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  1. I have heard a lot of folks talking about the nectar, so I thought I would try it. I googled it up and this is the special that I found. It is currently on a 1-2 week back order, but usually ships in 2-3 days. I went ahead and ordered it because it is a larger variety, for a much cheaper price and free shipping. I have not found this deal anywhere else. Here is the info if you would like to try it also: The number is 1-866-333-7403 ext 803. Just ask for the Nectar sample kit. You get 14 variety packets (one of every flavor) for $14.00 (no shipping!) It is worth a try at that price; especially if you are like me and hate the shakes and are not being able to catch on to eating again either. Good luck! Oh, BTW, she also told me that you can find them on Facebook. That is where they advertise their sales and specials: Syntrax official.
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    From the album: Me

  4. Today is my 36th birthday and for the first time in 30 years I am not overweight. I started my WLS journey 1-1-12 (surgery 2-14-12) and since then I have lost an entire person. I started at 335# and a size 28. Today I am 160# and a size 8. I am 20# below my surgical goal. It is a very shocking transformation and I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. I am less than half the weight I started out at and wear about 1/4 the size clothes. Mindboggling. I don't even recognize myself, let alone people that haven't seen me in awhile. I don't plan to try to lose any more because I am getting way too bony. I am in the process of trying to have plastic surgery though. I believe when that is done I will be a size 6..possibly even a 4/6. Unbelievable. I am a large framed woman and never would have believed it was possible for me to be this small. A 16 was my goal because it was the smallest I could ever remember being. [ATTACH]17879[/ATTACH]
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    What are you looking forward to?

    Well I am at goal (175# lost), but waiting on my plastic surgery. When I have that done I want to have boudoir photos made for my husband.
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    Tomorrow is the big day!

    Yay! Best wishes :-)
  7. I am so going to love getting a new DL. When I show the one I have now people look at me like I'm crazy. They don't believe its me. I am less than half the weight I was when it was made.
  8. I am 18 months out and I still weigh almost every day. I have always been fixated on the pounds. At surgical goal I was a size 10. (5'9) but the scale still said I was overweight so I lost another 20#. Now I'm as small as a 4/6 and you can see every bone I have. According to the scale I could lose another 25# and still be "normal weight"; according to the mirror I'd be a walking corpse. The scale really shouldn't play such a large roll in our lives, but we all know it always will. Success to our doctors and society will always be based on the number of pounds lost/number on the scale and not by how we feel.
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    18 months & 175# lost (photo)

    By 10 months I was down 140#. From 10-12 I lost 15# and from 12-18 another 20#. Make sure you are eating ENOUGH. continuing on the extremely restrictive calorie diet will cause you to stop losing. It can damage your metabolism permanently to stay too low too long. I shoot for 1200. Sometimes I'm way under, sometimes way over; but the majority of the time that's where I'm at. I will probably be upping mine a bit before long because I don't need to lose any more. I am starting to look poor.
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    Picture - 7 months before and after

    You have done wonderful. Congrats!
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    More than I expected!

    Congrats! I am still waiting on mine. The insurance company is dragging their feet (as usual.) It has been close to 3 months.
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    Big Clothes 100#

    From the album: My VSG Journey

    100# of my kids share my old skirt on my 5 month surgiversay
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    My VSG Journey

    My progress from before, during and after my VSG.
  14. From the album: My VSG Journey

    My husband and I at the 2012 marriage retreat 3 months after my surgery and then one year later at the 2013 retreat.
  15. From the album: My VSG Journey

    This is me before at 335# and then me 16 months after vsg at goal and 170# lost. I went from a 28 to an 8.
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    Exercise question for the VETS

    LOL... sorry sweet. Don't hurt them too bad o.k. I am 16 months out and I reached my final goal last month (I am 15# under my surgical goal.) I have lost 170# and I am now a normal BMI. I have never "exercised." I do my regular daily activities of housework\childcare and on special occasions something extra, but to say I exercised no. I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc and joint and need a knee replacement. I have been doing good to walk at all. I have been doing excellent comparatively since my surgery though. I used to be on a cane/walker/wheelchair. Now I get around very well unassisted.
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    swimsuits that cover loose skin?

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I am apostolic Pentecostal and like the Jewish ladies we do not uncover ourselves in public either. We are taking our children to a resort in the Smokey Mountains this fall and they have a huge indoor Water park. I have been worrying about what I was going to wear (my children are autistic/ blind/can't swim so they can't be left alone). I will definitely be shopping this site! Sent from my iPhone using VST
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    Tactics for Eating at Buffets

    I cover mine with a napkin so I don't throw up looking at it 0.o Sent from my iPhone using VST
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    12 week Transformation challenge for vets

    I am interested in this, but currently I am not able to participate. I just got some bad reports from a couple of MRIs and I am getting ready for a couple courses of treatment and possibly a surgery or two. I will have to have some PT is get things back in order. I wanted to comment so I could mark this so I could find it a little later on. Best wishes to everyone participating. I want to see those before and afters in 12 weeks :0) Sent from my iPhone using VST
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    Calories, Exercise, and Metabolism (long)

    I spent months puking and my restriction is still very tight (15 months.) I had stopped losing weight and my nut said it was because I was not eating enough. I eat 6 times a day (at least.) my goal is 1200 cals. My nut said for me to get my cals any way I could. I have never completely low carved it. They have had me drinking sweet tea and/or regular Gatorade from the beginning. There have been times that those were the only calories I had. I currently get as many as 200 calories a day from that and they told me not to stop. Staying at that calorie level WILL damage your BMR...possibly permanently. You have to get in more calories. If you have to start drinking Protein shakes or milk several times a day, do it. I throw up every time I drink milk, but I can now stomach the shakes and have as many as 3 a day. If I have been able to eat well, I drink the 100 cal EAS. if I need the extra, I drink the Atkins 140-160. I have lots of cheese, Peanut Butter and bacon. They are higher calorie and take up very little room. My go to since being sleeved has been a slice of American cheese with 1/2-1 tbsp of PB (110-160 cals.) If you will add one Atkins shake and 2 tbsp. of PB to your diet a day you will have an extra 340 cals. That is going to take your metabolism and energy a long way. If you are not diabetic or have metabolic syndrome you might want to try some Gatorade too. 50 cals per 8oz. The sugar has not effected my weight loss at all. It is the only thing that had kept me going much of the time. I have lost 164#. It is going to be worth you experimenting. You don't want to start damaging your BMR...or even worse start burning your internal organs for fuel. Sent from my iPhone using VST

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