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    53 yr. old female, married with one 21 yr. old daughter who both support me in my choice to have this surgery
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  1. Chris S. - L.I.

    body wrap as alt to surgery

    Mike, Where is NY did you get this done? Chris S.
  2. Chris S. - L.I.

    Saddam's Execution...

    No....us Bush-ites are glad that this man who tortured and killed so many of his own people is dead.
  3. Chris S. - L.I.

    Has anyone heard

    What I've heard is that this really isn't true because the skin from weight loss patients is so stretched that it's really not healthy enough for skin grafts. I did see another post somewhere about another use for skin from WLS patients and I will try to find it.
  4. Chris S. - L.I.

    I'm a little freaked

    Go to an Ungent Care Facility that accepts your insurance and go from there. Get an opinion at least. I don't think this qualifies as something to go to the ER.
  5. Chris S. - L.I.

    So scared that somthing's wrong

    First of all, did you call your doctor? That would be the first thing to do. He might give you something for the nausea. You don't want to be vomiting cause that can cause a slip.
  6. Chris S. - L.I.

    NSV - Reunion

    Saturday I went to a reunion of girls from my High School that I graduated with WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in 1968. (I know, scarey right?) I bought a black pants suit with pin stripes and wore a tank top under it, and new high heels (which I am just getting back into wearing since I'm not carrying the extra 70 pounds on my body). I thought I looked decent. Well, there were about 60 women there and the majority of them said they would recognize me anywhere since I look alot like I did in high school. I was flying high all day! I felt great. So many people told me how good I looked. If it wasn't for my band I would have never experienced this. BTW the last High School reunion was back in Sept. 2003 and I didn't go to it because it was 4 days after I had my band surgery. I wouldn't have gone anyway the way I looked back then.
  7. Chris S. - L.I.

    I Did It 4 Days Post Op And Happy!!!!

    Sarah, I had the same thing when I had my surgery, it felt like I had a burp stuck in the back of my throat. I even called my doctor. He said it was normal and to take Gas X. It went away in a couple of days. I hope I put your mind at ease.
  8. Chris S. - L.I.

    I Really Miss

    I know it's not the best choice, but why can't you go to McD's for breakfast as long as it doesn't become a habit? Just to get it out of your system instead of constantly thinking about it I would do it. For sure you won't eat the whole thing, just have a little of everything.
  9. Chris S. - L.I.

    My endoscopy results

    Good news Alex! I've been waiting to hear. Why does the doc think this happened? I am thinking about what you said in your post about his story not jiving with what you think.
  10. Chris S. - L.I.

    Polling the Audience.....

    Butch, I'm wondering if we ever met. Did you ever go to Dr. Geiss' support group meetings? I had my surgery with him in Sept. 2003 but went to a few meetings before I had the surgery, in fact I still go every once in awhile. It's so comforting to see someone who has had the band for a long time and is doing so well.
  11. Chris S. - L.I.

    Open Incision?

    Newbander, I suggest you get "step away from the doctor". This is not how Lap Band surgery is done unless there was a complication when they went in perhaps with lots of previous internal scarring. Who is your doc and how many surgeries has he done? Chris S.
  12. Chris S. - L.I.

    This has been a GREAT day!!

    Penni, I was going to ask what color you got but the answer is in the pics. Excellent choice!!!! I have the 300C with the Hemi and the Navigation system too and April will be 2 yrs. that I have it. Mine is silver and still everytime I get into it I say how much I love it. It's soooo comfortable!!! Good Luck!!! If I was there I'd throw in some change for luck. Chris S. PS You look great!!!
  13. Chris S. - L.I.

    Band for sale on eBay!??

    Penni, Inamed should buy it and see what the serial number is and track it to whomever purchased it. I was going to report this to Inamed on Monday but I'm glad you beat me to it. It's really scary especially seeing all the other bariatric surgery equipment one of the bidders purchased in the past.
  14. Chris S. - L.I.

    SIGH! Looking for suggestions!

    After being banded for a little over 2 years my head is not in the right place and I am not losing. My daughter has a weight problem and in order to encourage her to lose weight I will be going to WW with her starting next week. Although it never really worked for me in the past, I am hoping that this diet along with my band may do the trick.
  15. Chris S. - L.I.

    My Endoscopy Results 12/22/05

    Lisa, I am so sorry. I don't know what else to say.

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