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  1. ASIL72

    Losing weight thanks to more protien!

    I've been meaning to ask my Doc about the Protein bullets - do you take them before or after a workout, or do you use them as a meal supplement? My dr has a pretty strick diet were I can only eat 3 times a day - no snacking unless I get shakey due to hunger, since I tend to work out more.
  2. ASIL72

    Constipation HELP....

    I have issues normally with constipation - and after surgery it was even worse than normal. My Doc and nurses told me to take SENNA tablets - walgreens sells them. They are a non-harsh vegetable laxative. They work like a charm and no cramping. Good luck.
  3. ASIL72

    When Will I Learn???

    I know exactly what you are talking about... I have just hit my 6 months and 5th fill (8.5 cc's), and can really feel the restriciton now. Remember it is a learning process and you are learing what and how much you can eat - your old habits are not going to disappear over night. That is why you go in gradually for fills - listen to your body. I was up front with my doctor all along that I was eating more than 4 oz of Protein at every meal, and since I was still droping the pounds he wasn't too concerned. Now, with this last fill however I am struggling to get all 4 oz in and making myself eat slower...I am a shovel it in kinda a gal and I am learning everyday. Keep your chin up - listen to your body and your head will eventually get it.
  4. ASIL72


    I thought I was the only one...glad I am not alone....I am trying everything I can think of - maybe it's just because they've been fat for so long, the skin can't shrink back?? I wasn't gonna bring up the thighs, but now that you mention it....I also have the problem that my left side arm is 1.5 inches bigger than my right, and my left thigh is 2 inches bigger than my right...not sure how I got "blessed" with this issue, but seriously...LOL
  5. ASIL72


    Hello everyone! I had my lapband on 3/8/11 and I am currently down 69 lbs! I do a lot of walking, but I am now needing to step it up a bit more - so aerobics starts Thursday One area I REALLY need to focus on are my arms...they are becoming flabby/wrinkly with skin since I have lost pretty fast. Anyone know of any good arm exercises that can help me? I have been trying the backwards chair push-ups (which I love) to try and work the triceps as well as using free weights, but I have yet to see any results...will the flabbiness eventually go away with exercise or will I always have my batwings??
  6. ASIL72

    Self Fills

    I am speachless.....Is this even safe?Just be careful, I can't imagine what would happen if it became infected.

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