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    I know that one of my major concerns as a single gal, is how I will be perceived by men after surgery. I have average self esteem but have never had too much attention from men (besides my close friends). I've heard many people talk about on this board about how they get extra attention after they start losing weight. I'm not sure how I will handle that. The idea of it kinda frightens me to be honest. Do any of you share this concern? Have any of you experienced this extra attention? If so, how did you handle it? I would hope I would just take it in stride, but I think something inside of me will be bitter because these people never noticed me before. I hope that when I do eventually meet somone, it will be someone who did not know me before surgery.
  2. legnarevocrednu

    4 Months-60 Pounds=Onederland!

    I would say I eat completely different. Before, I would eat if I wasn't hungr. Before, I probably had at least 1000 calories JUST FOR BREAKFAST! Before, carbs were my best friend. Now, I schedule my eating. Now, I eat about 1000 calories A DAY, and now, I can't remember the last time I had pasta and I rarely ever eat bread. The good thing is that I no longer crave any of that stuff. I still splurge on occasion, but nothing crazy. That's just a small example of how my eating habits have changed. I started exercising seriously about 2 and a half months after surgery. I walked before that though. I get all my protein through food (on a good day, it's around 90 grams, on a so so day, it's around 50). It's always been that way because I think protein shakes are gross. Questions don't bother me, keep them coming!
  3. legnarevocrednu

    6 Months As Of Today!

    Ok so for some reason it won't let me upload the picture. Sorry!! :-/
  4. legnarevocrednu

    April Shower Challenge

    Name, real or screen~Legnarevocrednu Goal weight for April 29th~182 Weight on April 1st~192 Age~27 Dietary goal for April~Continue to try and stay away from frozen, processed foods and increase my Water intake Exercise goal for April~Complete my couch to 5K!! Personal goal for April~Enjoy my vacation Date banded~11/21/2011 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~67 pounds What is your favorite part about spring~The sun! I do not have access to a computer on Sundays. Would it be okay if I post on Monday mornings? Or I could do it on a Friday or a Saturday. Thanks!
  5. legnarevocrednu

    Port Moving Around..

    I was banded a little over a month before you. Although I have not noticed my port moving or any soreness, I've heard that it can shift as you lose weight. I suggest talking to your doc about the soreness. I think the shifting is normal.
  6. legnarevocrednu

    How Much Protien For You A Day?

    I can usually get in AT LEAST 50 grams of protein (on really good days, I can get in at least 70). I don't drink shakes. I just eat protein rich foods. Mostly from greek yogurt, chicken, and eggs.
  7. I am a customer service representative at a bank. I see the same people quite frequently. I have to say, that I am getting sick and tired of all the comments/questions/and attention coming my way because of the weight loss! I don't mind responding to these types of things when it's coming from friends, but from people I barely know?? I can't stand it! I have people grilling me on how I lost the weight, asking me what size I'm wearing, how much weight I've lost etc etc. I know this may seem odd to some of you, but I just don't like it. Why can't people just say I'm looking good and leave it at that? But noooo....An elderly woman commented on my weight loss today. I don't even know who she is! And she was like "How did you do it?" Not "how are you doing it?" like she suspected I had surgery or something. I don't tell strangers about the surgery, so I just responded that I was counting calories...which isn't a lie because I am! She then proceeds to give me a look like she didn't believe me and then was like "It makes you look pretty." Ummm excuse me? I know, I know, some of you might be thinking that this is a compliment. I believe that I was pretty before my weight loss. Now I'm just healthier AND pretty! It upset me and pretty much put a downer on the rest of my day. All of this from someone I don't even know! She wasn't even a regular customer! I've also had people tell me I need to buy new clothes...well DUH!! Sorry guys, I just need to vent this out. Does anyone else feel the same way? Some women may be soaking up the extra attention, but not me. It just makes me uncomfortable. Like I said, I don't mind a simple compliment, but I've discovered that people can rarely leave it at that. I'm just frustrated. I feel like a day can't go by where I don't get into a conversation about how I've lost the weight. Okay...I'm done now. Excuse this rant! Haha.
  8. legnarevocrednu

