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    Sleeved On April 24Th

    Well I will send prayers your way and keep you in my thoughts! Your new life is gonna be awesome!!! Good luck to you. And keep me posted..... Carole
  2. Carole65

    Sleeved On April 24Th

    Hey Artsy, my surgeon thinks it was due to a medication withdrawal problem. The surgery was to see if I was bleeding somewhere inside. It was a rough time, but I am feeling much better. No I did not have any symptoms prior to the surgery, all my pre-op tests were fine. How long ago was your surgery and where did you have it done? I am in NY, Dr. Mitchell Roslin did mine at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mt. Kisco. Did every thing go as planned with yours? Talk to you soon, Carole
  3. Carole65

    Sleeved On April 24Th

    I meant congratulations not cottage I hate auto correct!!!!
  4. Carole65

    Sleeved On April 24Th

    Hi, first off cottage to you, and your new life that is waiting just around the corner!!! My name is Carole, I had my sleeve done on October 20, 2011! In a little over 6 months I have lost almost 110 lbs! I went from a size 24 to a 12 and now the 12 is starting to get big! Everything is just happening so fast! I tried the protein shakes, but I thought they were vile!!! If you can tolerate them, then that is great, and keep drinking! My surgeon said as long as I could eat yogurt, which I could than I didn't have to worry about the protein. My protein is still a little low as are some of my vitamin levels. So please take your vitamins!! My heaviest I was 306 now I am into the 190's. I feel so much better. I had a rough surgery, the day after I had a heart attack, was intubated for 3 days awake... HORRIBLE.... Went back into surgery 2 days after the first surgery cause I was losing so much blood, need 6 transfusions. Then my spleen was bleeding into itself, I know that sounds strange, but your spleen has an outer capsule. So I spent 11 fun filled days in the hospital. People ask me if it was worth it?...... I say yes every time! My life was going nowhere. Now I'll be able to do all the things I couldn't! Even at 46 I am going back to school! And start my life. You can talk to me ask me questions feel free, I know what you are going through! Just hang in there! Take care, Carole
  5. Hey Rosiegirl, Yes I ended up having a heart attack the day aftr my surgery. They tried to get me up for the swallow or upper gi and they said I just crashed. I remember they were trying to get me up and I was going the other way, then I just fainted. I don't remember having any pain or anything. The whole situation is weird I am not sure of anything. But I am going to these Dr.'s because I want to be okay. Yes please let me know when the next support group is. Thank for the info on the Doctors I will see if any take my insurance. Take care, Carole
  6. Hey Rosiegirl, I found this cardiologist named Andrew Kupersmith is at 19 bradhurst with Columbia Cardiology I don't see him until Dec 1. I don't have the best insurance. OMG to find a hematologist in Westchester that took my insurance was disastrous. I would love to go to the support groups. I have a feeling the next one is on Dec. 1. Which I have 2 Drs. Appt that day. But if you know when it is lete know the date and time. Thanks, Carole
  7. Dear Rosiegirl, Dr. Rosins asst. Debbie just called today and Dr. Roslin wants me to see a hematologist, he did blood work and my platelets are high, and they think there may be something going on with my spleen. It ended up enlarged after surgery. I am really scared. I still need to see the cardiologist for the heart attack. Believe me if I knew all this crap was gonna happen, I think I might have thought twice about doing the surgery. I'm sorry you ended up with pneumonia, are you better? No me and my sister have not attended his support groups yet, have you? I asked her about going when I am feeling better. I will talk to you soon. Take care, Carole
  8. Dear rosiegirl, Dr. Roslin did mine and my sisters surgery too. Hers in sept. Mine on Oct 20, I spent 11 days in the hospital, had some complications, so once I could eat which was 5 days after surgery, he put me on a mushy pureed food, I thought it strange and my Mom called Debbie his asst. And then for the ray of the time I ate nothing but yogurt and cream of wheat. Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks out, so hopefully I can change it up a little. Take care
  9. Carole65

    Pyschology Clearance Issue

    Hi, I am having my surgery in 9 days, so I am getting nervous! Any way the psychologist that I had to see charged 150.00 cash, he wouldn't take any insurance. Yes a lot of money for me, but that was the only money I have to put out. I believe my insurance covers everything, so thank God. But see if your Dr. Will take your copy, hopefully he will, but even if he doesn't, don't let this stop you from continuing your journey. As I say just another hurdle to get over!!!! Hang in there. Carole
  10. Thank you so much for the info, I am so scared about the surgery in general, now I have to worry about that too.When is your surgery date? Mine is Oct 20,2011, I am having it done in New york, my surgeons name is Dr. Mitchell Roslin. Good luck to you too, I added you to my friends hope you don't mind. I need all the support I can get. Thanks, Carole
  11. Hey I am new to this site, just yesterday. I am allergic to every kind of metal you could imagine I mean bad, that if I am wearing earrings my glands in my throat swell and it looks like I have the mumps. Is there any one else out there allergic and afraid of all of those surgical staples they will be using? Please ease my mind, I need this surgery, it is already scheduled, I do not want to back out if there will be no problem. Thanks, Carole
  12. Thanks for the info, I am meeting with the Dr. on Sept 29, 2011 for my final visit. I will talk to him then. Ya know I kinda wasn't even thinking about the being allergic part until my Sister who is having the DS watched a video and told me about the 2 separate rows of staples. Then I got scared. The surgery is scary enough, but it is time for me to start living. Thanks, Carole
  13. Carole65

    Nickel allergy and surgical staples

    Thanks Deborah That makes me feel much better.
  14. Hi, I am due to have the VSG on October 20, 2011, insurance is all approved, just have to do the pre op stuff, but it is still to early. Any way about me. I have been over weight my entire life. Just to let you know this is true in sixth grade I weighed 230 pounds. So I wonder sometimes why did I wait so long with doing the surgery. Well I never knew there were any other procedures besides the bypass. I had previous surgery on my intestines and I just didn't feel right playing with them any more than they were played with. So that was out. Then I thought about the lap band. Well when I went to the seminar, I quickly changed my mind, that was definitely not for me.AH but the Gastric Sleeve, that sounds like the answer. I hope that it is. My main concerns are 1. I am allergic to pretty much every kind of metal, even surgical steel, I asked my surgeon and he just said that the staples are titanium. But will I not reject them? Does any one know about this? Please let me know. And 2. I am on this medicine that is not the norm and I worry about meds for pain afterward if they were to give me narcotics nothing will happen, except that I will still be in pain, again my surgeon does not know too much about this medication, so I am scared about both of those things. I am glad that I found this site, Please could use all the support you can give...Thanks so much, Carole
  15. Carole65

    Nickel allergy and surgical staples

    Hi Deborah, I am due to Have the VSG on Oct 20, 2011. I also am highly allergic to wherer if I am wearing earrings my glands will actually swell as if I have the mumps. So I am too very concerned about the staples. I have an appt. with my surgeon, Dr. Roslin, on Sept. 29, to talk more about this, and some other issues. Please let me know if you find out anything more on the staples. I will do the same. Thanks, Carole
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