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  1. bikerchick519

    Healthy Recipe Blog - Instagram & Facebook **

    I just watched your unstuffed cabbage roll video. It's similar to a recipe I make so I will be trying it this weekend. Thanks for the video/recipe. By the way, congrats on your weight loss and you look amazing.
  2. bikerchick519

    Weight staul

    My surgery was February 3rd and I've been stalled the last 2 weeks. I was a revision so I was expecting a slow loss but I was not expecting to be stalled for 2 weeks when I'm only eating about 800-850 calories a day. My carbs are low, fat is low and protein is where it should be. It's frustrating but I do measure and I have lost inches those 2 weeks. I think we just gotta hang in there and the scale will start moving again.
  3. bikerchick519

    Pooped from Pooping

    Tomorrow is 5 weeks post op for me for revision from mgb to rny. The first 2 weeks I was constipated, the next 2 weeks I had severe diarrhea and then BAM constipated for the last week! I have no idea what's going on and how it can go from one extreme to the next in a matter of one day.
  4. You should be on full liquids this week and not applesauce yet. If you think you're dehydrated call your surgeon and get advice but don't push foods that aren't on your list yet, it will make you miserable. try other temps of liquids, warm, hot, room temp, maybe it will help.
  5. bikerchick519

    Night shift

    I've been on days for the last couple of years and just switched to midnights at the end of January. My revision surgery was Feb 3rd. There are not great food choices eating out in general but even less on nights. You have to really pack your lunch and healthy snacks. I live by myfitnesspal. You can even pack your food at home and enter everything in to make sure the macros are where you want them and adjust accordingly. I also personally think it's easier when your co-workers know the journey you're on so they don't try to temp you with unhealthy choices. I don't understand how people don't tell their co-workers and family what they're going through. They can either support you or get out of your way. I don't think it's any harder working nights then going to days if nights make you happy. It's all about your choices and how dedicated you are.
  6. bikerchick519

    2 week stall! Any advice?

    That doesn't seem like enough calories to me. I bet if you increase your calories you will lose. Maybe your body thinks it's starving and needs more. It's helped me in the past to increase it some.
  7. My family doctor has been great and very supportive. Any care or referrals I need he will get for me.
  8. bikerchick519

    6 days post op

    I'm 13 days post op revision to rny and I'm having the same problem. The only shakes I like are Herbalife and they don't have enough protein and are higher in carbs than I'm supposed to have right now. I'm really struggling because I don't like the protein waters either. Nothing tastes right.
  9. bikerchick519

    Surgery date 2/4

    I do the hot shakes sometimes but you cant put the hot water in a bullet type blender, the lid explodes off. you can put it in a full size blender with the circle part of the lid off or blend the shake with cold water and then microwave.
  10. I had revision surgery Feb 3rd (6 days ago) from mgb to full bypass due to acid reflux. I have felt from the beginning I could probably drink as much as I want and don't have to take tiny sips like I did with the mgb. I even had a protein shake and some cream soup today, a day early, with no problems. The doctor said he didn't do anything to my pouch other than fix the hiatal hernia. I'm guessing that's why I'm having such an easy time drinking whatever I want. I'm not complaining but just wondering if anyone else with the same revision has had this experience.
  11. when I went from the sleeve to the mgb I had a hard time with drinking. I could only sip very slowly and I felt a lot of restriction even with fluids, but he did make my sleeve into a pouch so the stomach was altered where this time it wasn't.
  12. bikerchick519

    Revision Surgery

    acid reflux, hiatal hernia, and some regain.
  13. with the mini bypass they only make one anastomosis so it's a quicker, safer surgery, With the RNY they make two anastomosis (where they bypass the intestines).
  14. I'm so sorry to hear about all your complications. Can I ask where you and your sister had surgery? You've both had a lot of problems. I had the sleeve in 2011 and then had horrible acid reflux. I revised to the mini bypass because I was told that would fix it. I'm one of the few unfortunate ones that it didn't fix and got way worse. I'm 6 days post op with a revision to rny. So far no complications and no acid reflux. If I were you I'd probably get the rny with a different surgeon than you had the first time. Good luck.
  15. bikerchick519

