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  1. kimmy*custis

    Not at goal one year out

    Dont beat yourself up....Im 18 months out and havent reached goal. It is my fault, I went off track a bit with alcohol but im back on track now...I will be at goal by the end of the year....I am promising myself. You will get there!!! Hugs to you!
  2. kimmy*custis

    new addiction anyone?

    I have the same issue as Jane_J, i have been drinking way too much. I am working on it tho, I want to get to my goal, only 18 lbs to go! I havent lost in 6 months because of my wine drinking. I am slowly weaning myself, it is starting to work and I feel better too!
  3. kimmy*custis


    I am sorry you are going thru such a hard time Rebecca, hang in there! You ARE WORTH IT!!! Hugs to you!
  4. kimmy*custis

    At MI Doctor surgery within the hour

    Prayers to you Stephanie! You will do just fine! Keep us posted when you can!
  5. kimmy*custis

    1 day post op yeahhh!

    Woo hoo! Congrats to you! You will feel great soon, hang in there!
  6. kimmy*custis

    Waiting for the wheelchair....

    Congrats, best of luck to you! Keep us posted!
  7. kimmy*custis


    It will change, hang in there! It is most likely head hunger. Drink your water, get up and walk, read, anything to get you "head" of thinking it is hungry! I was able to do protein drinks the day after surgery, call your Dr and see if you can start. Best of luck!
  8. kimmy*custis

    Sleeve Reassurance

    You can sooo do this Khloe! Best of luck on your upcomimg surgery!
  9. kimmy*custis

    Anyone done P90X yet?

    Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. I just started the P90X series on Monday, so far so good! I was wondering if anyone else has tried it yet and if they have any advise for me, thanks in advance! I will be a year out on Feb 9th, 87 lbs down 18 to go!
  10. kimmy*custis

    P90X Post OP?

    Hi all, I am 11 1/2 months out and just got my P90X today...I will let you know how it goes!
  11. kimmy*custis

    13 weeks out down 102lbs

    Woo hoo! Congrats to you!
  12. kimmy*custis

    Stomach gurgling

    Hi! Congrats on your new sleeve! I am 11 months out and STILL have gurgling....it isnt all the time but quite often. I think it is funny now! Lets see what funny noise my tummy will make this time!
  13. kimmy*custis


    First thing, congrats on your weight loss! You should have had a meal program given to you when you went thru the process of getting the surgery scheduled, I am 11 months out and still have protein shakes and bars. Everyone is different as to what they can handle. I was one of the lucky ones, I was eating regular foods quickly, albeit small amounts. I would call your doc and have them send you the info again, I used that as a base and added/subtracted foods I liked and tolerated. Good luck to you!
  14. kimmy*custis


    Oh yes, I would soooo do it over again! I have had no issues whatsoever, I was very lucky! My only issue was self inflicted, I started drinking wine a few months ago and stalled. Back on track now tho! I no longer have high blood pressure, I feel fantastic! I actually like to shop for clothes now and am not repulsed when I see a pic of myself, that is huge for me! Wishing everyone continued success with their journeys! Hugs!
  15. kimmy*custis

    ONE YEAR anniversary today

    Congrats to you! I am 11 months out yesterday and about where you are. I agree, this has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I feel great....finally! I really never had any hard time, I was lucky on that part. Best of luck to all the newer sleevers, you will too feel the same!
  16. Here is a pic of my Brothers and I this last Saturday. I can't believe I can see a pic of me and not be repulsed....it's kinda nice for a change!
  17. kimmy*custis

    My stomach is finally smaller than my boobs

    Lol Sandy! I never really had that problem believe it or not, I was just large all over!!! You look fantastric by the way!!
  18. kimmy*custis


    Everyone is different but seems a bit early. Better to be safe than sorry!
  19. kimmy*custis

    How long did u wait to eat pizza?

    I am with cattracks, I still dont eat the crust. I pull off the toppings and have a bite of the edge of the crust....satisfied!
  20. Here is a pic from Christmas last year and one from now....10 1/2 months out... 87 lbs gone....18 to go!
  21. kimmy*custis

    Before and after pic!

    Thanks everyone! Not too much saggy skin.....the boobs are the worst! Lol! The rest of my skin just needs some exercise toning....hopefully! Best of luck to you all for continued success!
  22. kimmy*custis

    Before and after pic!

    Thanks tj! You are doing great too! I just need to kick back into gear and get the last off, I would like to be there by my 1 year anniversary which is Feb 9th...wish me luck!
  23. kimmy*custis

    Need to get back on track!

    I am also in the same boat. I haven't gained any back ....occasionally I will be up 1-2 lbs but I haven't lost in 3 months. I haven't been eating but I have been drinking wine....lots of it! I started today.....no more alcohol, back to the workout regimen I was using. I only have 18 more to go....I can do this and so can all of you!
  24. kimmy*custis


    I am 5'6 as well and 168 lbs. I wear mostly M tops, some L. Pants vary from 6 to 10 depending....you will be in those sizes soon....I didnt think I would either but I am...it is fantastic to be able to shop normal sizes now! I was a size 20 pant and 2x, some 3x tops at the start.
  25. kimmy*custis

    New addictions (nsv)

    Yaaaay....so happy for you. I am 18 lbs from goal and I have developed a bad habit but mine isnt good like yours! I have been drinking wine...and way too much. That would explain why I am stalled for the last two months! I have cut way back this week and have stepped up the gym so wish me luck! Congrats to you again...you look fantastic!

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