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  1. Found this on Pinterest.. sounds yummy and might be a good occassional sweet tooth solution for some of us.. Protein Peanut Butter CUPS - 1 scoop chocolate whey Protein powder - 1 TBSP all-natural peanut butter - 1 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder - 1-2 packets of Stevia - 4oz Water - Blend all the ingredients together in a blender - Divide the peanut butter mixture into round muffin tins (USE a SILICONE tray!!!), filling about 3/4 full. - Place filled muffin tin in freezer and let freeze for about an hour or until firm (Freeze any extra peanut butter cups for up to five days)
  2. TheSkinnyCow73

    Had Sleeve On 2/20/12

    I totally struggled with with not eating dinner/meals with my husband and step-daughter. Went through all kinds of emotions for the first 10 days.. Hubby just kept reminding me that it is only temporary. It didnt help but was sweet of him! I found a double insulated bottle at Walmart that holds 64oz. and try to get at the least one of those in a day. It's tough to say the least! I have to drink 3-4oz. every 30 minutes and then add food in somewhere too... for anyone that thinks this is the "easy way out" - they need to be SHOT! Good luck to you and congrats on your sleeve! Welcome to the LOSERS BENCH!
  3. TheSkinnyCow73

    Had Sleeve On 2/20/12

    Have no fear! The Fluid weight WILL come off! Just keep doing what you are supposed to and it will come right off! I promise you this from experience! I gained 14lbs of IV fluid being on an IV for 3 days solid. I was sooo discouraged too but I came to the boards and talked with others that had the same thing happen and 7-8 days later, the fluid weight was gone and I was down 2lbs on top of that! Hang in there... and like most will tell you, stay away from the scales right now! I know it is hard because you want to see the weight drop instantaneously (that is what I wanted to see too!) but do yourself a favor and give it at least a week or two. Good luck and WELCOME TO THE LOSERS BENCH!!! Amy
  4. TheSkinnyCow73

    Full Liquids?-Post Op-First Week

    Wow! I wish my post op instructions would have been full liquids right off the bat! This just goes to show you how different the plans can be depending on the doc. My surgeon has them broken into phases.. I hope this helps... Phase I: Clear Liquids (Day 1 - 7) • Clear liquid Protein drink • Beef or chicken broth • sugar free jell‐O • Sugar free popsicles – less than 15 calories per serving • Crystal light, sugar free Kool‐aid, decaf tea – no herbal tea NO coffee, caffeine or carbonated drinks Daily PROTEIN GOAL: WOMEN: 40‐60 grams MEN: 60‐80 grams Phase II: FULL LIQUIDS (Days 8-14) • 1‐ Protein Drink = 40 grams protein daily • Skim milk, soymilk, other low fat milks • Low fat cream Soups – can add 1 scoop Protein powder (no potato, on corn soup) • Fat free (artificially sweetened “lite”) yogurt such as Carb Freedom or Dannon’s Light n Fit • Low fat cottage cheese • Any phase 1 liquids Phase III: Soft Diet (Days 15-28) Protein Foods: Baked fish, canned tuna, salmon, crabmeat (well picked); soft, moist, baked, boiled or canned chicken or turkey, sliced chicken/turkey deli meat; peanut butter; tofu or other soy based meat analogs; liver, cooked Beans, low fat cheese, eggs. Vegetables: Vegetables must be soft, well steamed or boiled. Good choices are: carrots, beets, mushrooms, spinach, squash, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, onions Fruits: Fruits must be soft, peeled and cored and non‐citrus. Good choices are: apples, peaches, pears, bananas, and cantaloupe Starches: AVOID all starches including: rice, potatoes, bread, corn, crackers Fats: Limit the amounts of the following: Small amounts of margarine, olive oil, or cooking spray (Pam); low fat mayo or salad dressing. Avoid GREASY, FRIED FOODS Phase IIII - NORMAL FOODS (Day 29 onward) you may transition to normal foods slowly. Make healthy/smart choices, read your labels. You want the protein/ carbohydrate ratio to be smart. The smart ratio is to eat 4 times more protein than Carbohydrates.
  5. Raquel - your transformation is amazing and inspirational too!!
  6. Amazing and Congrats!!! I am loving all these before and after photo posts today! Such inspiration!! Can I ask what your daily diet did/does consist of? Are you on a specific regimen of food or do you eat just anything but in smaller portions? I am only 12 days post op but I am trying to wrap my head around what I need and dont need to succeed and I am one of those that like to see it in writing from those that have been successful!
  7. TheSkinnyCow73