    How much sugar caused you to dump?

    after my mgb anything with 2% or more milk and not very much sugar would cause dumping. it took about a year and a half before I could eat a little more.
  16. I just had a revision from mgb to full bypass on Monday Feb 3rd. I just flew home last night. I went to Dr. Illan and he and his staff are amazing. They are very good about answering all your questions and catering to your companion if you bring one. All my husbands meals were brought right to my room. The hospital is sparkling clean and very modern. You can check it out on facebook at Hospital BC. There are videos of the hospital and testimonials from patients. Dr. Illan and his staff are the best!
  17. bikerchick519

    February Surgery ?

    had my revision surgery yesterday in Tijuana. They said I didn't get a video of my surgery since it was complicated. I'm a little sore today but feeling good overall. The gas is for real. I feel sorry for my husband stuck in this hospital room with me farting. lol
  18. bikerchick519

    sleeve to rny

    I wouldn't consider plastics until you've been at or close to goal weight for 6 months to a year. It doesn't seem like you've given it enough time yet to even consider a revision. I would get back to the basics and on track with your eating and try to lose more before I'd make any decisions. Good luck whatever you decide.
  19. bikerchick519

    Vsg to mgb?!

    I had the sleeve and then due to acid reflux and my sleeve stretching I got the mgb. Unfortunately for me the reflux got worse after the mgb so now I'm getting a full bypass on Feb 3. What I can tell you was different for me was with the sleeve I had no pain and lots of energy. With the mgb I was really sore for at least a week and I was exhausted for at least 2 maybe 3 weeks. It also took longer for me to go from one phase to the other like clear liquids to full liguids, etc. I had to work harder to get my water in also, really small sips. I also found out about dumping which I didn't have with the sleeve. Hardly any sugar and I was laying down, sick to my stomac, heart racing, head spinning and then exhausted like an adrenaline dump. You learn quickly to avoid sugar! It gets better over time but here I go again with the revision.
  20. That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. It's so weird that's even possible. The human body does weird stuff! Hopefully they will fix it for you. That's why I liked that with the sleeve that extra stomach is removed.
  21. bikerchick519

    February Surgery ?

    I'm Feb 3rd. I'm getting a revision from mini gastric bypass to full bypass to fix acid reflux. I only have a 3 day liquid diet, first 2 days are full liquids and 3rd day is clear liquids. I'm going back to Mexico because insurance won't pay for the revision. They said the acid reflux is a complication of my prior wls which is so not true! but whatever insurance does whatever it wants.
  22. bikerchick519

    February Surgery ?

    I've never heard of no pre-op diet at all. What country are you going to? what's your bmi?
  23. bikerchick519

    I am having my surgery in 8 days

    I've made pudding with sugar free pudding and protein powder. You might try that if you like pudding. It's a nice change from the shakes and you feel like you're actually eating something. Also see if you're allowed egg drop soup, that was a life saver for me.
  24. bikerchick519

    Surgery in Monterrey mexico

    I had a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants, face lift with eyelids, some lipo and fat transfer to my face. My scars look great, belly button looks amazing. Essentials for the hotel, lap top for Netflix, a couple maxi dresses and a robe. you mostly live in the garment but it's nice to cover up with a robe and wear a maxi dress if you go to the HEB or a restaurant. Dr. Illan is doing my RNY. The doctor here in the states said he consulted surgeons across the country and internationally and they all said Nissen Fundoplication and the Lynx weren't really an option for me and Dr. Illan agreed I should get the full bypass. I had the sleeve and had horrible acid reflux that the mgb didn't fix so I'm praying this bypass fixes it. I won't have any other options after this. You will love Dr. Sauceda. He and Patty are amazing.

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