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  1. cheryl2586

    Seeking Advice from other LB Vets

    An endo does not tell you if anything is wrong with your band. It can only see from your stomach and that doesn't tell you anything unless its too tight. If it is too tight you can see the formation of the band inside the stomach. Your best bet would be to have a cat scan or some other kind of radiology procedure to see just where your band is.
  2. cheryl2586

    Prescription Drug Costs

    Most drug companies have patient assistant programs for people who can not afford their medications. Call the manufacturer of the drug or apply on line. They will send it to your doctors office. As far as the drug testing it is because so many people get meds and sell them. They have to make sure you are taking it and it is in your system. Hope you get some help.
  3. But still if you are forcing food to go down it may be too tight. I have been banded for six years now. I would at least see your surgeon.
  4. As you gain weight your band becomes tighter. It will be so tight you can't eat. Go to your surgeon and get some Fluid removed. It's never too late to start over but if you let your band stay tight you will end up with erosion of the band into your stomach. You will feel lots better once you get the band unfilled a bit. How do I know this? Because it happened to me. I gained some weight and could keep nothing down. Not even Water. I had a cat scan and the band was in the correct location. I went to my endo because I was tired of being sick. When he went down in my esophagus I had a blue berry stuck in my band and it clearly showed my band was too tight. If I had waited and just stuck it out who knows what would have happened.
  5. cheryl2586

    Meat tolerance

    forcing food in your pouch is dangerous. Your pouch is small and it can stretch to the point of it opening up. I would say eat an ounce of meat only and see how it works. You may be eating too much at one sitting.
  6. cheryl2586

    Calcium-Free Protein

    Why don't you just take the iron in the morning then you could have your protein shake after your work out.
  7. Especially for plastic surgery. Because it is not a necessity. They don't have to give you time off for that. I don't know but I would ask.
  8. cheryl2586

    Help with steak?

    Beef and pork have always been an issue for me but I found a very band friendly way to cook both. Take a 1/3 cup of olive oil or you can use canola I like olive oil for the flavor. I take all my seasonings which are seasoning salt, black pepper, garlic, onion powder, finely diced onion and any other seasonings you like. Mix them with the olive oil. I don't measure anything I just put what I think is enough. Poke holes in your beef and pour the mixture over the meat and into the holes. Let it marinade for the day or over night and you will never have dry beef or pork again.
  9. Well sometimes you just have to realize what will happen if you don't stop eating fast and pbing. Every time food gets stuck you are forcing your band into the stomach wall. Over time erosion will happen if that doesn't slow you down then I don't know what would. I was a fast eater but learned what the consequences could be if I continued eating that way.
  10. I was asked today why some of us seasoned bandsters don't come here very often. For the first three years of being banded I felt I needed support from this forum and it took me that long to lose 121lbs. Yes it was slow going but my weight loss stopped after I quit smoking (six months post op) 4 and a half years smoke free. There is nothing worse then giving up a habit when you are trying to give up a habit. Losing weight and quitting smoking was not a great combination but a worth while adventure finally. I gained some weight after I quit smoking but that is because my non existent metabolism became angry at me because I was no longer using nicotine to make it go 2 miles an hour. I kicked myself in the ass and just went crazy eating Protein like I had no sense, lost 50lbs in two months and ended up needing my gallbladder removed. December 14th was my fifth year band anniversary and maintenance has been a real monkey then when I was losing. All I can say is none of this is impossible. It's doable, it works but not always as fast as you would like it too. Those who have recently had surgery or are contemplating surgery, just know no matter how aggravated you get because the scale doesn't move there are things that have to happen in order to lose weight. Things that most do not think are important. sleep is a big ordeal when losing weight and you should get at least 8 hours a night. I do not eat after 6p.m., POOPING is a necessity because if you are constipated you probably have 5lbs of poop in your intestines. Water is also important. Yeah I know everyone says you have to drink water water water and then you pee pee pee. In the time I lost that 50lbs in two months I was drinking so much water its a wonder I still have a bladder. Now not so much because I enjoy my coffee and well it's water right? NOT! Stress will also cause you to have no weight loss. Calm yourself, stay off the scale and let your surgery do what it is supposed to do. I pop in now and then to see what's going on but I am living my life now. My husband and I adopt rescue animals. This year we added two dogs to our petting zoo and my grand dog is visiting also. So here I am with three dogs, 4 cats, 2 iguanas and 2 snakes. Yes we are 11 animals and counting. Hoping TLC will put me on their programming instead of Kate plus eight because I can assure anyone that my day is filled with more chaos then she could ever have with 8 kids. Well enough of the banter I just want to wish everyone a happy new year and success will be yours if you stick with your program. It works! Attached are pictures of all our babies. Now you know why I have no time for this website lol Peace, Love and Bubble Gum.
  11. I certainly believe that sugar has a negative impact on people. When I was eating a lot of sugar, my arthritis was very painful. Once I quit eating a lot of sugar my pain was at least tolerable. Not only is it bad for you but it does have addiction properties. I can prove that also. If I eat a cookie I will eat 30. Exactly why I stay away from the S word. It doesn't like me and I am happy without it.
  12. cheryl2586

