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  1. How long did your incision pain last? Day 5 and it’s only slightly better. Would like to stop the pain meds because they turn my stomach.
  2. Omg. The abdominal binder helped so much. Thanks.
  3. E-girl


    I just had my revision on Sept 10. And so far I have had zero acid reflux. Normally I have it 2-3 x a week. Still really early to tell since I am only on Clear Liquids but I am looking forward to losing the 50lbs of the 100 I gained.  Oh and I can sleep flat on my back now. Instead of at a 45 degree angle. 
  4. Getting ready to go. I had second thoughts but I am ok now. Wish me luck friends!
  5. So I was reading an post yesterday and now I am having serious second thoughts. I may not even show up tomorrow to surgery. The post was about Reactive Hypoglycemia, a side effect to bypass that can develop 2 the 10 years post bypass. In the post, the patient had symptoms 1 to 2 times a year at first and now is having them 2 to 5 times a week. Patient occasionally passes out because of it. When I had my sleeve six years ago I had experienced those symptoms and I just thought it was because I forgot to eat. It was a weird feeling of dizziness, confusion, and I was with a client at the time and I nearly passed out. It scared the crap out of me. I started doing research online and discovered an article from 2017 that identified that this is happening to 1/3 of bypass patients and is not something that is discussed typically with there doctor. Reactive hypoglycemia may be related to dumping syndrome but can be far more dangerous. In extreme cases the bypass needs to be reversed to fix the problem which brings me to my fear. In my case they will not be able to reverse my bypass after I have it as they are removing the stomach because the polyps I developed taking PPIs for Gerd. So now my challenges is do I live with Gerd and run the risk of getting Barrett’s syndrome and Possible esophageal cancer or do I have a bypass and run the risk of getting reactive hyperglycemia ? Thoughts anyone?
  6. The hat really makes the outfit.
  7. Thanks everyone. I think I was just freaking out because I am scared and don’t really have someone to talk to about it. People are used to me listening to all their problems and getting advise or just venting their feelings but when it comes to me and mine, they don’t have the time. This whole thing has really open my eyes to who my friends really are. Anyways, I am going to do it. Today is the day. Not looking forward to the next couple of days because I remember the pain from last time but I am looking forward to my skinny jeans. 😃
  8. E-girl

    September bypass buddies??

    2 days left until my do over surgery....whoooo hoooo.
  9. Oh crap. Didn’t know that! Thanks. At least it was the first day.
  10. I cheated. Had a hand full of chips. Epic fail.
  11. Me too. Minus the gallbladder. Had that out early this year.
  12. Crazy...I just started my 2 week liquid diet too. I really just want to eat chips. I almost convinced myself that it was ok to eat a left over baked potato and steak from last night because after all you shouldn’t throw away good food. What is wrong with me?!? Can you freeze potatoes? What time is your surgery and what are you having done?
  13. E-girl

    Acid reflux

    Proton-pump inhibitors (ppi). You need to go back to your surgeon to report that. I had to go on several different ppi drugs. I had a Gastric Sleeve done in 2012. Developed acid reflux and now have GERD. Unfortunately for me the GERD was not controlled with the ppi. Now have a serious hernia and developed Barrett's esophagus. Having a GS revision to Bypass in September. You can develop Barrett’s esophagus when acid reflux is not controlled. Barrett’s can turn into esophageal cancer in 5% of patients.
  14. E-girl

    Officially approved

    I had GERD that’s was not controlled with meds. For 5 years, about 3-4 times a night i would be woken up from it. For 3 years, I have been sleeping sitting up and it still happens. I think because I know how much it’s gonna hurt and the eating part was such a challenge, I am freakin out. I am freaked out because now taking action could lead to cancer. I should be excited because I know the 40+ I gain will be coming off but I am really scared. When I given the time to think about, I can feel the anxiety come on.
  15. Well I guess it’s official. Just checked my chart messages and I have been approved. I am super surprised how quick it was. I was sleeved 6 years ago and have complications. It took only 14 days. I had it in my mind that picking a date for surgery before getting approved didn’t make it real. Super real now! I just not sure how I feel about it. When I had the sleeve I was super motivated, studied the material they gave me, dreamed about shopping for new outfits, etc. but because I have barrett's syndrome with abnormal cells in my esophagus, I am just freaked out. I having really talked to my husband because he’s freaked out to. Don’t want to stress him out as well. Feeling kind of alone for this go around.
  16. E-girl

    To tell or not to tell

    I only had one person at work say something negative but no one liked her anyway. I found most people were just curious about what I could eat and how much. After I did my surgery 4 other people in my office decided to do it too. Which was amazing because we only have 25 people in our office so we created a little support group. It was nice having people who could really relate to you at work.
  17. I am scheduled for Sept 10 for the GERD. I have had my sleeve for the past six years I’ve had nothing but complications. I didn’t experience the GERD till six months after the sleeve is done but they didn’t diagnose the gERD till almost 3 years later. I’ve been on three different PPIs, Bought a $7000 bed to elevate me while I sleep, and have to take another medication four times a day just to give me a little relief. For the past three years been trying to get a Stretta procedure approved. Each time getting denied. This year my insurance finally started covering Stretta but because of the insurance they wanted pic. The ESG showed I had a hiatal hernia and polyps. So now I’m going to be having A gastric sleeve to Roux en Y revision.
  18. E-girl

    Just got sick

    I never thought about soaking chicken in both. That’s a great solution. Thanks!
  19. I am schedule for a Sleeve to RNY on Sept 10 for GERD. During my consultation with my surgeon who did my sleeve, he stated that I have polyps. Because of that he going to remove the stomach and the pylorus. Reasoning there is no way for them to monitor post surgery. Has anyone else has to have the stomach removed because of the polyps?
  20. E-girl

    How long was you in the hospital after gastric bypass?

    I think it depends on the doctor and the hospital. I am scheduled for Sept 10 and they said 2 nights, released on the 3 day. It’s was the same as when I had my sleeve 6 years ago.
  21. Well, Thursday is the big day. Thursday I go to my first appointment to see about how to get a sleeve revision to a RYN. I don’t know why but I am really not excited about it. When I first considered getting the sleeve, I was really gong ho about surgery. I wasn’t worried at all. Just wanted the surgery to go smoothly and quickly. Now that I am face with needed a RNY revision do to change complications associated with my sleeve, I am just stressed. And a little freaked out. Anyone else feel like this?
  22. I have Gerd and other complications from my sleeve.
  23. I had a sleeve done and nothing prevents the gurgles. Some people get them and some people don’t. I noticed that I would get them when I eat anything with sugar to include fruits.
  24. E-girl

    Lack of support

    Nothing if worse than trying to explain to someone the effects of acid reflux who doesn’t live it every day. We have a sleep number bed. Mind you we spend $7000 on this thing. So I can adjust the bed to a sitting up position. The ap is not working on my phone but it is working on my husband’s iPad. Tell me why he pitching a fit because I have to use his iPad to adjust my side of the bed so I don’t have to up chuck my dinner tonight in middle of the night. Seriously!?!? I am like....sorry I have to use your iPad to prevent vomiting my dinner in our bed. Sorry for the inconvenience of 1 minute to adjust the bed. So sorry to inconvenience you.
  25. Can’t seem to make heads or tails of my benefit.... Has anyone had a revision from Sleeve to RYN using Fed BC/BS? If so, how long did you have to wait? Did you have to go to “school” again?

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