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  1. The old jeans from back in the day were cut different than today. See how long that zipper is? Those are classic cut jeans that were made for women with small waists, true waists. Jeans today have a very short zipper and the so called waist is really about mid-hip. Of course its going to have to be wider in that area. I have found since I am 46 years old, that when I was in college and weighed 135-145, I wore a size 5 and some 7's in junior sizes. I wear a 4/6 now at the same weight in misses. When I am closer to 135 the 4's fit better and the 6's closer to 145. I have not found anything I cant wear in those sizes and I have been at or near goal for 2 years. I think a lot if the problem is the cut has changed so much! AND now they add spandex to the jean material so we can squeeze in smaller sizes due to the extra stretch! lol I know I was a size 20 when this all started and I bought all stretch to make that possible. I really should have worn a 22 but refused to. I think we have all been there before. I want to tell you though, that when I first started reading these boards, there was a woman who claimed to wear a 4 jeans, even had a picture of her squeezed in them with the tag showing the size, but she weighed 170-180 pounds and i was like there is NO freaking way. They must be missized. I dont care who you are or how your body is shaped, there is no way a woman, and she was short like me, could possibly say she wears a size 4 at that weight. NO WAY. So, I do believe there is vanity sizing going on out there. I dont want to take away from her accomplishments but at some point you have to say to yourself, self, is this the only pair of pants on the planet that are a size 4 that I can get on? If you cant just walk in a store and pick up any size 4 and have it fit comfortably,then you dont wear a 4. I think we can get a little dillusional when it comes to our size etc and we want to be successful so bad, it causes us to be a little bit fibby about it. Like putting 10 pounds less than you really weigh on your drivers license. I felt a little disheartened after reading her posts about this miracle size 4. I kept thinking I hope I dont do that when and if I lose any weight. I think we should all be honest as we go through this journey together. We are not here to impress others. We are here for support and honesty is the best policy. Sorry about the tangent I just went on! lol
  2. Forensikchic

    Gained 20 pounds

    I know the feeling. I am three years out now and maintained my 100 pound loss for two of those years. For the last almost year though, I have gained 12 pounds. I have been bouncing back and forth between 141 and 147 since about October of last year. I would tighten up some and get back to 141 and then it would slide again and I would be right back up to 145 or higher in a couple of weeks. It would take a few months to lose the 5 or 6 pounds only to find it back again after only a week of eating whatever I wanted. I have to learn that I cant just eat carby snacks and think I wont gain! I am back on track as of today. My NUT told me when I was trying to lose the last 12 pounds in a month (when getting to goal in one year) that it was possible, but I had to eat 30 carbs or less a day. She told me to get at least 70 grams of protein and no more than 30 carbs--didnt matter the calories. It did work, I must say. I did reach my goal in three weeks from that day and kept it off for a whole year by eating high protein. I did snack some but it wasnt out of hand. Now, its out of hand. I dont snack every once in a while, I snack daily and graze a lot. I guess it is really feedback, not failure. I can see where I am going wrong. Its a hard habit to break though. I set a new goal to have this extra weight back off by Halloween. That gives me about 7 weeks. I made a ticker. I logged my food today on mfp. I have set my goal and I am determined to reach it no matter what else is going on in my life. I have three jobs and school part time. I am one busy woman and snacking and bad food choices seem to go with that lifestyle really easily. I think to reach the goal, I need to prepare a little better so I am not stuck with bad food choices due to not having good choices readily available. I wish you luck on your journey too. Maybe if you made a specific goal and made a ticker, started a challenge or some such, it would give you jump start you need to get that extra 20 back off. HTH
  3. Forensikchic

