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  1. SkinnyMiniMe

    Delayed Restriction?

    I usually feel the most retriction 3-5 days after my fill. Then it takes me like a week to figure out how to eat so I don't get stuck, slime or pb.
  2. SkinnyMiniMe

    December Bandsters!

    Today is my 4 month Bandiversary and I am thrilled!!! The scales sometimes is a b*tch to me lol but when I step back and look at the whole picture I am extremely happy. My BMI when I started this journey was 46.1 and today its 37.6. I am 2 lbs away from a 50lbs weight loss. I am hoping I have finally arrive at "green". Here is some pics I took. I am actually lighter now than the pic but still I couldn't be happier
  3. SkinnyMiniMe

    260 235 218 Before After Dressed

    From the album: SkinnyMiniMe

  4. I did mention this before: You are right and I hadn't had McDonalds since before my surgery. A moment of mental weakness that I am not proud of but i am a recovering food addict lol. Believe or not for me burgers/ ground beef and ice cream doesn't go down easily for me. If I try to eat it too fast it hurts so yesterday when it went down easily I just thought maybe I needed a fill. I had been carefully tracking calories and eating "proper" foods and still getting hungry and not losing weight. Then I said f*ck it that night and had McDonald's. Again I am not proud of it. I do think this last tiny fill of 1/10th cc so far seems it is doing the trick. No hunger, no pain and very small amounts of foods and my scale IS moving in the right direction.
  5. So just got back from my 4th fill I convinced him to give me .5cc and drinking the water was a struggle and I felt super full. So he convinced me to take it out. He didn't want to fill me at all because he felt my weight loss was slow and steady. So he took out everything but a 10th of it, I think to make me happy because I tried to convince him to only take .25 of it but then I went with his advice. So now I am 5.10cc I am hoping this slight fill puts me in the green.
  6. So far I am enjoying 2-3 predue buffalo chicken wings w/ ranch dressing sunny side up egg with toast tuna salad with crackers costco Soups, I load up when I get a fill
  7. You are right and I hadn't had McDonalds since before my surgery. A moment of mental weakness that I am not proud of but i am a recovering food addict lol. Believe or not for me burgers/ ground beef and ice cream doesn't go down easily for me. If I try to eat it too fast it hurts so yesterday when it went down easily I just thought maybe I needed a fill.
  8. I think the pain is caused by eating too fast or not chewing well. That has stopped but yesterday I was able to eat 1/2 big mac and today I got stuck on a chicken wing....AHHHH and my scale has decided to stop moving. I really can't figure it out.
  9. Some days I get hungry in 2 hours and others 3-4.
  10. SkinnyMiniMe

    December Bandsters!! How Ya Feeling??

    I was banded on 12/12. 2nd fill is next Friday. I have very little restriction. I realized if I want to lose right now I have to put in the work. That's what I am doing all the hard work this time will pay off and stay off thanks to my band.
  11. SkinnyMiniMe

    Scars And Incisions

    Can you tell me what the name of the prescription stuff is??? have 4 scars and there are darker than my skin. I was banded on 12/12/11. My husband who was banded a week before me is completely healed, you can't even tell he had surgery. SO UNFAIR! My doctor told me to use pure Vitamin e and I decided to use mederma. It has help a bit but I think I am going to splurge on the silicone sheets like scar away. Also you have to constantly apply the vitamin e and mederma to see some sort of results. Also the vitamin e will stain your shirts so careful. Here is the vitamin e I use http://www.drugstore...00-iu/qxp186909 regular mederma http://www.livestron...with-vitamin-e/ I looking for any suggestions or solutions myself. THANKS!
  12. SkinnyMiniMe

    Couch 2 5k

  13. SkinnyMiniMe

    Couch 2 5k

    Can youtell me where I could find the 8 week program?
  14. SkinnyMiniMe


    I just inboxed you about the group. I will add you. See you there!
  15. SkinnyMiniMe

    Happy Band-day To Me!!!

    I was the exact same way. For me it became very stressful (all the appts) at times and emotional. Now on the other side its still emotional but all the right emotions. Good Luck!!! Don't forget to come here for answers and support.
  16. I have been thinking about you! Sorry about the news. I am glad that it was caught and hopefully you will recover and be healthy fast. Miss you and if you need some support I am here! Please keep us posted and good luck!!!
  17. SkinnyMiniMe

    The Cold Hard Facts

    You are the patient/client/customer. Yes you need help but ultimately you are the one making the decision to get the surgery, go to all these appointments and following through with it etc., personally I don't care if my surgeon is my best friend or not I just want him/het to be good at what they do. But I also like motivating people in my corner. My husband in the other hand likes someone who tells it like it is. I don't mind honesty but I mind meanness. So you have to carefully decide whether to use him or not. Are you someone who gets motivated when you are challeneged the way he is challenging you? Then show Dr. Mean Butt that you can dot this. If you need someone more motivating and supportive then you need to find another surgeon. Do it now because you are early in the process that it won't delay your journey. Regardless I know we can do with the band, that's why I am on this journey. Believe and you will achieve.
  18. SkinnyMiniMe

    Excited, Nervous, And Scared

    Well your title describes me to the T. In 6 days I am getting banded. I have been around here for a while ad you came to the right place. Lots of honesty and inspiration throughout this forum. Good luck!
  19. SkinnyMiniMe

    December Bandsters!

    I completely understand. My husband and I both love to eat and do it together. He was banded today and I will be banded next Monday. We wear wedding bands and now we will both have matching bands around our stomachs....that's what I call love lol. I couldn't do it without him and I am so happy to go on this journey with him. He is my number 1 supporter. Good luck to you guys too.
  20. SkinnyMiniMe

    Hello From Long Island, Ny! :)

    From strong island here too lol...Dr. Vohra. I'm getting banded 12/12. What a mental roller coaster so far but I am approved and was cleared today. So now I relax and stay well for the next 10 days till my Band-Day. This is a great place for information and I have found tons of inspirational friends! Good luck to everyone
  21. SkinnyMiniMe

    Onederland! I Finally Made It!!

    This is what its all about right here!!! As a newbie I love to soak up as much positivity as I can!!!! Congratulations on your victory. I can't wait to see Onderland and do the happy dance in my skinny jeans!
  22. SkinnyMiniMe

    Failed My Sleep Study!!!!

    I really did not need one to get the lapband because my bmi is high enough but after meeting with the pulmologist he said my neck was thick and I should have one done. I am sure the fact that my insurance paid for it was a factor too. I told him that I really don't even snore and I never woke up short of breath. But he did a split test. The first couple of hours I slept regular and then around 1 am the put the mask on me and I slept until 5 am with the mask on. I did pull it off once. He came back in to put it back on. I swear that I had a dream that he told me to take it off LOL He said that I it happened again he would have to put a full mask on. I still do not know if I have sleep apnea. I guess I don't cause I never got a call with results.
  23. Take a seat and enjoy the ride. You came to the right place, look around there is tons of information for you!!! Good Luck!
  24. Being that you have a history of bloods clots definitely stay in the hospital they will monitor and make sure that that is prevented. Look around here, read threads, there's lots of positive things. Please usually knock what they don't understand. Good luck!

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