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  1. Hey everyone... today it is exactly 2 months since my surgery... I have never had any problems with eating any kinds of foods or anything like that.... so far i have lost 36 lbs... im definitely happy but i feel a little disappointed that im not losing as fast as others but im in a better place than i was 2 months ago!!!!! soon i will update this with some pics... happy december everyone!
  2. Hi! im 23, had my surgery when I was 22 on Oct 1, 2010 im so glad i did this young because i feel like a million bucks and soooo not shy of putting on the bikini now <3 heres a pic to prove that its possible to get your life back! my before and now!
  3. sleeveorbust

    get the party STARTED!!!

    Your doing so great already!! you are going to be smokin in no time <3
  4. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!!! I just wanted to post a picture for everyone, I am almost 9 months out on July 1 and I have lost a total of 66lbs and counting... I would like to lose another 23lbs but its coming slower now that I have gotten closer to goal... I am thoroughly enjoying every second of my life and I feel freer than I ever have!! I work out at least 3 times a week mostly running but also doing light weights to tone up arms and legs... Im enjoying this whole process and I know that i have not always been perfect but I do know the proper behaviours to use this tool responsibly!! here I am before... and here I am ... wearing my scars proudly in a neon bikini!!! bring it on world!!!!!! DFW Area Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups v130703.pdf I hope that everyone has a chance to reflect back on their decision to be sleeved and believe it to be a blessing! I certainly do believe that i have been blessed to have the sleeve and I always hope I cherish it and use this tool to it's full potential... I'd be lying if I didnt say I wasnt scared to go back to those dark days... because I definitely am, so Im trying my best to stay the straight and narrow!!!
  5. sleeveorbust


    Thinoneday!.... THis was a great post!! Sometimes we rely on our sleeves to do all of the work (myself included) and we end up stalling (me 2 months) because we are no longer making the right choices for ourselves!! Im so glad that you are seeing results by going back to the basics!!! Just goes to show that nutrition is VERY important even with the sleeve!!! Keep it up... Im going right back to my basics and I'll keep you posted... I have about 19lbs to reach goal lets do this girl!!!!
  6. sleeveorbust

    I'm Shrinking

    congratulations! you look great
  7. sleeveorbust

    ALMOST 9mos POST OP!! PICS!!!!!! :D

    I cant resist that camera anymore.... so I will share another bikini shot!!!! life post op couldnt be any better!!.... Oh and Angi... good luck with your date, im sure it will come and go quickly
  8. sleeveorbust

    ALMOST 9mos POST OP!! PICS!!!!!! :D

    Its good to hear from you! ... It's always at the back of my mind and I understand now that if I dont stick to a healthy diet that the sleeve is only going to help so much... there are alot of sabotaging slider foods that we have to be careful of and I know that I have to watch that kind of stuff still... i havent gained any weight but my loss has definitely slowed down but i know that if Im 100% on the ball, the weight starts going down again... Im not quite at goal yet but I know with persistence and using this tool correctly I will get there... and Im sure you will keep it off.. if we recognize that it might be possible than we have it in our minds when grabbing one of those sabotage foods. I hope you are doing well and thanks for letting me know that im not the only one!
  9. THis is sooo awesome! way to go! congrats!!!!
  10. sleeveorbust

    ALMOST 9mos POST OP!! PICS!!!!!! :D

    Thank you everyone for all of your kind words!! I hope that everyone is doing well and if I can touch even one person with this post then Im over the moon happy!!
  11. I am biased because I used Dr. Pompa at LIMARP, but I LOVED her and i thought my whole surgical experience was phenomenal! The bed side manner was impeccable and I felt as though I was at a spa the whole time. She is certified with the American Physicians Association and located at a 5 star facility in TJ.
  12. sleeveorbust

    ALMOST 9mos POST OP!! PICS!!!!!! :D

    posts like these were so valuable to me when I was starting the process and so I would love to pay it forward every chance that I get
  13. sleeveorbust

    ALMOST 9mos POST OP!! PICS!!!!!! :D

    Wishes.... as time goes by your confidence will increase!! <3 we all get there in time thank you everyone! I just hope that people see that amazing light at the end of the tunnel.. all of the little discomforts are totally worth it in the end!
  14. sleeveorbust

    Magnesium citrate

    if your too worried about it.. i know that you can find it in pill form aswell
  15. Hey everyone ... its been just about 6.5 months since VSG and I wanted to show you ladies that it is possible to wear a bikini loud and proud post VSG!!!! here I am before and after Hope you enjoy .. I know pictures always motivate me especially before and afters.. so Id like to share and do my part <3 I will never regret this decision to have VSG
  16. sleeveorbust

    6.5 months out!!.. PICS!!!!! :D

    Thank you everyone for your love and support.... <3 I really felt amazing when i was on the beach.. and I hope that everyone can see that this is attainable for ALL!!! keep up all the hard work everyone .. because every little victory counts
  17. Well.... Im going to come clean and say that I have had about a 8 nights since surgery where I have consumed alcohol... one of those being last night.... I dont feel the need to drink alcohol but I find myself in my twenty-something social group going out to the clubs and buying into that lifestyle sometimes..... I am still in my losing stage and I know that this is not a great choice on my part.... AND i must admit ... when i wake up in the morning i feel a little pain underneath my scar in between my boobs... This is definitely a sign telling me that my liver is not appreciating the abuse and I know I have to chill out because I still want to lose another 23lbs to get to goal... BUT most importantly... i want to be healthy .. after all that's why we chose this surgery in the first place.... I just wanted to be honest... but also admit that I havent made all the perfect decisions when it comes to post op lifestyle.
  18. sleeveorbust

    7 months, 67 pounds down....what's next?

    Your doing so amazing!!! and as I am in pretty much the same position as you.. age, story, even highest weight... i feel so connected to your success ... I will be 6 months out on April 1 and cant wait to wear my bikini on my trip to the DR!!! Thanks for your post... I feel very happy for you
  19. sleeveorbust

    See what you look like, similar other womens photos...

    Pretty interesting lol!! cool website
  20. sleeveorbust

    I finally made it.....

    WAY TO GO!!!! Feels great getting under that Milestone!!
  21. sleeveorbust

    Time Flies! Six Months Out!

  22. scale VICTORY!!!! Just went on to the scale today and I realized that I have now lost a total of 60lbs!!! wow Im super excited to say that those lbs will be gone forever because Im never looking back!! This journey has had it's ups and downs but it has all been worth the while because I feel so much better about myself now then I ever have in my life!! I am able to look back on who I was at 214lbs and realize that I have grown and become a better version of myself every step of the way what an amazing tool
  23. sleeveorbust

    60lbs Obliterated!!

    its so weird how everyone's bodies are different!!!.... size six is in for me now... and I couldnt believe it but today I was down another two pounds!! im in the 140's now WOOOOT!!!!!
  24. sleeveorbust

    60lbs Obliterated!!

    Thanks so much everyone..... today I weighed myself... and now Im down a total of 64lbs!!!! this is so AWESOME... now im into the home stretch with 25lbs left to go to get to goal Im super glad that I made the decision to get the sleeve!! Even better... I bought two bikinis for my trip to the Dominican at the end of the month .... and Id have to say i think i look like i belong in a bikini
  25. NO REGRETS BABIES!!!!! I love my decision to have my sleeve!!!

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