    6 Month Surgiversary W/ Pics!

    Wow Sara! You look amazing!!!!!!!! What an awesome feeling that must be to look at those pictures and see the transformation!!! You are an inspiration for those of us just starting our journey! I cant wait to WANT to go hiking and clothes shopping!!! Congrats to you!!! Thank you for sharing!!
  8. Hi Kathy! Wow!! I hate that you were treated that way! That is just horrible! On a brighter note, CONGRATS ON YOUR WEIGHTLOSS! That is fantastic for only 8 months out!!!! Wow! Dr. Rod still goes to INT Hospital in TJ once a month. We live in Houston so the trip to El Paso was easier/cheaper for the two of us and the dates worked out better for me too since Dr. Rod works out of Juarez most of the month. Honestly, I am glad we did go to Juarez and not TJ after reading what you went through.. my hubby would have been in the Mexican jail if someone spoke to me like that!! That is just horrible! It was very different having the shoe on the other foot being a foreigner for the first time. My husband was in the Air Force and traveled all over the world so it wasnt new to him. We both wondered if the Mexican people were irritated that we were there like some Americans get irritated about Mexicans being here. We never got that feeling from anyone we met/dealt with but it was something that had crossed both our minds with the language barrier. I think they appreciated the fact that we tried to speak and understand by using Google Translator because they could speak into our phones and it would spit out in English what they were trying to say... Thank YOU for sharing your experience! Dr. Rod is a great doctor and doesnt get as much recognition on these boards as he should! Amy
  9. TheSkinnyCow73

    Has Anyone Gone To Mexico To Be Sleeved?

    I had my surgery on 2/11/12 through BeLiteWeight with Dr. Rodriguez and his crew at Star Medica Hospital in Juarez, MX and I have to say that it was the best experience ever for me. You stay in the hospital the entire time you are there (4 days, 3 nights). I have read where some patients have left earlier than that if they are doing okay with keeping liquids down. The hospital is super clean and the rooms are like staying at a 4-star hotel! My husband traveled with me but if you travel alone, there isnt a minute they leave you unattended from the moment you land in the El Paso Airport and meet Sergio their driver to the moment you walk out the hospital to meet Sergio again to go home! Dr. Rod is really down to earth and sat and talked with us about life, technology, kids, the surgery after-life, etc.. for about an hour or more each day we were there! I have NEVER had that kind of personal attention with any doctors here in the US! They make you feel like family and that was really comforting! Good luck with your search for a doc! Let me know if you have any questions!
  10. I was sleeved 10 days ago and I can tell you the following were life savers for me... my personal pillow my beach bath towel - I use it to wrap up in after showers at home and it gave me some freedom from the gown while my IV was disconnected heating pad - helps with the pain more than you can imagine! chapstick - we went to a very dry climate in MX compared to the humidity of Houston slippers - the hospital supplied these (thankfully) and they came in handy when walking the halls flip flops - so convenient and you need convenience! If I didnt wear the slippers, I put my flipflops on to walk around. pajama pants - I was hooked to an IV for 3 days so my upper half was confined to the hospital gown but my lower half I was able to put these on and it made me feel more secure. I bought a pair that was 2x bigger than what I normally wear for comfort Loose fitting clothes to wear home - I gained 14# of IV fluids and NONE of my clothes fit me going home that I planned to wear! I ended up wearing the pajama pants and my husband's hoodie (no bra either) to the airport, etc... GasX strips - I brought them and used them but the gas pains are going to be there regardless... it was nice to have the mint flavor in my mouth when I couldnt drink anything for 24 hrs after surgery. Pack lightly and in a rolling suitcase! Good luck!!!
  11. TheSkinnyCow73

    Goal Weight?

