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  1. My surgery was schedule for last thursday 10/11.. i called the doctor's office because on tuesday no one had called me to confirm surgery... Then, my doctor himself called me this past thursday (same day the surgery was schedule for) he told me surgery it is still schedule for this thursday that he they are just waiting for the insurance company to approve it. I called the insurance company on friday and they said there was nothing from my doctor's office. So... Today monday 10/15 i am still waiting to have my pre op done, surgery is supposed to be this Thursday and I haven't heard anything from the doctor ( I did call this morning and they said the Dr was going o call me back) I am so emotional at this point, I don't know what to do anymore, where to go, ???????????????? Please any advised are welcome
  2. nai

    This Is It! :d

    I hope everything goes well, and have a speedy recovery
  3. I knew this was going to happened, my doctor re schedule the surgery because he hasn't heard anything yet from my insurance, but when I called the insurance they told me nothing has been submitted yet, don't know who to believe. To be honest, I was getting ready for my surgery this Thursday but something inside of me felt that it wasn't going to happened. God it is the only one who knows how things happens and why. I am not giving up and I am looking forward for my surgery.
  4. I knowwwww crazy!! I just don't get it
  5. I spoke to someone from his office and they told me they did, but I will keep calling everyday, I will not let another week pass and not hear from anybody. Cause I was under the impression they call you from the hospital 2 days prior surgery an that's when I thought something was not right. Thank you for your respond
  6. I saw my Dr. This past Tuesday and he gave me a surgery date (Oct 11) even though I should be happy I am a little concern. I called my insurance company (Fidelys NY) and as of today they have no claim for this surgery. I don't know what to do, should I wait till next week or should I keep bugging them until they tell me something convincing ?
  7. Yeah I am calling first thing tomorrow morning, let's see I will keep you posted
  8. nai

    Anyone From Brooklyn Ny?

    Hey I am from Jamaica Queens, haven't have the surgery yet, but I am just waiting for a surgery date, I am nervous yet so happy. I have heard so many stories, but I want to live my own, and how are u feeling? 55 lbs in 2 months? That is just amazing, keep on the great job,
  9. Hello everyone, I got to this site to get information and read everything about the gastric sleeve surgery, this site it's one of my favorites . I am currently waiting for my PCP to give me the letter, then everything else is all set, hopefully I get a surgery date soon (maybe for this month..lol)
  10. Anyone doing this surgery in NYC with Dr. Teixiera?

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