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  1. vero1113

    Feeling a little discouraged.

    I really hope thing get better for u. Im in a similar situation, im paying cash for my surgery and now im being told that my lab tests are gonna cost me a additional $2500!!! I wasnt counting on the test being in the thousands. Now my surgery date seems farther than ever until I can find a cheap laboratory to take my test So i know exactly how u feel. But dont worry we will get thru this obstacle keep ur head up
  2. vero1113

    Paying Cash 4 Lab Test

    Thank you so much Tiffykins!!! I will definitely check it out.
  3. I'm having a BIG issue finding somewhere that's not to expensive to take my Lab test (Blood) since im paying cash and have no type of insurance ..............Someone Please Help!! Oh im having surgery in Newport Beach , CA.. I went to a few labs and they all want 2k or more!!!!!!!!
  4. vero1113

    Where are my Flirty Thirties?

    HI everyone im 32 and ready to change my life. I was thin thru my teens until I had my 1st daughter and decided to get the depo shot forbirth control at age 20. Ever simce then Ive been battling with my worst enemy FAT !!!!! I had my last child 7 yrs ago and even gained more. I recently broke my ankle about 5 months ago and that was hell. A broken ankle hurts more than child birth and i tell you girls I had both my girls natural with no main meds at all. I blame the break on my weight. I was in a wheelchair for 3 months and even gained more weight . SO im definitely ready for a life change.
  5. I hear the same thing all the time too!! it so annoying. Im only 5"2 and my BMI is 38 but I have really bad back pain and I even broke my ankle and couldnt walk for 3 months . Those people dont know what theyre talking about. I now was told by my Doctor that my ankle will never be the same again so I cant do cardio like I use to. You do what you have to do for yourself only .
  6. How Exciting !! Good Luck to all of you I cant wait until my surgery. Im just starting the process of looking for a doctor so i still have a ways to go.
  7. Im obsessed 2!!!!!!!! Im also trying to figure out if scarless surgery is less painful and better.. Idont have insurance so I really gotta do my research.

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