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  1. my nutritionist is basically useless. thank you both for all the ideas. my doctor wants me to lose 2 pounds a week and with that being said, he said 1580 is appropriate for that amount of weight loss
  2. angieband

    is wii a good workout?

    thank you!
  3. angieband


    thank you all
  4. just got my 3rd fill. i have never experienced a tight feeling or even any restriction. right now i feel tight but how do i know if im too tight?
  5. angieband

    How Many Fills Have You Had ?

    thank you all. when were you all banded and how much weight have you lost? and waitingpatiently, i try not to but its hard. it will be a year in september and i have only lost 30 pounds. i think its because i need more fills. i have only had 4 and i have the bigger band.
  6. allison, first i want to say congrats!! how many fills have you had ? its a year in september and im struggling with loosing weight.
  7. angieband

    3 Fills Later And

    what could be the reason that my weight loss is slower than most peoples weight loss? and thank you both.
  8. angieband

    How Many Fills Do I Need?

    When does it get easier? Like how many months after surgery
  9. Thank you all so much. I truly appreciate everyones input. I'm feeling a little more confident and I am hoping to see more results on this journey!
  10. Thank you very much erin
  11. angieband

    hot or cold shower??

    Okay thank you very much! My pain is in my shoulder and where my port site is. I'm also very naceuous and dizzy
  12. angieband

    well tomorrows the day!!

    I have five. and with me too, not really pain in stomach. It just hurts getting up out of bed. I'm still on full liquids, going to start pureed foods tomorrow. Good luck to u!
  13. I'm not a big drinker but the beverage I do drink has 65grams of carbs. My question is,is it safe to drink when I have the band? (Keep in mind I only drink one a week)
  14. angieband

    is it worth it?

    Okay thank you
  15. angieband

    is it worth it?

    Thank you again fran Congrats to you booboofachi and thank you! I will definitely keep everyone updated
  16. angieband

    is it worth it?

    Thank you so much
  17. angieband

    September Bandsters

    My surgery date is september 13th!! I start my preop diet on august 30th. I am soo ready for this
  18. angieband

    excess skin & excercise

    When were you banded?
  19. angieband

    excess skin & excercise

    On my way to thin, that's great! And Cherie, you definitely should
  20. angieband

    excess skin & excercise

    I have empire and they cover it. My main doctor had to request it and they approved it. My doctor calls it plastic surgery but the insurance company refers to it as reconstructive surgery
  21. angieband

    excess skin & excercise

    Ànd congrats cherie! How are u healing? And have u had any restriction at all?

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