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    Okay Ladies - Let's talk skin!

    My stats are a little off from yours but not drastically so. I'm just shy of 5'7", started at 252, and am almost a year post-op and weigh 155. I haven't tried a bunch of fancy creams or wraps or anything, as I generally think it's a waste of money for me. I knew going in I'd likely be looking at plastics and time has only proven that to be true. I'm just now starting to look at plastics and surgeons and consults, knowing I'm 6 months to a year away from actually having it done. My worst skin issues are my breasts and my stomach. I had a c-section and had the "flap" from that but weight loss has made it more pronounced. My poor boobs....they were once full and large but now look deflated and saggy. I'm still in the early researching part of determining what I'll actually want...but right now, I think it will be a breast lift with (maybe) augmentation and a tummy tuck. I'm hoping to avoid lipo as I have nice definition of shape just lots of skin but I'm open to what the doctor suggest for the best results. I could absolutely live without surgery for skin removal and breast issues...but I'd rather not. Hi everyone! I'm not new to posting, but this is the first topic I've started, so please be nice! I am planning on getting sleeved in May, and other than the usual worries about the surgery itself, how much will I lose, etc. my #1 concern is the extra skin. I am scared enough to have surgery once, I don't want to have to go back under for a second time to have all the skin removed as well. My mom had gastric bypass a few years ago, so she's really the only person I know who's lost this kind of weight, and she does have a "flap". But she was also in her 60's when she had the surgery/lost the weight, and she lost well over 100 pounds. Here are my stats: I am 34, currently weigh about 230, and have a conservative goal weight of 160, with a dream goal of 135 (I haven't weighed less than 150 since the fifth grade, so that would be an extremely dreamy dream goal for me). Oh, and I'm 5'3" and a pretty good exerciser. So my question is specifically for ladies under 40, who have lost 100 pounds or less, and are at or near their goal. How well is your skin bouncing back? Did you do anything to help it, like weight lifting, or using special moisturizers? Where is it the worst, and have any of you had, or are considering having the "flap" removed? Thanks in advance for any help/reassurance you can give me. I know I am going to go through with this surgery, but I want to know if I need to psych myself up for another one in the near future.
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    Mood swings can be normal post-op. I'd venture to guess you've got some crazy hormones going on due to the lack of bc and possibly hormones that occur post-op. I hope it passes quickly for you! ~Kat
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    Losing the boobs! Nooooo!

    I lost band size pretty quickly. I need new bras but suspect I'm down almost a full cup size, too. <sigh> Not that I couldn't stand to lose some boob (I totally can) but I seem to be losing volume...which I can't afford to lose. I tell ya, I'm certain there will be plastic surgery in my boobs' future. I am not too picky...I just want my nipples to be in the same place they were when I was 20. ~Kat
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    Oww! I'm glad to hear you're doing better now! ~Kat
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    I can relate! It's tough to not slip back into old habits and comforts. I think acknowleding that bad day or week or whatever and then moving on is important. I mean, you can't take it back so there's no point in dwelling on it and letting the stress compound. Tomorrow is a new day! Start over and work your Snacks into your daily intake in a way that you are still doing what you know you should or exchange the snacks for something that is what you should be eating. And be kind to yourself....no one is perfect. I'm glad you shared. ~Kat
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    Me gaining 6 pounds

