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    Nausea & gas - how long!

    Yes, give yourself more time. If you are nauseous, take more time between sips, maybe. Worked for me. I hope it helps for you!
  2. TinaMarieB

    Central IL - Bloomington-Normal

    Hi! I'm from Bloomington and Dr. Wieland did my lapband too. Best decision I ever made--and i almost chickened out. ha! I don't usually write on this, but since you are right here I thought I'd answer. Everyone's experience is different, so no one can tell you what is best for you except yourself. For me, it is great. Remember it is a lifelong change you are making. I lost 100 pounds and have kept off 92 for three years now. Each time I slip back a bit, the band helps me to get my weight under control again. I'll never be skinny, but I feel very good and can do so much more now than when I was heavier. I don't regret a thing, but other people have different experiences, so no one can say what your experience will be. I'll think about you and keep you in my prayers!
  3. I have to respond. I had fall bladder surgery before I went ahead with the band. All the complications I experienced were with the gall bladder surgery, not the band surgery. Many people have had other experiences , I know. I can only say that I have lost about 100 pounds and am very happy with m decision to go ahead with my band. I've gained about 5 lbs. right now. I realize this is all about what I do. Any problems I experience are of my own making. I am interested in what goes wrong with others. I want to avoid what others have found. Thanks for sharing!!! The way it turns out will
  4. TinaMarieB


    I like wine! Anyone have problems with having wine??
  5. TinaMarieB

    Central IL - Bloomington-Normal

    We have just started a lapband support group in normal. We meet every other Tuesday evening at 6:00 at the osf facility on ft. Jesse road. For more information email me at tina4peace@aol.com
  6. TinaMarieB

    100 Pounds Lost

    I go through plateaus, do you? I have found that when I "wake up" and increase my protein, it helps. Also, I notice that when I palteau on weight, Imy clothes get looser. Anyone else?
  7. TinaMarieB

    100 Pounds Lost

    Congratulations! By posting your story you are encouraging the rest of us!! Thank you!
  8. TinaMarieB

    Finding The Lap Band Green Zone

    morrissong, how are you doing?
  9. TinaMarieB

    I Am Crying As I Write This...

    Congratulations! You are doing fabulous!!
  10. TinaMarieB

    Lap Band Fills / Adjustment Info

    I am questioning whether to get a fill. I am feeling hunger two times a day. But, I have trouble eating in the morning, and just prefer shakes. Then when I do eat, I hear the "gurgle" sound. But then in the evening, I eat about 1 and 1/2 or 2 cups of food. And am not losing weight. Any advice??
  11. HAve I said I LOVE the band?? It is a tool, but it was just the right tool for me! Let's see, I have lost a total of 70 pounds since August, for a total of 99 pounds as of today. I am SOOOOO HAPPY!!!
  12. TinaMarieB

    Tina4peace's Before and After Pics

    My Before & After Photos!
  13. TinaMarieB

    I Am Crying As I Write This...

    P.S. here's a hug???…
  14. TinaMarieB


    Has anyone had a colonoscopy since being banded ? Unfortunately I have to do this-yuk- and I wonder how people cope with swallowing the prep liquid? Any response would really help! Thank you!
  15. TinaMarieB


    Thank you! Weird question, I know, but that's where I am....
  16. TinaMarieB

    Very Rare Complication

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am having discomfort, so now I will see my surgeon tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!
  17. TinaMarieB

    Are You Sure You Don't Want Anything To Drink?

    DO you feel differently when you can drink again after eating or do you just time it?
  18. TinaMarieB

    Finding The Lap Band Green Zone

    I am so unsure if what I am feeling is related to the fill, just because of the band, or is something wrong? I tend to have discomfort (not pain) under my rib area on the side of my port access. This usually happens when I have been sitting for a period of time (long car rides) and not all the time. Also, it is difficult to eat Breakfast. I can barely get my meds down and 3 oz. of greek yogurt, taking me about 45 minutes. Is this normal? BTW, weight loss has slowed to about 1.5 lbs /week. (I was banded in August 2011 and am currently down 60 lbs, for a total of 90 lbs off.)
  19. I, too, am soooo happy that I got the band! I've lost 38 lbs. since4 I was banded, Aug. 23, and am losing weight everyday. I feel better than I have in many years! But as I tell everyone, it is not the right decision for everyone. Please spend time researching, talking with your doctor, your family, and go to support groups. I learned so much from the people in the support groups, that there really hasn't been any surprises so far.
  20. TinaMarieB

    Cold Weather and More Restriction

    Ok, so what happens when you fly? I am heading to Italy and now am nervous. Anyone have a story to tell me??
  21. TinaMarieB

    Lap Band Friendly Restaurants/Meals

    I have found restaurants that let you order off of the children's menu, like Crackerbarrel and Chili's. Some places won't let me order off of the children's menu, so I avoid those places. Also, I ask for a "to-go" box as soon as my food arrives, and put in the box what I am not going to eat. An empty plate attracts less attention in a restaurant than a plate full of food that I won't eat. Good luck with all of this!!

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