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  1. dying2Bhealthy

    1 Year Today &.......

    My before & after :-)
  2. 111 pounds gone FOREVER! I am 10 pounds passed my original "goal"! I have NEVER felt so amazing & am so in love with the new me! HOWEVER, there is one VERY BIG problem-- I am now a SHOPAHOLIC hahaha! My hubby has decided to pull the purse strings a little tighter, because I seem to get carried away! This is coming from the girl who HATED, & I mean HATED to shop! I would get anxiety and usually cry in the dressing rooms! There was actually a few times that my husband would come into the dressing rooms to try to encourage me & keep me in good spirits- NOW, he refused to come shopping with me because I fall in love with everything I try on LOL! He says "i'm not needed for moral support anymore" & he is right! AHHH, what a FABULOUS year! Start weight- 249.8 CURRENT- 139.0 Start BMI- 48.6 CURRENT- 27.1
  3. dying2Bhealthy

    4 Days Shy Of My 7 Month Surgiversary & .....

    My photos are in my album. Im not sure how to post them on this thread.
  4. dying2Bhealthy

    4 Days Shy Of My 7 Month Surgiversary & .....

    I have some current photos in my album :-D
  5. Today is my 6 month surgiversary & I am down 74.8 pounds! Before & After picture attached :-)
  6. dying2Bhealthy

    Anyone Else.....

    WOW, 43 views and not one chime in!
  7. dying2Bhealthy

    Hello Onederland!

    THANK YOU!! Best feeling I have had in a LONG TIME!
  8. dying2Bhealthy

    Banana Babes

    SO excited that I finally reached 30lbs LOST (forever) To top it off, I did it during the holidays-- that would have NEVER happened without my sleeve!
  9. dying2Bhealthy

    Banana Babes

    I think my poor little body was literally "dying to be healthy" lol So it didn't take long to start dropping the pounds! Good luck to everyone else, & I certainly hope everyone is feeling as good as I am :-)
  10. dying2Bhealthy

    Banana Babes

    Just a quick update: I am almost 7 days out (a few more hours) lol I feel AMAZING! I feel like I didnt just go through a major surgery. People who didnt know I was having this done, have NO CLUE! Infact, I almost forget until I see my little tape on my belly LOL! Lost a total of 3 inches in my waist & 2 in my bust! I will do my complete measurements tomorrow morning for my 1 week surgiversary! Also down 18.9lbs as of tonight peak at the scale! I LOVE MY SLEEVE!
  11. dying2Bhealthy

    Consultation is tomorrow!!!

    it feels amazing! however, I am starting to have food depression. im having dreams of eating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! I wake up and am scared to death, thinking I really just ate that LOL! Today was my birthday, so no cake, no bday dinner, nothing :-( On a good note- down 15 pounds since monday is GREAT :-) & def. making all of this CLEAR liquid crap worth it
  12. dying2Bhealthy

    Banana Babes

    Excited isn't the word! I have actually started packing my bags today in hopes to remember everything. I have a very busy, work filled weekend, so I dont want to be rushed :-/ I crammed about 2 weeks worth of photoshoots into a 3 day 'weekend'! YIKES! Anywho- any advice or tips on what to pack??! I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow to make sure I get all my Clear liquids & broth for Sunday & of couse the week after!
  13. dying2Bhealthy

    Consultation is tomorrow!!!

    OH MY GOODNESS! I should have NEVER looked at the Complications forums :-( I really feel like I am about to back out, & that thoughtis making me VERY sad! Any words of advice to lift me up??? (i am particularly worried about leaks, since that is what I have been reading) HELP!!!

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