    I used this website http://web4health.info/el/ed-dia-weight-ideal.htm and the fact that i have been 140-150 ump-teen years ago and felt healthy at that weight..
  12. You are doing great! Just sit back and relax and work that sleeve!! I had 3 days of IV fluid/ pain meds and that had me UP 14lbs after surgery. I am JUST NOW getting back to my pre-op weight (213) a week and some days later! Talk about frustrating but it goes to show you that the body is confused and trying to figure things out after the trauma it received. To be honest, I have skipped around with what I have been eating since about day 5 and I am still losing the inches. I can tell already in my clothes and the way they fit. Give it time.. we are all still pretty early in our journey and together we will make this work! Good luck!
  13. TheSkinnyCow73

    The Physiology Of Willpower

    Interesting read! Thanks!
  14. TheSkinnyCow73

    How Long Were You Off Work?

    5 weeks for me and from the looks of it, I am going to need every bit of that time! My boss wanted to make sure when I got back to work, I was going to be ready to work. 4-6 weeks is good if you can take that long.
  15. I am 5 days post op and the swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet are about to drive me to tears! I can barely put my flipflops on and cant wear my wedding rings right now either! I GAINED 14-ish pounds after surgery after being on a constant IV drip for 3 days. I need some relief FAST! I am walking the dogs 2-3 times a day for about 15-20 minutes and trying to get in all my Water too. I am miserable with this tight feeling in my skin. does anyone have any tips on getting this Fluid to go away? I am tempted to go to my GP tomorrow and get them to give me a water pill. Looking down and seeing my fingers, legs and ankles like this is sooo depressing and scary! I know it is still early for me but damn, this is really sucking!!!! Other than this fluid retention I am doing pretty darn good. I cannot find ANY posts where people talked about the fluid retention and gaining this much weight from being on an IV. And of course, I am making myself believe that I was right and I am failing my sleeve already.
  16. TheSkinnyCow73

    Need Help Asap - Iv Fluid Retention Issues

    thank you all sooo much for the comments/suggestions!!! A boiled sausage in casing is exactly how I am feeling! I went to CVS and bought a diuretic this morning. I am now walking the dogs every 2 hours and sipping my bottled Water. I cannot stand the taste of our filtered water from the fridge now! I do have one more question.... what weight do I start with for my journey ticker? My pre-surgery (213) or post-surgery (227)? Thanks again! :wub:
  17. TheSkinnyCow73

    Scared This Isnt Gonna Work

    I am 5 days post op and can eat 5-7 tbl spoons of Jello with ease along with about 10oz of broth in about 20 minutes. The docs told me that liquids go down easy and to watch the calories and carbs in what I am drinking. I have not felt restriction really and I am guessing it is because I have not put anything substantial in my new sleeve. I am on the verge of strangling my husband because he keeps asking me if I am supposed to be able to eat that much. I know he is concerned due to me being a failed band baby and all the fears I am having of being "THE ONE" that doesnt succeed with my sleeve. Has anyone else had a spouse that was constantly watching them? Bless his heart, if he doesnt stop analyzing me, I am going to stab him with my spoon!!!!! LOL
  18. TheSkinnyCow73

    Looking For A Sleeve Buddy

    yep! My husband sawwed logs while I layed there and couldnt sleep! I ended up walking around the hospital floor toting my IV pole. Burping is good... remember to walk as much as possible because it will help with the pain/gassy feeling. I ended up "chewing" on a wet rag to keep my mouth wet when I couldnt have Water and it helped. I wasnt the prettiest looking doing that but it got the job done! LOL Once you can get ice chips/broth/jell-o, you will feel much better. The green Jello is my favorite. Oh, and make sure you have a bowel movement BEFORE you leave the hospital! I didnt for 4 days and had to give myself an enema when i got home.. that WAS NOT fun! Ask the doc if they can give you something to help you. Dont be shy about that either, that is what they are there for. Hang in there! Our road to success is unfolding in front of us as we type these posts!
  19. TheSkinnyCow73