    Scale Obsessed? Food Log Getting You Down?maybe I Should Focus On Nsv's

    I would say the amount of calories is probably the problem. As the above poster stated, I would aim for 900 calories (gives you some breathing room). Maybe up the amount of cardio you are doing? What kinds of foods are you snacking on? Be firm with yourself. Only keep healthy foods in the house, and only eat something every 2 hours. Drink water in between if you are starting to feel hungry. It's what I do, and it works. I keep my snacks under 100 calories, and my meals 300 or less. Schedule your eating and snacking ahead of time. Just some ideas!
  9. legnarevocrednu

    Not Sure About This Last Fill...

    If you can get liquids down, I say wait about 2 weeks. That's what I usually do. Good luck!
  10. legnarevocrednu

    Passed First Goal!

    Well I am now down 51 pounds! Sooo happy! Life is going great and I'm unbelievably happy. I recently started the couch to 5k program on Monday. The first time, I thought I was going to die. However, I did it for the second time yesterday, and it was noticeably better. I am really trying to focus on breathing and it's helping. I also purchased the Fitbit. To be honest (and I know this is not the opinion of most) I probably should have just saved my money. It hasn't been helping me with anything really. I think it's interesting to look at the numbers, but that's all. Oh well! Well, not much of an update, I know, but I don't like to let too much time pass without a post! Hope this finds everyone well. Have a blessed day!
  11. legnarevocrednu

    Be My Valentine Challenge

    Final check in at 205! I aimed a little high this month, so I'm not surprised I didn't meet my goal of 200. I still lost 10 pounds so I'm extremely, extremely happy with that!
  12. legnarevocrednu


    Well I have been bad at taking notice as to when my dizzy spells occur. I know they happen early in the morning, when I first get out of bed. It also happened today walking back to the break room and after I was done eating. My instinct is that it has nothing to do with the amount of food I'm eating. Especially because I had a dizzy episode right after eating. I'm going to take my blood pressure today at the grocery store. I'm really freaked out by this. It seems to be happening more and more
  13. legnarevocrednu

    Passed First Goal!

    Thank you! I have had two fills so far! I hit the gym kinda hard plus am doing the couch to 5k program. I'm at the gym 5 times a week between half an hour and an hour.
  14. legnarevocrednu

    Soup Brands And Snacks?!

    Well the only thing I can suggest about the soups is that check the calories. I wouldn't have any that were over 300 calories. Also check whatever else it is that you count (some people count sodium and fat...I don't) and compare. I just bought a Progresso Lite Soup. I know they have healthy choice soups as well. As far as snacking goes, I do not believe that it should be prohibited. I feel like if I didn't snack, I'd probably only have about 600 calories a day, which is not good. I try to eat every 2 hours on the days I go to the gym (5 days a week). I like the lite babybell cheeses, atkins bar, greek yogurt, prunes, jello sugar free pudding etc. Hope this helps!
  15. legnarevocrednu

    1 Pound Away From First Goal

    I am down to 210 this morning! That means I've lost 49 pounds since the beginning of my pre op diet which started November 11th. I am sooooo happy!! I am going to buy myself a pandora bracelet along with two charms. I want to buy myself a charm for every 20 pounds lost. I bought myself a couple pairs of jeans. Not only were they on clearance (only 14 bucks for 2 pairs of jeans!!) but one was even a size 14!! I cannot remember the last time I was in a size 14!! So exciting! As my last post stated, I just received my second fill last week. So far so great!! I know I'm most likely still swollen, but I have great restriction right now as well as little to no hunger. Next week will be the deciding factor on whether I'm in the green zone or not. Happy V Day everyone!
  16. legnarevocrednu

    What Are You Eating?