    It's a whole new way

    The band never took my hunger away and I am five years post op. No matter how much or how little Fluid I have in it I have always been hungry. It doesn't work like that for everyone just like it does not stop me from eating what I want. No food is garbage unless you eat a ton of it. I don't eat my trigger food which is sugar because I know where it will take me. Every thing in moderation. If you all think losing was a pain in the butt maintaining is a bigger pain. You have to work harder then ever to maintain. Just my two cents. I don't come here often anymore because I don't need the support like I did when I was first banded.
  13. cheryl2586

    My other walking buddy

    They are certainly beautiful dogs
  14. Tinker Bell was adopted by us she is a pit bull bulldog mix. She was abandoned and starved to death and infested with fleas and mites. Her ribs were still showing after being in the shelter for four months so she was very emaciated when she was found. She had never been potty trained and had some very bad behaviors such as separation anxiety and would chew my stuff up so I had to crate train her. Our Lab Jake loves her and they play together. I wanted him to have a play mate because he was getting over weight and walking just wasn't enough. People think that pit bulls are so horrible but I can tell you this little girl stole my heart. All she wants is love and attention. For those who don't know about us, my husband and I rescue abused animals. We have two dogs, four cats and two iguanas. All rescues. Tinker Bell had to be the worst abuse case I have seen. I still don't comprehend how people can be so cruel to animals. I could never abandon any of my animals ever. So that is her story. Such a horrible life the first year but she is now doing awesome. Please adopt don't shop.
  15. cheryl2586

    My other walking buddy

    Awe Lisa they are so cute. People need to either stop getting pets they cant keep or spay and neuter. I don't fathom excuses of people giving up animals because you are having a baby, moving, cant keep up with them. All these things in life are to be expected at some point. You can surely keep a dog if you are having a baby. You know at some point in your life you may have to move. I just don't take well to people giving up animals for stupid reasons.
  16. cheryl2586

    My Plate

    I found an app on live strong called My Plate I know you thought this was about food (you see how we still think about food lol) It is not only a calorie app but it has daily workouts and other things to go with it. It is very user friendly and I love it more then MFP. I have done some of the work outs and believe me I thought I was going to die. Give it a try you will love it.
  17. cheryl2586

    Taking care of your skin

    It really doesn't matter how much you take care of your skin if you are thinking about extra skin. It depends on your age and how much elasticity you have as to if your skin will sag. Most of us have sagging skin but I would rather have sagging skin then be 300lbs again.
  18. cheryl2586

    Diet Cheating!

    First of all success with weight loss surgery comes with changing your eating habits. These are the same habits that kept you in food prison your whole life. You have to stop because you won't lose the way you should and you will get discouraged and just fail. Knock it off.
  19. cheryl2586


    What kind of pain are you having? Shoulder pain which would be your full signal or pain when you eat which would mean you are eating too fast and not chewing well if it hurts to go down.
  20. cheryl2586

    Hit first plateau. Help?

    You have to burn more calories then you are taking in to lose weight. If you are not exercising then start off slow with something as simple as dancing. If you are eating on the higher end of calories then you need to decrease them.
  21. Did they not give you a binder to wear? This keeps the swelling down. If not I would ask about it. You are supposed to where it every day except for showering.
  22. cheryl2586

    Fat Family

    Weight loss surgery has to be a personal decision and if she has not mentioned it, then I think you would be better off just showing her that you are an example of weight loss surgery. I know when I was fat I didnt want anyone to mention anything to me.
  23. I was stuck at the same weight for a year. You have to decrease your calorie intake. I would go with about 1200 calories you have to burn off more then you are taking in to lose a pound. I think this would help. But dont get so carried away with the working out part because if you are building muscle you weight will not drop. That is my suggestion. Eat less and lose more.
  24. cheryl2586

    3 questions

    A sleep study was not required for me they would only do it if your doctor feels you have sleep apnea. I don't know about the center you are having it done at but I wouldnt worry about the sleep study.
  25. Jim you look great. I don't come here very often but I love to see successful people because so many times we are told we take the easy way or the lazy way out. There was nothing easy about any of it and everything you have said is true. You are an inspiration to many newly banded folks. It's slow going but it goes people. It works.

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