    Looking For A Sleeve Buddy

    I had mine Saturday... the pain is pretty intense moving around but it is worth it and it will pass! I GAINED 14 lbs of Water weight after being on an IV 24/7 for 3 days! Talk about a shocker to the system! I keep telling myself to keep my eye on the prize.. health and energy! good luck to you and if you want to chat more, we can share stories! I am currently making my 4th batch of Jello flavors to have around the house! LOL
  20. TheSkinnyCow73

    Premier Protein Recipes....

    Awesome! I am glad I could help! I am 3 days post op and as soon as I can have full liquids, I am all over these! I ordered a 4pk of vanilla and strawberry on their website for $25 with shipping.... I liked both of them and am planning on ordering more through the website.
  21. TheSkinnyCow73

    High Protein Frappuccino Recipe

    I havent tried this yet but thought I would share..... :smile1: High Protein Frappuccino 1/2 Premier Protein vanilla shake 1/2 Premier Protein chocolate Shake 2 tsp instant coffee 3 drops sugar free kahlua syrup 6 ice cubes Directions: Add all ingredients into blender and pulse on high until combined and enjoy!
  22. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Enjoy this delicious chocolate treat without guilt!! High Protein Chocolate Fudge pudding Recipe - 1 pkg. Fat Free & sugar free Chocolate Fudge Pudding - 2 Cups cold Premier Protein Chocolate shake - Sugar Free Whipped Topping (optional) Directions: Whisk together pudding mix and shake for 2 minutes. Spoon mixture into dessert dishes. Refrigerate for at least 20 minutes. Remove from fridge and dollop with Sugar Free Whipped Topping (optional). This sounds so yummy! I am going to make this as soon as I am able to have full liquids! The Premier shakes have an awesome flavor and 30g of protein each. You can buy the Chocolate at Sam's Club and I hear that costco has the Chocolate and vanilla now. I ordered a 4 pk of the Vanilla and strawberry off their site and they are de-li-cious! Have a great <3 day! Amy
  23. Hi! I just got back from surgery with Dr. Rodriguez in Juarez, MX (this is supposed to be the scariest/deadliest place in all Mexico due to the drug cartel war) and everything was better than awesome. We even went walking around at night the first night we were there. My husband walked to the mall and to eat at various restaurants while we were there. I have never heard of anything bad happening to any of the WLS patients. I get so aggravated hearing people say that Mexico is dangerous!! Yes, if you are going there to do things you shouldnt be doing, it could be dangerous but that can happen in any state or country in this world. Those of us that are going for WLS and to come home do just fine. The Mexican people were very, very nice and accommodating and couldnt do enough to make sure that both me and my husband were happy. If someone is telling you that THEY PERSONALLY KNOW a WLS patient that was hurt or killed while getting WLS surgery, I would have concern but would still check out all their references. If they are making a general statement about Mexico, tell them to go to any city in the US and they will find areas that are not so safe too. Do what is right for you AFTER you have researched, researched, researched! The decision to have this surgery is not something to take lightly and being informed is the best way to keep yourself safe. Good luck!!! :smile1: p.s.- check out the forum for Mexico Self Pay Patients and type in Almanza, Kelly, or Garcia in the search box. You will find lots of info there too.
  24. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the replies! I have researched and researched and dont remember anyone talking about this Fluid retention being so bad! I am walking around the house and sipping on Water and/or Jello right now. We are going to the store to get SF popsicles, etc... Right now I can eat about 5 tablespoons of jello and get what I call a "full" sensation. It is pretty cool! I am loving this!!!
  25. Hi everyone! I was sleeved on 2/11 weighing in at 213 but today when I got home I weighed 227.2? I feel like my skin is going to burst with how tight it is! Has anyone else experienced Water weight gain? I was on IV fluids all 4 days at the hospital. How do I get rid of this extra weight? Did anyone else have this happen to them? Talk about frustrating!!!

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