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    I tried the 5:2 and I lost three pounds last week, this week, I gained it back plus one. I also have aunt flo to thank. I am hoping now just to finish the challenge under 140. SAD beyond belief. I get so depressed when I try hard and it doesnt work.
  4. Me too! I lost my weight in 13 months and I didnt eat more then 800 a day and I didnt graduate up to that much until late in the year. Now, If I eat more than about 1400-1500 calories I WILL GAIN. I have to keep it to about 1200-1300 to maintain. I will lose if eat under 1100. My metabolism is so screwed from years of yo yo dieting that this is my reality. I am aware of it and I accept it. I am still very happy to maintain my loss and eat around 1200 a day from now on. Its a very fine line- the difference a single cookie makes. lol
  5. I love this! Why bother to ask experienced people when you can do research until you find what you WANT to hear. I have been a part of these boards for 2+years and I have been sleeved for the same amount of time. I do know MUCH about the sleeve. My sister, niece, best friend and husband are ALL sleeved, so its not just my experience I am basing my comments off of, its that of my entire family! I really think that 1100 calories would be damn near impossible to take in if you are newly sleeved AND its from a good Protein source- besides shakes that is.. I'm talking solid food. All I can advise is to follow the protein first rule and you will be successful, and be patient. Trying to cram in more calories just doesn't make sense to me, I don't care how insane it sounds to only be eating 500 or so. Its not insane for a sleever! Our tummies are tiny! No need to go trying to stretch what you paid good money to make smaller! but,, I digress.
  6. Everyone here is different but the commonality is that we are sleeved. I averaged 400-500 calories a day for the first 6 months or so. Its all I could eat. I never worried about it. I had good success and it did slow down after the first three months. My surgeon didnt worry about it either and they never pushed me to eat more calories. It gradually increased as I could hold more food. I was 100% successful in my weight loss and hit my goal at 13 months post op. The moral is.. do not make it your GOAL to eat a prescribed amount of calories. Shoot for as much protein as possible 70-100 grams and that's it. No need to push it. You will not be as successful as you could be if you do that. I am shocked you can hold 1100 calories right now unless its high calorie protein shakes. I have a friend who is also sleeved and her doctor harps on her about not eating enough. I think its all BS. I think you should eat protein first and not worry about calories. Lets face it, If you are eating lean meat, cheese, etc.. good protein sources, there is no room in there for carby foods and junk or anything else really. You cannot really compare how you eat now to how you used to eat presleeved. Its totally different and your body is now totally different. If you get enough protein and hydration, you will not feel weak even if it seems impossible to live on that few of calories. I didnt purposefully eat so few. I ate protein and I could not hold much. I was so full I was nearly sick each time I ate. I only snacked on protein as well. I ate no bread or pasta or rice because it filled me up with one or two bites and made me uncomfortable. Good luck to you and I think that you should try to stick to mostly protein and always eat the protein first. Dont worry about calories, only protein. The weight will come off as long as you are following that simple rule. Good luck to you! You can do this!
  7. Forensikchic

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    The link is not working.
  8. Forensikchic

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    I love this! Can I be added to it? I would love to know how to do something like this so I can keep it up. Thanks for creating this! Tammi
  9. Forensikchic

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    I only started this challenge last Thursday but I am happy to report a loss! Starting weight this challenge 143 Todays weight 139 Total loss ~4 I am doing the 5:2 plan because I am trying to lose my 8 pound bounce back I experienced at the end of year 2. I have about 5 or 6 pounds to go! I hope to make it by Halloween!
  10. Forensikchic

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    I'm two+ years out now and recently have put on about 8 pounds. Well, Im sure it was creeping on all summer. I want to get it back off before the end of November when I am scheduled to run in the Rock and Roll Marathon (5k). I know its late to join a challenge but they sure did help me when I was in the losing phase. I have about 20 days left in this challenge, so three weeks. I'm gonna shoot for all 8 pounds. I am not sure that is doable but I will never know unless I try and any loss is good so.... Here goes!
  11. Forensikchic

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Here are mine...
  12. Im two years out now and loving it! Maintaining my ideal body weight for a whole year! I have never had a stable weight for that long, let alone a size 4-6 for an entire year! Going for another! Woohooo!

  13. Forensikchic

    Surgery 7/17 anyone?

    Good luck guys!!
  14. Coming up on two years post gastric sleeve! Skinny for a whole year now! Mind blowing experience! Still maintaining at 135!!!!

  15. I was never a big soda fan to begin with although I drank it some. After surgery, I was told it was okay to drink if you shake the fizz out. Who wants flat cola? YUCK! I went caffeine free before surgery as I was told to do and I am almost two years out now and still dont drink caffeine. Occasionally I will have a few sips of sprite if its the only thing to drink but its a rare occurrence. I just dont care for the fizz and there is usually lemonade or some non fizzy caffeine free choice. Its a personal preference. I dont understand people who get this surgery and set out to figure out when they can go back to their old ways. Why bother? All this talk about when can I have this and when can I have that. If you wanted to keep your old lifestyle then why not just stay fat and unhealthy? Why go through all the trouble of surgery just to trick the sleeve, eat bad stuff and gain the weight right back? Seems like a stupid choice to me. I eat a variety of foods but I try to keep in mind to eat my protein first. I feel better when I do. I have been in maintenance now for almost a year. You have to embrace the surgery and use it as the tool it is.. to help you to get healthy and eat right not see how fast you can return to your old ways. Its not a miracle magic potion. Its a lifestyle CHANGE. That means you dont eat the same way you always did... or you will get what you always got... FAT. just sayin'
  16. Forensikchic

    Two Weeks Post Op & Soft Foods

    I just realized I am a day late and a dollar short on this post. oops.
  17. Forensikchic

    Starving and full at the same time?