    Grilled chicken is usually the best way for me to go. I also like chilli (the one I had today is only 220 calories and has 15 grams of protein per serving). I also like eggs and greek yogurt.
  17. legnarevocrednu

    Be My Valentine Challenge

    Here is my actual check in! Weighed in at 213 this morning! Yay! So I'm down 2 pounds!
  18. legnarevocrednu

    What Are You Goals With The Lap Band?

    To shop in regular stores where they don't overcharge. To run a 5K To eventually get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy I want my ring size to shrink...it's currently a 9.5 or 10. To be healthy and happy! Great topic!
  19. legnarevocrednu

    Eating On Gym Days

    So I need some opinions here. On the days I go to the gym, I eat a lot more. Around 1000 calories or so. I eat almost every 2 hours...it seems and sounds like a lot! I do that because I usually burn at least 400 calories at the gym, leaving me between 600 and 700 calories. Is this the right way to do it? On days I don't go to the gym, I just stick to my 3 meals a day and eat every 4 hours. On those days, I try not to go over 800 calories. I always feel guilty for eating so much on gym days (all healthy things though...with a focus on protein). I figure if I didn't eat more, I'd probably be left with less than 400 calories for the day and that just doesn't seem right. Sooo....what do you think?
  20. legnarevocrednu

    I Beat It!

    First, I want to apologize for all my whining last week. It was the first time I hadn't seen the scale move since I started this whole process. Anyways, I am completely ecstatic this morning! After weighing in at 219 Friday morning and feeling down, this morning I weighed in at 215!!! It's soooo awesome! I took the weekend off from the gym and I guess my body just needed to do some catching up. I had hoped to be at 215 today, and it's a miracle that I am lol. I literally jumped up and down and did a little dance in the bathroom. I even checked it twice to make sure I was looking at it right. I'm going back to the gym today, and this week, I'm not going to whine if I don't see the change on the scale because I know that the weight is going to come off as long as I'm persistent! Thanks so much for everyone's encouragement and kind words. I don't know how I would be getting through this process if not for this site and the people on it. On a personal note, my love life is going in a really positive direction. After being single for 27 years (yes, that would be my whole life!) I have finally found someone who appreciates me for who I am, enjoys being around me, and likes me as much as I like him. It's taken us a while to get to this point, and even though we haven't reached the relationship stage yet, I feel as if it's going in that direction. I have lots to smile about today! Adding some updated pics of me at 215 pounds!
  21. legnarevocrednu

    2 Pounds In One Day??

    Thanks guys! I guess I was having a spastic moment. Thanks for your encouragement!
  22. legnarevocrednu

    Overfilled? Or Is This Normal The First Few Days?

    I know I felt a similar feeling with the water after my first fill. It took me forever to drink 4 ounces and it felt very heavy. However, I did not throw it up and was able to keep it down. I definitely think that if you were unable to keep it down, a slight unfill is necessary. That's why they give you the water. To see if an unfill is needed. Good luck and take care!
  23. legnarevocrednu

    No Exercise

    I don't have much to update on right now. I just wanted to mention that so far I've lost the 40 pounds with no exercise what so ever. I know, it's absolutely horrible! I could make a gazillion excuses, but I won't bother. I'm realistic enough to know that the weight loss WILL slow down so I definitely need to jump on the work out wagon. I am joining the local gym on Friday. It has been an expense issue for me up until now, but I have to do it! I've run out of excuses and it's just time to get a move on. My doc still doesn't want me lifting until after my next appointment. I was a little surprised at that but oh well. I don't mind just doing the treadmill and such. It's better than nothing!
  24. legnarevocrednu

    Only 2 Weeks Of Restriction?

    I wanted the steak, but I also wanted the restriction. Previously, I would only be able to eat half a meal or so. Last night I was able to eat the whole thing and I was shocked. My next fill is scheduled for February 7th. We'll see how I am at that point. Thanks!!
  25. legnarevocrednu

    2012 Auld Lang Syne Challenge

    Thanks for posting that! I just wanted to say (not sure if anyone else has remarked on this or not) that the background makes it a little difficult to read. Just an FYI!

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