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  1. so i am 6 days post op and sometimes my tummy gurgles. I know from reading this that is either a liquid you have tried and your sleeve doesnt like, or gas or a ton of other things. How do you tell the difference which is which? how do you know whats just gas or something your sleeve doesnt like?
  2. fluffylibra30

    shoe size

    I went down a size and a half.
  3. fluffylibra30

    Old navy compression pants

    The new ones aren't that great, i think they are really thin and feel like pantyhose. I would go with Underarmour or Nike. Worth every penny. You can find great priced Nike at Penny's some weeks.
  4. fluffylibra30

    new clothes style

    I am 18 months out and still struggle with this! I have no style and struggle to find something I like. I don't like very many of the clothes styles right now.
  5. I am 18 months now. I can eat all the filling from a 6 inch sub. Veggies meat all the good stuff. I can eat a 6 inch meatball, with half the bread. I usually cut the part that is less messy, then fold it in half. Going back to liquids for a few days does help. I had the flu for a week an only did liquids, once I was able to each I could tell the difference. Also to put it in perspective, when I was 6 months I could eat 1 chicken wing. At a year I could do 2. Now I can do 3 and a bite of celery. Still pretty good!!
  6. fluffylibra30

    300 to 500 calories?

    I drink this brand It's pretty good, the low carb kind. 17 Protein 100 calories. It's the RTD kind but the flavor Is good. I get all my protein with food, I just like these for a boost. Makes me feel better. I lost a bit of lean muscle mass in the past year.
  7. fluffylibra30

    Lost More Than The Weight

    I think we all fell lost in our bodies for a bit. It's crazy to me that some people don't recognize me. I did mourn my "fat" clothes as well. I have always loved clothes and had tons and tons. Now I am trying to figure out my new style. I have went from a 24 to 9 (OMG). I did most of my shopping at goodwill and Marshall's. I'm just not sure what I like about my body anymore besides its skinnier lol.
  8. fluffylibra30

    is this right

    That could be right. Did you have to do a pre-op diet? Our bodies are mysterious things. I would take it.
  9. I have lost 140 pounds with my sleeve in the past 18 months. I have been on synthroid for 3 years, they have decreased it since surgery twice. YES, I do have to really watch my calories. My BMR is lower due to my slow thyroid. I am not able to eat a ton and not work out but I have not gained one pound. You just have to be more careful, and if you haven't yet start a vigorous workout regimen. That will help with your metabolism and make you feel better. Also, you can not take any other pills with synthroid for 2 hours. No food for an hour before or after. I have started taking it right before bed.
  10. I am struggling with this as well, I am still seeing my old body when I shop. I favor the longer shirts so my hips are covered and I have not yet ventured into a different style of jeans I guess it's just working through it. I love Kohls lol. I do favor American Eagle. I love the comfort and casual style.
  11. fluffylibra30

    What do you do at the movies?

    I have a handful or 2 at the movies, I just account for it in my fitness pal and my carb count for the day. As long as you are in the healed phase and don't overeat I think why not.
  12. I do not enjoy running. I am clumsy, my brain cant turn off, my lose butt skin jiggles and it hurts even with the under Armour BUT when I get stuck on a number or my pants need a little loosening I go right to the park. Nothing (and I do TONS of different things to exercise) makes me lose the inches like running. It wittles me down an inch a week. I will probably start running this week cause I have to buy a bathing suit soon.
  13. I am 18 months out and still can't eat apple skin. I just chew chew chew but I just can't get it down. I go the lazy route and get the kid friendly apples that are already peeled and everything.
  14. My boobs went from 44DD to 34B. They are sad sad things to look at. I am saving pennies for a boob job.
  15. fluffylibra30

    Tanning Beds

    I am 18 months out and tan weekly. My scars don't look bad, no worse than all my stretch marks anyway.
  16. Stock up during the semi annual sale. I got lucky cause I am in an uncommon size and found a Ton of cheap stuff.
  17. fluffylibra30

    hair loss

    I did every single thing I read in here, everything the doctor said to do and I still lost 1/3 of my hair. I used to sob in the bathtub holding it in my hands. It started about 3 months and went in strong for about 4 months. It was hard cause no matter how fat i got my hair was my pride. Now at 1 1/2 years out it is all growing back its about 4-5 inches long and all silver. How's that for irony? It seems every new hair came back grey.???? But it is very healthy and strong cause if the vitamins. Not gonna lie it was a hard depressing time losing my hair and DDs at the same time.
  18. It comes naturally after awhile. I am 1 1/2 years out and still can't drink right after eating, it just plain hurts. Just don't keep a drink beside you while eating, that helped me stop. Sometimes it's just the little things that help the most.
  19. fluffylibra30

    Moves for butt and back?

    Stairmaster! Get your cardio and butt firming in at once.
  20. I have given up soda for the past 1 1/2 years. It is a huge trigger and not worth it!
  21. fluffylibra30

    Fitbit vs Bodybugg vs Bodymedia vs Jawbone Up

    I have a Polar FT4, and I love it. I only wear it when I workout though. It seems to be very accurate.
  22. fluffylibra30

    burpees are evil

    They were frikin hard. But it was harder when i did tricep dips up them. (My trainer is a demon) I had also already ran up and down those said stairs for a 1/2 hour. 2 days later my calves still ache.
  23. fluffylibra30

    I want to know honest calorie intake

    I am 16 months out. My calorie intake is between 1200-1500. I have 10 pounds to goal. My BMR is 1451. If I want to maintain my weight loss there is no way I can eat more. I think that your calorie count is a personal thing. Everyone has a different BMR. Some people can eat 1300 calories a year out and still lose and some people can't. You should have your surgeon measure your BMR then decide your calorie count.
  24. fluffylibra30

    enjoying my drink

    I didn't use a straw for the first 9 months, then after I did I said "hmmmm what was all the fuss about"?!?!? And have used one every day since then.