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    you are going to have to find something you enjoy doing or your not going to stick with it. i actually enjoy the elliptical, i have some awesome music i only listen to while working out, or i go to the gym while Law and Order SVU is on, and i can pedal for an hour without even realizing. There is Zumba, swimming, do you have any girlfriends that would walk and talk with you? buy a Wii or Xbox, they have all kinds of workout games that are fun, you can even buy them used at your local gaming store. I work out because to me the shape i want is worth the exercise. i want to be toned and ripped as much as i can on my year anniversary when they take my picture again.
    Good luck finding something that works for you
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    Well if you are anxious about going outsie the house for social reasons, maybe have a small get together at your house? I am going to hace a few friends over for an Oscar Party. It has my love of TV and not wanting to get out of the house lol. I cant wait to sleep through the night, maybe when i get the drain out. Well good luck on your continued success.