weeks post op I don't really miss the junk food. Banding my stomach has helped me to stop obsessing about food.
  11. thinspiration

    My Goal After Lapband Success

    Yeah, i'm anxious to get my goal. I already know how i want to look as far as my makeup, jewelry, clothes, shoes etc. I own two pairs of Louboutin shoes that I refuse ot wear now because i'm too heavy for them. So my first goal is walk in those shoes comfortably. My goal is a size 8. I really want this badly. I'm giving myself until december 2012 to get there.
  12. thinspiration

    Port Pain?

    I have the same pain as well sometimes. It just strikes out of the clear blue sky. I was worried about it too. My PA said that port is probing the muscle that its resting on. She said keeping good posture is good for preventing the probing otherwise it's normal.
  13. thinspiration

    Not Hungry

    You are blessed. There are some people who are starving two days after surgery. Take it and run with it. I am one month out too and i don't get hungry much either. I did have a fill on tuesday. I feel no restriction but at the same time i am not starving one hour after eating a meal. I start to feel hunger 6 plus hours after a meal. The key is to eat stiff proteins to keep your satiety. I haven't had heartburn. Maybe speak to your doc about that.
  14. thinspiration

    First Fill Tomorrow:)

    Yeah i can relate. I had my first fill on 1/24, My surgery was on 12/20/11. It was ok. It didn't hurt much. The PA didn't even numb my port area. It was a small stick. She drew the fluid out to see how much I had in the band from surgery, then she added 1 cc. Now i have a total of 4cc. It looked like a little bit of saline in the syringe. She said it's definitely plenty. Anyway, i don't have much restriction. But i must say that I can go 5 to 6 hours between meals without getting hungry. That's the key. I'm still eating 6 to 8 oz of food. I think i could eat more but I decline to. I really don't want too much restriction because i'm afraid of getting stuck. So i will take the amount of fluid i have and be happy especially since i am not hungry like that.
  15. I had surgery on 12/20 and have not have a bowel movement since. What do you guys use for this problem?
  16. thinspiration

    Day 2 Post Op - Help

    18 days post op and I am not peeing like I should be. Before surgery I peed like a sailor. While in the hospital, I peed every 1 to 2 hours. Now that I'm home, nothing. I'm lucky if i pee twice a day. I'm scared i'm might go into kidney failure.
  17. My surgeon cleared me for mushies after surgery. I got a little lazy to bullet the meatballs I made and instead just mashed it. I think they were a little dry and now I have an uncomfortable feeling in my chest and throat. Will this pass or do I have to try to bring it up?
  18. Hi guys, I am post op. I was banded on 12/20. I think what I'm starting to experience is similar to post partum depression. It's Christmas and I want some Mac and cheese greens, pastries and all the goodies that come with Xmas. I'm starting have feelings of why have i done this to myself. Today I feel a little out of place. Usually on big holidays I am in the kitchen cooking and tasting. But this year ive decided not to cook. It would be slow torture for me. I needed to band myself. If not by next Xmas I would be 350 to 400 lbs. I was truly a food addict and still am just hoping this band will helps lose some weight. Help I need some words of encouragement.
  19. thinspiration

    Post Lap Band Surgery 6 Days

    HI guys, thanks for the words of encouragment. Now I realize that I'm not sitting here with these surgery scars for nothing. I was so gung ho in the beginning with persuing this surgery (got all my requirements finished in 4 weeks) and now i'm back down in the dumps again. Well I will dig myself out and think about the figure I want (maintain 165lb to 170 lbs). Presently i'm 297lbs. I think I'm gonna do something to keep myself busy so I will stop wollowing in food sorrow. jennylyn122, after I passed my flouroscopy at the hospital, the surgeon started me on mushies for 4 to 6 weeks. I am ok with it. The food has flavor only thing is that it looks like baby food.
  20. Yep, I know how you feel. I've gain about 10 pounds from the first consultation on Oct 18 to today. My surgery is scheduled for 12/19. I feel like i'm walking the green mile to the surgery and trying to eat my favorite foods now. I know I will be on liquids for 2 weeks or so after surgery so I am getting it in now. I know its not good, but I know it will be fine once I have the band. I am excited to get the surgery and start anew.
  21. Tracie, Question, did you loose any weight before the surgery? If so, how? Did you do a liquid diet or any other diet before the surgery. I see that they (NY bariatric) only recommends a 24 hr liquid diet before surgery instead of the 2 week liquid diet that other surgeons recommend for their patients.
  22. Congratulations Tracie, I see that you went with the NY Bariatric group. I am schedule to have lapband surgery with a Dr Angstadt from this group at Mercy on 12/19. I am so excited. Even more excited to see that you have made excellent progress on your journey. I hope I can have as much success as you have had. I am a bit nervous because I don't know what to expect because everyone has a different experience with this surgery. I plan on working just as hard you though. I weight about 305 pounds my goal is to maintain between 155 and 165. Congrats, keep up the good work!
  23. thinspiration

    December Bandsters!

    Hey guys, I just got my surgery date today. It will be 12/19/11. So excited. The policy of my office is to do a liquid diet 24 hours prior to the surgery but I think I will start a liquid diet 2 weeks prior. Would love to have a head start on the weight loss especially since I am 300 lbs. I would like to lose 15 pounds prior to surgery.
  24. thinspiration

    Nyc Lap Band - Dr. Shawn Garber?

    Yes, I am presently in the process of trying to get lap-band surgery with this group. My doctor in this group is Dr. Angstadt. I'm somewhat please with the group (about 70% pleased). I'm still waiting on approval and a surgery date. You kind of have to stay on top of them if you want things done at your pace. The office is very busy so don't expect alot of one on one attention. You kind of have to call and harrass them about certain things. I wish I went with Dr. Alan Geiss and North Shore Syosset. I heard lots of good things about his group. I don't want to change now, I'm too far ahead in the process.