    Did you have your gall bladder out separately from your sleeve? As in, you've had surgery twice in about two months? If that's the case, as long as you are eating according to your surgeon's plan and tracking your intake, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you've had surgery again recently, give your body a chance to recover from two big events. ~Kat
  7. Eh, that's not a deal breaker for me if I'm looking for occasional convenience. ~Kat
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    The one near my bra line really bothered me, too, and seemed to take longer to really heal than the other incision sites. I left it alone, no bandage or band aid, and it was fine. It's still the biggest scar I have but not bad, by any means. ~Kat
  9. Weight loss plateus are really, really normal! Everyone experiences them. It doesn't make them less frustrating, for sure. For me, hormones can add a layer to the fluctuations in my weight. When I'm ovulating and then the week before my period are times I just know I'm not losing. I started keeping an eye on my sodium intake, as that can be a factor, too. Butterthebean has a great link in his signature that talks about plateaus post-op. Since you're still pre-op, here is the link to an interesting article I read recently: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/07/29/202655878/how-to-escape-the-diet-plateau ~Kat
  10. Some doctors don't allow caffeine early post-op, so just make sure that your food plan allows for caffeine at whatever point post-op you are if you are going to be making coffee based drinks. ~Kat
  11. I would also suggest some sugar free coffee syrups...some brands are Da Vinci or Torani. Some stores have their own brand, which would be comparable, I'm sure. Just make sure you get the sugar free! I bought some small bottles at World Market...vanilla, caramel, raspberry. They have some flavors you can buy online, too, creme d'menthe, s'mores, etc..I'd love to try the s'mores one. You could also use extracts, like you'd use in baking. That way, you will have plenty of options to mix it up! ~Kat
  12. Ha! I should have read ahead. Yep, Dr Illan will Skype and did so with my boyfriend and I. It helped to hear about his training, the mechanics of the procedure, how he was going to handle my particular situation, etc. I know you said your Dad isn't computer savvy but many newer cell phone are capable of Skyping, so you could do it from your phone with your Dad. ~Kat
  13. I wonder if he might feel better if he could Skype with the surgeon and ask any questions he might have directly? If it's that important to you that he feel comfortable, there's no harm in asking! My boyfriend was extremely skeptical but a Skype conversation with my surgeon, where he was able to ask questions directly about qualifications, training, potential complications, etc., made him feel much more comfortable. I think seeing the doctor as a real person rather than some generic entity helped as well. ~Kat
  14. I would think that it'd be fine in the liquids stage, as long as you are adding it to a Protein Shake. It would be reconstituted in whatever liquid you are using (milk, Water, whatever) and become part of the liquid. PB2 is a brand, when you are looking for it. I have that and another brand Just Great Stuff..and there is no difference in taste IMO. I found it locally in a health food store. Fair warning...it's not cheap. I think I spent like $8 for a jar, but it lasts a long time when you use it a tablespoon or two at a time. You can find it at netrition.com and amazon.com, if you are willing to pay shipping. For me, what I'd have saved in the price of the product would have been spent in shipping so it was a wash. ~Kat
  15. PB2 is basically powdered Peanut Butter. It's dry and can be reconstituted with Water. It's lower fat and calories than peanut butter. I add it to stuff to get the flavor without the fat and calories. I'm on my phone so can't link but if you Google PB2, you can get a better description as well as where you can buy it. ~Kat
  16. I don't know what your surgeon's plan says but mine didn't care about fiber. As long as my intake was liquid, it was fine to contain fiber. If you're really worried, I'd make a call to their office just to double check. ~Kat
  17. The moscato doesn't seem to bother me. It's a teeny bit bubbly but not really carbonated. I took a sip of Diet Coke not that long ago (oh, how I *still miss my Diet Coke) and it immediately made my diva of a sleeve upset. But the moscato? No problem. Of course, I can barely have a couple of ounces...but it's enough to make me feel like I'm not missing out on anything when everyone else is drinking a glass of wine or otherwise enjoying a drink. ~Kat
  18. KatInFL

    Officially Sleeved!

    Congrats! I'm glad you're feeling well. ~Kat
  19. This! I need to work on acknowledging this. Very well said, John. I think sometimes we are just not as forgiving of ourselves as we can be of others. ~Kat
  20. Ohh...yummy...I will have to look for that one! I actually had a glass of moscato out somewhere not long ago and was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the best rate affordable moscatos is *extremely affordable...like $6 a bottle! It seems to just jump in my cart, when I wheel down that aisle in the store. ~Kat
  21. You look great! Congrats!! ~Kat
  22. I have never seen this dichotomy of rules, which you seem to think exists. If one person attacks another, like you just did, it's removed...regardless of who does the attacking. You were purposefully ugly and it wasn't warranted. You are welcome to block people's posts if you don't care for them. The internet is no different than real life...some people you interact with just won't be your cup of tea. That's fine. Accusing people of being crazy and other things that have no basis in fact is not the accepted way to handle differences of opinion, in any social circle I've ever seen. Frankly, it just undermines your point of view when you can't back it up intelligently rather than attacking. ~Kat
  23. Oh, that reminds me...I have some lovely moscato in the fridge....I'l willing to share! ~Kat
  24. You've crossed a line here. As far as I know, there is nothing that prevents any person from posting on any forum/thread, with the exception of the vet's forum. That boundary exists for a reason. Namely, because people who post frequently and have been post-op for a while have and need different interactions than those who are say, new members or newly post-op. Just like those of us who are post-op respond to threads in the pre-op forum, women post in the men's room, etc., people are welcome to post where they find interest. We are all here on this forum because we ultimately have something in common. I don't think you are you qualified, after 19 days of membership, to say that anything about anyone here with any certainty. ~Kat
  25. This: Maybe you won't lose any more, maybe this is as good as it gets. Have a cupcake/ice cream bar/movie popcorn because it doesn't matter...you won't get to goal no matter what. Argh! I am trying to ignore it...some days are better than others. ~Kat