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  1. Hey there!! Welcome. I hope all goes well with getting approved, for your surgery. :) I love my sleeve, and soon you will love your sleeve, too!!!

  2. Hey there chicky!!! I am doing well. I started back to work last week. I started working out yesterday...my butt and thighs are killing me. lol. Watching the scale SLOWLY move. But at least its moving. How have you been?

  3. I weighed, 17 pounds down since surgery!! WOW!

  4. Hello Heather, I live in Middleburg. I just got sleeved 11 days ago at St Lukes, by Dr Webb. Congrats on the go ahead on the surgery. Look forward to getting to knowing you.

  5. I made a choc. protein shake today. I got the bright idea to add peanut butter to it. Big mistake. I feel like it is stuck in my sleeve. YUCK!

  6. Hello, my little sleeve sister!

  7. Hey there! I am doing pretty good. I am just trying to get all this fluid in. I am so happy the surgery is over with. I am glad you are doing well!!!!

  8. I am doing much better today. I'm still weak, but the protein shakes are giving my some energy. I haven't weighed yet (i don't have a scale). Thanks for the support.

  9. I'm home. Tired and sore. I will post later.

  10. My surgery is tomorrow. I am very excited and scared at the same time. WOW! I have to trust God to take care of me and I know he will!

  11. Hey there chick-a-dee!! We are almost there!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?

  12. Tomorrow is my last day of work, for at least 4 weeks!! Woo Hoo!! 4 more days until I'm sleeved!!

  13. Hello. Have you decided which Doctor you are gonna use? Have you gotten your approval yet?

  14. WOW! One week down, one week to go!!!! (I can't wait)

  15. mamaof4boys

    Welcome Florida Sleevers

    Sarahsmiles, Welcome to the florida sleevers!!! I hope you so well with the sleeve! I am sure you will.
  16. Day 4 was pretty good for me. Yesterday (day 3) I had a headache, and felt weak. Today no headache and i have more energy! Yea! I haven't been overly hungary, but I have to fight the urge to snack all day. :( other than that I am doing good. I hope you are doing well!!!!!!

  17. Day 3 of post op diet is almost over, YEA! I'm doing better than I thought I would. I can't wait till the 30th.

  18. mamaof4boys

    Ok... so I'm putting my business in the streets

    You can look into having the surgery in mexico. I know it is a lot cheaper. I have read a lot of good thing about some of the doctors there. Alot of people on this site went there for their sleeve. Good luck.
  19. mamaof4boys

    **OFFICIAL** Team Line Up!!

    winecountrygirl, I'm with you. I'm taking a month off also! I told my coworker. I'm only having surgery so I can take a month off. LOL good luck wth your surgery. And enjoy your time off.
  20. mamaof4boys

    All-Stars Preo-op diet thread

    I start my pre-op diet tomorrow. I am very excited. Today is the last day I will weigh as much as I do. I am going to take pictures tonight before I go to bed!!! Wow I can't believe I am going to be sleeved in 2 weeks!!!! Good luck everyone on you diets!!
  21. Hello there sleeve sister!!

  22. Yea, there is a lot of testosterone between my husband and 4 sons. But I sure am protected from..ANYONE!! ;) I love it! They all love me so much. My life is never dull.