    I would also like to add that you will feel hunger in your tummy if you have too much acid. You need to take an acid blocker like prevacid or zantac once a day for a few weeks, especially right after surgery. This is where some folks hunger comes from.. too much acid. Some if it is head hunger. Are you bored? Sometimes when I am bored, I tend to have that "never get full" thing and am always looking for something to snack on or eat. I had to really work on that after surgery. I am almost two years out and have been at goal for almost a year. Try drinking some water when you think you need to eat and cut back on the carbs. They make you crave more. Find something to do to keep your mind and hands busy. That should help with it. If you are busy, time will pass and you will realize you were not truly hungry. HTH Tammi
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    colage 1

    From the album: collages of journey

  19. I want to celebrate and shout from the rooftops! I made my surgeons goal on my appt day! I didnt even know he had a goal for me and he turns to me and says, "Congratulations, you made goal!" I said what??? I made up an arbitrary goal of 135 because i remember weighing that in college. I had no idea what my goal was supposed to be... He said "see, your ideal weight is 138 and I weighed in at exactly 138! Wow.. I thought I had missed it by three pounds but it was so refreshing to say that I finally made A goal. I always fall short but not this time! My wonderful hubby made a great slideshow of the whole process, starting from our Brazil vacation spring of 2011 to now. Its been quite a ride!!!!! Woohooo... I cant believe I made my surgeons goal in exactly one year!!!!! Wooop! enjoy the show.. http://animoto.com/play/a5Pa3Hpgm8GSDxDYkhPFuA?utm_content=main_link
  20. As many of you know, my weight lately has been hanging around the same number. I broke into the 160's about 5 weeks ago and stayed at 169 for three weeks, then dropped to 166.5 and have been there for two. It just seems like this stall lasted longer and was immediately followed by another stall. I was feeling a little down yesterday when I realized it was time to measure. I measure every two weeks. Lo and Behold I am down 2 inches in the hips and one in the butt and also a half in my thighs! IN TWO WEEKS! No weight change either. Baffleing. I even measured twice. How can this be? I dont know but I will take it. I guess all that zumba and walking with a weighted vest is paying off. I will be smiling all the way to gym tonite! My big celebration for today is that I am wearing a size 10 jeans for the first time in 22 years or so. I havent been this small since before I got pregnant with my first child at the age of 22. WOW. Tears of joy. I may not be able to wear all size 10 jeans but by golly I am wearing these! They dont have a lot of spandex either. Very little in fact. I also bought a size 10 blazer and it fits well in the sleeves and all! OMG! I was a size 20 when I started this so I guess I am half my size! I am almost in single digits!!!!! WHAT???? Somebody help me to comprehend this! I am doing this! I love my sleeve!
  21. Forensikchic

    18 mos out how much can you eat?

    Im 18 months out too. I can eat more than I could at one year but just barely. I dont try to eat more. I just eat till I am full and then stop. I am eating about a cup of food at a time, depending on the density of it. I still dont eat bread because it takes up my room. I can not eat very much meat or shrimp. Maybe 2 oz if I have a bite or two of veggies. If I only have meat, then I can only eat about 3 oz. I would say I can eat just a little more than I could at one year. I was eating about 6 or 8 normal bites at one year and now I can eat about 10 bites. If that makes sense. From 1/2 to 3/4 cup went up to about 1 cup and then I am uncomfortable. My husband says that in the last few weeks, I am hardly eating at all and I noticed myself getting fuller faster.. Guess my restriction is still excellent. I was maintaining at 135 or less for three months and then I had my plastics done three months ago and my restriction was very good during the iniital weeks and I lost about 5 pounds- down to 129, but I have since bounced back to 132. I have been holding 132 since December 2012. I think this is the weight my body likes so I am in a routine that is good for me. HTH.
  22. Im 18 months out from surgery and doing great! I just thought I would share that I am maintaining at ~132 for six months! Love my sleeve!