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  1. I had my beautiful baby girl 4 weeks ago and am breastfeeding. I have been watching what I eat but have not lost any weight. I'm not sure what to expect with breastfeeding. I do not want to take in to few calories but I also would like to lose some weight gradually until i can start exercising. Anyone out there had a baby after sleeve and can shed some light or tips on starting weight loss while maintaining calories but breastfeeding?
  2. So I had good success following the sleeve, lost nearly a hundred pounds. We had planned on stopping birth control this coming January but God had other plans. I had my galbladder removed and pre-op had a CT scan that showed a lesion on my liver. Since we did not know what it was, I stopped by pills because they can lead to adenomas. I then had an MRI of my Liver and found that my uterus had a malformation that could cause infertility. I had pretty much convinced myself that I going to have fertility problems and did not use back up with my husband. Well, come to find out, the week we found out about my uterus we were already pregnant!! Now, I am studying to make sure I get all the nutrients me and my little nugget will require after surgery. Let's here some success stories following the surgery!
  3. The beginning is the hardest! Remember this! I remember going to a birthday party and drank my protein shake and nothing else. The first 2 months as you add foods, you are relearning to eat. You are relearning your full signals, you relearning your wants, and you are learning what works. Stay strong and follow the recommendations of your surgeon, they are there for a reason! Good luck and stay strong!
  4. I know exactly what you are going through. My sister was very close to me and was against my surgery from day 1. I explained to her why I was doing it (health, happiness, future children, etc) but she still didn't understand. She felt it was the easy way out. Even though she had seen me struggle and pay for diets, personal trainers, and more. I did my best to explain myself and before surgery she never really got it. 6 months after surgery and I had started training for relay marathon and had lost 70lbs. I received a random text from her apologizing for her doubt and congratulating on my new life and dedication. My point is this: you do this for you and your non supporters will likely become your supporters. If not, it's okay. This is for you Jill
  5. I was 269 on day o surgery on August 30 and now am down to 174. This was the best thing I have ever done!
  6. My year sleeve anniversary is almost a month away, on August 30. I have lost 95 lbs and feel amazing! I really want to be to my goal of 155 but know it might not happen. How have the rest of you got back/stayed on track at this point in your journey? I do well most days but slip more than I would like. Any tips?
  7. I'm an RN, and now Family nurse practitioner as of April, I was sleeved August 30, 2011 and could not be happier! I started at 269 and now weigh 174. It was the best decision I ever made, even though it was a tough initial decision working in health care! I am 28 years old and haven't started a family yet but now we are nearly ready!
  8. jillw8

    April 14Th Check In

    Hello, August sleeves! I didn't know this page existed! I weigh once a week and am down 86.5 lbs now. I am about 40 lbs from my goal weight and couldn't be happier with my decision to do this!
  9. I like that you posted this. We worry so much about numbers, but you are right, this is our entire lives. We has this surgery to permanently help us stay healthy. What is a couple weeks, or even months or no loss? In te grand scheme of things, not much! Thanks.
  10. This has only happened to me once and this was last week. I didn't know why though. I ate pecans and one piece of twizzlers....maybe the two is a Wierd combo? It was definitely miserable!
  11. I am 8 months out and have had an occasional diet soda. What does everyone think about it. My surgeon said there is no real proof that it effects us negatively. I rarely drink one but am wondering what everyone else has done and thoughts.
  12. jillw8

    How To Get Back On Track?

    I do use it but did get away from it the last couple of weeks. I am going to start tracking again and focusing on my protein again. Thanks for the reminder!
  13. Don't start thinking like that! However, it is normal to feel you may fail. But the beginning the weight loss just varies. First month is not telling of how it will go. When I was going into surgery, my nurse told me something I will never forget...."each journey is our own and you can not compare to others." I have had to tell myself this on multiple occasions. Do what they tell you, follow the guidelines and you will be successful!

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