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  1. mytime2shine

    Be honest....

    I had mine a week ago tomorrow..and I questioned myself the same way during the whole pre op process. I gave myself one last chance 2 years ago to lose the weight by diet and exercise before deciding on the band- I lost 50 pounds..looked amazing..worked out 5 days a week..became a fitness coach..within 6 months I gained all of my weight back plus! I felt so defeated and embarrassed! After all my fitness and nutrition talk and motivating others I gained it all back plus additional weight related health issues. I am done with failure!! 14 pounds gone..6 days Post op and I am not looking back!! You will make the right decision for you. Good luck!
  2. mytime2shine

    In 5 words or less....

    The clear liquid diet now!
  3. mytime2shine

    November Bandsters!!!

    Today was the day!! Just sore and tired.
  4. I am sitting here waiting to get called in for surgery prep....I am a nervous wreck! I pray everything goes smoothly!
  5. mytime2shine

    November Bandsters!!!

    I am in the waiting room- waiting to be called in to get prepped for surgery! Wish me luck. Keep me in your prayers.
  6. mytime2shine

    I failed :(

    I wonder why some docs insist on a pre op diet and mine feels it isn't necessary. I have not done a pre op diet at all. I go in on Wednesday.
  7. I am at a baby shower and a friend of mine who was banded over a year ago got "sick" 6 times...is that normal? I am getting banded next week and wondered if this is something I should expect. She said she chewed her food very well.
  8. mytime2shine

    What do you do?

    You all are wonderful! Thank you so much for your support. Dad is ok now. I needed to make sure of that...ya know about Daddies and their girls. I am a big Daddys girl even though my wonderful husband is ok with it I needed to make sure he was also. I am so looking forward to this journey. Yes I did toss and turn last night but I woke up at peace with my decision on excitement for what is to come! Nov 9th is the beginning of my new life! Best of luck to all of you!
  9. mytime2shine

    What do you do?

    Update- I had a long talk with my dad this morning. Eventhough he doesn't like the idea he does understand my why and I have his full support. That's all I need. Thanks for everyones advice!
  10. mytime2shine

    What do you do?

    Thank you all for your input!! My dad isn't fanatical or anything his thinking is that I am strong enough to do it on my own and to ask for gods help. He is very strong minded for example he use to smoke and he started having circulation issues so he decided that his smoking could be the cause so he stopped smoking that day and never picked up another cigarette again! That is him and I am me. I have been fighting this battle most of my life and while he has seen me lose 50 pounds over a year ago he also saw me gain it all back and now my health is even more effected. People who have never had a weight problem chalk it up to willpower..motivation and self control. I am a food addict I use food for emotional reasons the emotion is usually stress!! He told me that he is afraid that it would cause me health problems down the road. I asked him to go on the internet and do some research and after that we could talk again. My only fear is something going wrong during the surgery. I have an amazing husband and 3 wonderful daughters and I want to live a long healthy life with them! Thanks for all of your support!!
  11. My Dad is a loving wonderful man that has always had a gift of "insight". Tonight he tells me that he doesn't want me to get the surgery and doesn't feel good about it. That I should pray to the lord for his help with my weight loss battle and that I am a strong person and that I could do it on my own...my body is a temple and that I shouldn't mess with it. Everything he said is out of love and I respesct and love him so much- now he has put my mind in a bad place. He has me questioning my decision. I truly want to cry!!! I am scheduled for surgery 2 weeks from today!!
  12. Wow!! Skinny I have felt the exact same thing for a while..not anymore though. I lost 50 pounds over a year ago with diet and exercise...at that time I was planning on doing lap band did most of the requirements and then decided to give it one last try. I was very successful but then I started taking care of me and gained all of my weight back so now I am making the decision to stop the rollercoaster I have been on most of my life. I was down to 186 pounds...felt amazing and gained it all back! Each time I put weight on I am gifted with another weight related health issue..NOT GOOD!! So its time to take my life back! Nov 9 is the date!!
  13. mytime2shine

    November Bandsters!!!

    Thank You Cheri for all that you said!! I think it is exactly what I needed to hear! I would love to have a surgery day partner. I get banded Nov 9th..anyone else have Nov 9 as a surgery date?
  14. YAY!! Gonna friend you now! Thanks for setting it up! Shonya
  15. mytime2shine

    Where are you from?

    Rutherford NJ

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