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  1. azquilter92

    tattoos after surgery?

    I got a new tat about 6 months After surgery
  2. Just take it easy,move carefully of course no popcorn or soda. Take water with you hide it in your friends bag
  3. You can drive as soon as you are off pain meds for 24 Hrs. if you can move and be comfortable I'd go to the movie,although I'd opt for 4 days after surgery
  4. azquilter92

    Bathroom problems

    Try a product called colon health.its sold in same section with all the other laxitives,its in a pink bottle
  5. azquilter92

    Gull Bladder Removed?

    I just had mine removed couple Weeks ago. I didnt even need pain meds after,very easy compared to the sleeve. I drove myself to my post op apt 5 days later.on mine however they did 4 new cuts,didnt reuse old cuts
  6. When you wake up,they will get you up and walking as soon as possible. Ask for water or ice chips.and drink or suck as much as you can. Other than,,that,qhen you get home,dont over do it,if you have help at home,use them to take care of everything else, you concentrate on you
  7. azquilter92

    What to Wear there ?

    Wear loose fitting clothes,sweats work very well. Or your jammies. You dont want constrictive clothes, your stomach will probably be swollen from the gas they use to inflate your abdomen with and surgery itself can cause swelling,so yoy really want to be as comfortable as possible
  8. azquilter92

    Turkey bacon?

    I was also told regular bacon was better than Turkey bacon. I bake mine in the oven. 350 degrees for about 30 min or so. Use parchment paper on cookie sheets.its great
  9. azquilter92

    Beef jerky?

    Turkey jerky is awesome,although it can be really easy to eat a whole pkg in one day if you are nibbling all day,it is rather salty.but soooo good
  10. azquilter92

    Throat is killing me!

    Mu thtoat hurt for a couple days after,the combination of breathing tube and oxygen while in the hospital, I was miserable,couldnt get enough water but after a while it was all good
  11. Oops just reread you reply,its not your gall bladder.
  12. Well if it is your gall bladder it will happen again. Sometimes it will make you want to throw up, I had 2 "attacks" and I knrw what it was,called my pcp and he ordrted an ultrasound,sure enough gallstones,had my gallbladder out 2 Weeks latee
  13. azquilter92

    Coloring hair

    Grays are unrelated to surgery. I started going gray in my 20s. I dye mine auburn,goes well with my complexion and green eyes
  14. You should try and find a Dr in your area. A baratric surgeon of course,ask if they will accept patients who had their surgery done elsewhere,also definitely find a support group to attend,that's really a must. My surgeon will accept anyone but im in Tucson az
  15. Can also make them with chicken brotj,yummier and ads a little protein
  16. azquilter92

    Black tongue

    Really,ive had a geograpical tongue all of my adult life,not related to Vitamins,at least my dentist never mentioned it
  17. Lol I've been sucked back in also
  18. I think drs say 2 Weeks as a minimum,thinking people want to return to work asap. Afraid they will lose their job or something. Did he akso tell you that even though you can rwturn after 2 Weeks, you have a 15 lb lifting restriction for a month after surgery? So nothing heavier than a gallon of milk. My job will not let you return with any restrictions period. So if you can take the time do so
  19. My surgeon has this rule. A protein bar should have a 1:10 ratio Meaning if it has 150 calories it should have at least 15 grams of protein 200 calories-20 grams of protein Its not a hard fast ,or medically scientific. But the one thing we need most of all is protein and not wasted calories
  20. If it's really a concern,you could always say you ate a little while earlier and not really all that hungry
  21. azquilter92

    A $2,000 Bill in the mail

    They probably havent recieved payment from your INS yet,and then they will send you a bill,although it should state on there that it was sent to your INS and what date etc
  22. I'm 5ft2 highest weight that I know of was 353 lbs ,day of surgery I was 337. Which was March 17 2012. I am now 248. And its great looking on losing another 100 I hope,which will probably be harder but thats okay
  23. azquilter92

    This Is Torture!

    Dont weigh yourself everyday. I know its really hard believe me. But go on and live your life it will happen. My surgeon said throw your scale away,just get weighed when you come in for your check ups. Most people dont im sure,but its a thought
  24. They make chewables,also gummies in almost all the vitamins that we need to take. Check them out