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  1. ProudGrammy

    June 18th had surgery have lost 27lbs

    @OshunKilgore welcome newbie, congrats on your early success.☺️ eggs, yogurt and cottage cheese are great soft protein foods. i can tell you are going to do great on your journey. keep the success up, while your weight goes down good luck kathy
  2. ProudGrammy

    5 month post op

    @TXDS hey bud keep up the good job. you are aces!! kathy congrats
  3. ProudGrammy

    6 years

    @Healthy_life2 hey cutie lookin' great!! keep up the wonderful job!! run as fast as you can, good luck catching me!!😉 huggggggs kathy
  4. ProudGrammy

    Today is it!

    @ge0rgette2 patience, patience (easier said than done!) you've done this before, you'll do great, i am sending good vibes to the success of your pending bypass. countdown......almost there!! healthy thoughts - kathy
  5. April Fool's gotcha!!!! your turn don't be shy kathy
  6. @TeeBeau you are aces - pre and post op - 118.5 lbs gone☺️ it's funny for you to say you are only overweight!! (been their, done that) sounds so much better than obese - good for you keep up the great job kathy congrats
  7. ProudGrammy


    @mousecatgirl holy moly bud - you look maaaaarvelous gotta change your name nothing "mousey" about you😉 keep up the great job kathy congrats
  8. ProudGrammy

    Getting more in my stomach

    @denise08k are you "gulping"? check w/NUT if that's ok at 5 weeks as far as drinking a lot during the day, that's terrific!!! drink as much as you can now - 64 oz is what aim for whistle in happiness as you walk to bathroom 😉 counts as steps LOL holding a glass of water to your health good luck newbie kathy
  9. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 more where they came from kathy
  10. ProudGrammy

    Small Victory

    @tashie123 woo hoo party dance, party dance!!! hmmmmm, weight down 117 lbs (pre and post op) if you consider that a "small" victory, what do you consider a big victory??☺️ you have done amazing bud, give yourself a huge pat on the back, you deserve it - success is all that it's cracked up to be keep up the great work kathy congrats
  11. ProudGrammy

    Rny revision

    hey dude people at a heavier starting weight tend to loose a lot of weight at the beginning of their journey, will slow down a little as time passes, but will do great it's mind boggling to me that you or anyone can loose 64 lbs in 2 weeks not sure about that - but..... ok, that's great!!! continued good luck, health and happiness☺️ kathy
  12. @bajankat you've gone through helll, and your NOT back yet. hopefully, gradually things will start to go your way. i am hugging you, trying to get rid of your pain🤗 take care, feel better soon good luck kathy
  13. ProudGrammy


    @CrystalV What @Sheribear68 said above^ ^^- very true - same feelings from me when i read a post about regrets (possibly because they now can't eat food well, or someone had physical complication PO) i feel bad for them, i feel guilty (sounds silly) probably because i never had any prob - pre and PO continuing these past 7+ years with my sleeve. I see you are now 3 months PO - how have things been going? i hope you are doing and feeling ok. good luck☺️ your bud kathy
  14. ProudGrammy

    Thanks but no thanks

    @funky_monkey800 nice to see you again☺️ a couple of OP have also offered me "extra" food - esp. goodies. Some peep might think their being nice by pushing the food. not true, but their thoughts Orrrrr, some people want YOU to eat because they are heavy - and they want company with their eating hope all is well bud kathy
  15. ProudGrammy

    Third Revision...

    @Caela88 yes, i knew someone she had the lapband for a few years - erosion, then sleeve - heartburn - revision to RNY haven't seen her in quite awhile - hopefully all is well. i don't know how often this happens, but for the above reasons it's sad, but understandable is a 3rd revision in your future? hope all goes well whatever you do☺️ good luck kathy
  16. ProudGrammy

    Down from HW 303 to CW 264

    @Frustr8 you have gone through ups and downs these past couple of years looking great now we want pictures, pictures, pictures and more pictures!!! or maybe you are a figment of my imagination😂 kathy
  17. ProudGrammy

    First support group

    @marissa welcome newbie many OP were quiet, shy for a bit - but once the "leader" started talking, everything went smoothly - and people asked questions, she responded - back and forth. All went well, and i was a better person afterwards🤣 good luck kathy
  18. ProudGrammy

    Bad Odor!

    @Moerios Hi Tex welcome to our "little" group - we get "smaller" by the day one yr surgiversary - congrats - don't know if that puts you at GOAL? wherever you are - lookin' and doing great!!!😉 sorry/glad i can't relate to your "smell" problem! working hard/heat/sun - no one should be offended if you don't smell like roses!! take a cold, comforting shower when you get home, problem solved - you'll smell sweet as a daisy. keep up the good work kathy
  19. ProudGrammy


    @Lynnbushea that's wonderful!! you are on the road towards a great journey☺️ good luck kathy congrats
  20. ProudGrammy

    Before and After Pics

    @pwatters1 keep up the good work you are aces😉 kathy
  21. ProudGrammy

    face to face friday!!

    @JAKE H hey red you look wonderful☺️ keep up the great job kathy congrats
  22. ProudGrammy

    Before and After Pics

    @AggiG your beautiful smile matches your beautiful body kathy congrats
  23. ProudGrammy

    Where's everyone from :)

    Greetings from Syracuse, NY happily sleeved 7+ years ago "maintaining" GOAL 105 lbs down - fluctuating by 8 lbs 65 yrs YOUNG😉 kathy
  24. ProudGrammy


    OMG you've been through the ringer. I can only imagine what you've been dealing with. when was your surgery? Who is helping/treating you now. you've lost a lot of weight, but you are too sick to enjoy your weight loss. Eating only small spoonfuls, yet continuing to lose too much weight the wrong way. i have had no complications over the past 7+ years - i am so sorry for your problems Venting is good and therapeutic - vent away sending you healing thoughts❤️ get well soon good luck kathy
  25. @Tralynn222 sorry your PCP is giving you a hard time, find another doc that will give you the OK don't let her thoughts sway you. You'll be so happy w/WLS - your new life is right in front of your eyes. ☺️ for financial reasons, many OP go to Mexico Many many many OP have great success in Mexico - complications can happen anywhere, USA or Mexico. good luck bud Kathy

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