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  1. I was banded 8/10/11. I've only lost 45 lbs, but I figure it's better than gaining. It will eventually come off. I just need to up my exercise.
  2. Hi, I got banded in August and have had 2 fills (2.5 cc total). I need ideas on a daily meal plan. I am not losing as quickly as hoped, and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.
  3. Banded Aug 10, 2011. Down 30 lbs.
  4. bellybuster

    weird pains

    I had my surgery on Aug 10th and my first fill a few weeks ago. Ever since my fill I get horrible pains right above my diaphragm and in my upper back. It feels like I have a blockage in my esophagus. If I gulp a mouthful of water it will go away but then I am still sore for a few hours. Is this a "stuck"? Am I not chewing enough. Please help. The pain worries me. I just want to make sure in ok. Thanks
  5. bellybuster

    weird pains

    Thank you humming bird
  6. bellybuster

    weird pains

    Thank you. Sounds like I am experiencing stuck food. I'll slow it down and tell my Dr. at my next visit.
  7. bellybuster

    weird pains

    Thank you SageTracey. I don't let people Like sanction bother me. She makes a lot if these rude posts. SageTracey- I am not looking for medical advice, I just want to know if this is what they consider "stuck". I'm not up on all the lingo. Thanks for your help.
  8. I am a week and a half post op and feel great (except for some shoulder pain I started getting yesterday) I was doing great on my liquid diet for the past week and a half and haven't cheated once until tonight. I just ate some cheez-its (210 calories). I so deperately needed something besides chicken broth and oatmeal. I hope I didn't mess anything up. Has anyone else cheated so early after surgery?
  9. bellybuster

    Feel horribly guilty!!!

    I was at the nutritionist today and she is actually starting me on mushy and protein early. She said my blood sugar is way to low. I am so excited to have chicken for dinner and a scrambled egg tomorrow for breakfast. It's like a freaking party in here. 25 lbs down, 75 to go!!!
  10. bellybuster

    Feel horribly guilty!!!

    Thank you so much Cindy. I will try that tomorrow. I see that you got banded 3 years ago. How do you feel? Have you had any problems with the band?
  11. bellybuster

    Chicken Salad Recipies

    chicken salad My friends and family love this and have no idea it is good for them Boiled and cooled chicken either cut into chunks or shredded Fage 0 greek yogurt (as little or as much as you want for desired creaminess) Dried cherries Walnuts Finely chopped celery Curry poweder (the mild yellow kind to taste) Mix all together and let it sit for a few hours. You many need to add more yogurt as the chicken and cherries absorbs it It is soooo good! Hope you enjoy!
  12. Hi Life is good. I also got banded on the 10th. Do you have problems just getting your regular liquids in? I feel full all the time, I guess from the swelling, and eating broth and liquids are still making me uncomfortable. I've lost 10 pounds since surgery and have no energy and still feel uncomfortable all the time, especially at night. Eight more weeks like this and I'll be at my goal weight. HAHA. On wednesday I am supposed to start mushy foods. The thought of that makes me sick. UGHHH!
  13. I had surgery on Aug 10th and have been taking 2 colase a day. When will I poop. I have so much pressure.
  14. bellybuster

    how long?

    Dave your awesome. I think I'm going to make you my lap band mentor. Do you have a Facebook account?
  15. bellybuster

    how long?

    I recently got banded and did a lot a research before hand but now I'm thinking I may have made the wrong choice. How long have you been banded for? It seems like not many people have made it 5 years or more without having to get their band removed due to issues with the band.
  16. bellybuster

    how long?

    Mauraclegg- that is fantastic. Keep up the good work.
  17. bellybuster

    how long?

    I had my surgery on Wednesday and feel great. The only reason I feel like I made the wrong decision is the fear of having to get the band removed or re done. Seems like there are a lot of people that this happens too.
  18. Hi all. I am 3 days post op and I am supposed to be drinking a Protein Shake everyday. I can't get it down. I've been thining them with twice as much Water and it still feels to heavy. I am fine with broth. Do you think it us ok to skip the Protein Drinks until week 2? Thank you
  19. bellybuster

    when will i poop

    Thanks all. I will try the m.o.m. Also I have no energy. I just want to sleep. I do force myself to walk twice a day down the street and back, but I am so tired. Is that normal.
  20. bellybuster

    3 day post op question

    Thank you all so much. Day 2 was better than 3. I am so uncomfortable today. Pressure (but no gas) I think its all the swelling. The protein is just putting me over the edge. I thin it it with 20 oz of water, but its still to heavy. I will try the chicken flavor and make soup out of it. Thank you for your suggestions.
  21. I am a few hours away from my LB surgery and I am freaking out. Am I making the right decision? Am I being selfish? Will I be able to ever eat anything besides chicken broth and Jello? I am so scared and am thinking of not going tomorrow. I know this is just fear, but I would appretiate anyones experience. What type of things can and can't you eat now? Can you feel the band? Are you in a lot of pain. Thank you
  22. bellybuster

    Please help, I'm freaking out

    I'm home and have been resting for a few hours. I am feeling surprisingly well. Dr Goldstein is wonderful and so is the staff at Virtua Marlton.
  23. bellybuster

    Please help, I'm freaking out

    Thank you all. You have helped more than you know. I'm off to the hospital now. Wish me luck.
  24. Hi all, I am being banded on Aug 10th and the fear and panic is setting in. I am so scared about having something added to my body. I try to think of it as breast implants, just less fun, and that seems to calm me a bit. I have two small children that I will still need to cook for constantly. I'm scared that I will be constantly hungry for the first 2 weeks that I am on Clear liquids only. Has anyone dealt with this? I am also afraid that once I am allowed to eat normal food that it will be uncomfortable.. Any advice and ideas on preparation is greatly appretiated. I've been making chicken broth and Jello for days now.
  25. bellybuster

    pre op diet??

    Chelsea i was thinking the same thing. i am getting banded on Wednesday, and I rememeber when I took his seminar he said that there would be a 1 week liquid diet before surgery to shrink the liver. When I scheduled my surgery 2 weeks ago he told me to eat normally, not to gain weight and do an all liquid diet the day before surgery. Good luck. Let me know how everything went.

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