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  1. Hippygirl

    Flavor God seasonings?

    I have used the seasonings for years. I have no complaints. There are a few I don't care for however they have more pros than cons...and cheaper. So try them. Actually, I have a pending order as well. I like them!
  2. Like many others, I am extremely private. When I got my lap band years ago, I told no one, except my assistant. She was the one who went to the surgery center with me. Pass forward, I had an emergency which the band had to removed, I had to tell my sister. This time when I was deciding on VSG, I included her in the narrative. However, due to COVID, I had to go to the hospital alone, since I use to work there, I was comfortable. As I work in healthcare, we continue to work from home. Whenever we return to the office, many knew I was doing Keto and also having a GI surgery which was postponed due to COVID. I have already decided when folks ask, which they will, I am still doing Keto..lol
  3. Hippygirl

    Update time

    Beautiful and amazing!! Yes sis!!!
  4. Hippygirl

    MAY 19th is my date

    Hi there. I think people are posting all over. Also, everyone's experience will be different. One of my friends said she would have taken my place because I had virtually no pain. However with my experience laat week, I was really loopy due to the anesthesia. Of course, I had no appetite and did not eat, as my surgery began around 7ish in the morning. Later that evening, I was more alert and went walking and cracking jokes as usual. Still no pain. Also I had my gallbladder removed as well. I had a good night. The next day, my surgeon wanted me to drink some broth as all I wanted was ice chips. I did and went home around 3pm. I purchased the stomach binder and never used it. I will say 9 days out, I'm still trying to get as much protein and liquids in as possible. So for me, very little pain, thankfully little gas pains (I had plenty w/ lapband; and my energy is picking back up. I hope this helps if you have more questions please feel free to ask. All the best!
  5. Hi Cia2020! I wondered what happened to my surgery twin! Sorry about your postponed surgery. Mine was too rescheduled. I went in for my pre-admit. I asked the nurse had the hospital started rescheduling "elective" surgeries yet? She said no. I was hoping to scape by since my hospital I work for was shutting down on 4/1. Nope 10 minutes after I arrived home, I got the call. It's been rescheduled 2x. Finally my new date is May 21. Just fyi..we all maybe subject to Corona testing. I have to get mine 48 hours before surgery. I start my liquid diet tomorrow. All the best everyone!
  6. Hippygirl

    Medical ID Bracelets

    I had one when I had Lap Band however since it's been removed, I no longer wear it. I may just get one however with thr integrated electronic medical systems they should be able to retrieve it.
  7. Hippygirl

    MAY 19th is my date

    Hi. My was rescheduled from March a few times and now it's May 21. I'm excited!
  8. Awesome!! I'm actuallg having both performed too!
  9. Hippygirl

    covid19 testing

    Yes I have surgery scheduled for the 21st and have to go in 48 hours prior to have my testing performed
  10. I went to conduct my PreAdmit yesterday. Five minutes after I returned home, Dr's office called to inform me my surgery was rescheduled from 3/26 to 4/16.
  11. Awesome!! We'll have to keep in contact twin! All the best!!
  12. Hello all! Yes I finally set my date! Thursday, March 26!!@
  13. Happy 38th Birthday Hippygirl!

  14. Hippygirl

    Skinny Fiber

    Has anybody heard of this or taken the pills? I know it feels you up as a fiber supplement but what's the effect on the band?
  15. Hippygirl

    Unjury question

    I've fallen in love w/ Unjury but I use lactose free milk. No problems and yes I'm lactose intolerant!

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