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  1. @Summer56 I donated ALL my large clothes to the rescue mission, I realized i forgot to keep anything for prosperity.😒 Went to Kohl's 1 year goal - directly to my familiar plus size area - stretch jeans that i always bought. Put the 2X jeans over my size 6 pants - stared in the mirror for awhile, almost tearing, reminding myself of past - I bought those pants as a keepsake/reminder. I look at them periodically - hanging in my closet - once in awhile they look at me and say,"hey remember me" i don't want to ever forget what i looked like in the past - but i am enjoying the present and look forward to each and every day in the future! Still cute as a button!🤣 I loved my family, et al before - but i was very unhealthy, and unhappy for various reasons i still love my family et al - now i am healthy, happy (still working on that), and looking forward to every new day - happiness is all that it's cracked up to be kathy congrats to me!
  2. ProudGrammy

    1400 calories for maintenance

    @codingirl79 hi newbie you are brand new here, but i see you have lost 80 lbs - DOS. 11/6/18 - post sleeve, that's terrific sounds, like you are doing everything right!! being healthy and a cutie, what more could you ask for!!☺️ at 10 months out. you have to "weigh" LOL your options - how about meeting in the middle with you calories, see if you can maintain at 1300. Try it for awhile and see what happens. Continue to up/down your calories until you are maintaining - and feeling good Many variables like @summerset good luck welcome to the boards☺️ kathy congrats
  3. ProudGrammy


    @Healthy_life2 hey bud - are you referring to recent heart prob? or talking about from earlier? if answer is you just had the "issue" so very sorry. (or earlier too) very sad - hope you are ok now? Improving? too many OP take their health for granted. Don't go to PHP at all, or not enough. Since some OP don't go to doc/normal check-ups, they don't know if they have developed diabetes/high blood pressure etc.😒 Unfortunately for various health probs that i've always had - i am able to be forewarned by the doc "if something is developing" (see my general doc too often for checkups) 50+ years ago, as i turned into a teenager, my mom always "mentioned" i need to loose weight. mom and i both referred to my appearance (vanity reasons) to loose weight. It took many years to realize my health was getting worse, and worse! that's why i needed to,(not for my appearance only, but for my health -must loose the weight Kept yo yoing like OP, finally one month before I turned 58 years old - i was sleeved. Now am 65 years YOUNG!! i love proudly yelling that after weighing 235 lbs DOS - like you, i will fluctuate the 130ish range too. 7+ years PO - maintaining - still cute as a button🤣 your advise to newbies et al, is as usual great. reader beware/listen to @Healthy_life2 wise words!! Love your pics - lookin' beautiful in your LBD (little black dress!) keep on keeping on. Keep responding, writing your posts. We all love to hear from you finally - ALL of us must take a page from @Healthy_life2 book - watch your body/ take care of yourself of yourselves - your life depends on it!! Who loves you baby?? 😉 kathy
  4. ProudGrammy

    Woo hoo! Onderland!

    you are in the early stages of your journey - keep up the great job - kathy congrats you have gone threw hard times starting with getting approved for WLS, had problems getting approved - also beginning stages with strictures et al, you made it to the other side a winner - keep up the good work you prove that your never tooo old/or too young for surgery!! ☺️ kathy congrats
  5. ProudGrammy

    Voice Change?

    @Mary Sarah Smith hey bud wow, i think i've heard it all now, anything is possible - sooo- who knows, voice change too? why not! as long as you can yell/scream "look" at how much weight i have lost - doesn't matter how you sound☺️ great weight loss kathy congrats
  6. ProudGrammy

    Updates and Before and Afters

    @Sunnyday25 hey cutie you look beautiful/slimming black dress when you got it, flaunt it!!😉 kathy congrats
  7. ProudGrammy

    Updates and Before and Afters

    @clsumrall hey lady, lovely lady your smile says it all - lookin' great☺️ keep up the good job!! Kathy congrats
  8. ProudGrammy

    Updates and Before and Afters

    @GradyCat ewwwwww - you are so pretty!☺️ nice to see who i've been "talking" with holding up a glass of water to your health you are aces!! keep up the great job kathy congrats
  9. ProudGrammy


    @debra102364 woo hoo - tests over - sending paperwork to insurance!! brrrrreath, in and out slowly - hopefully you'll get good news sooner than later on your approval. ☺️ kathy
  10. @Jobber hey bud congrats on your great weight loss i know what you mean on estimating/knowing your similar portions and cals etc butttt - you are so early in the game you really should/must log your food, carbs etc. - you should always measure your food, keep track of calories etc - if you don't, well people have been shot for less!!🤣 many/most OP (VETS too LOL) log for a year+, as the years pass some OP might not log as they used to. (me)🙁 not yelling at you - but try to log! Do or Do NOT - There is no TRY "Yoda" good luck keep up the great job kathy
  11. ProudGrammy

    Any veteran gastric balloon patients?

    @Marinerman sorry the balloon didn't work for you😞 are you going to have a revision to another WLS? good luck kathy
  12. ProudGrammy

    figuring out an ultimate goal

    @Johnny B since the time i was a wee little baby, i said "when i grow up i want to weigh 145 lbs" 🤣 (i did get to that weight when i was in my 20's for "awhile", then we all know what happened, up up and a way my weight went up! pre-op i decided i wanted to weigh 145 lbs again! As i was closing in to goal weight, i knew i could/should lose a little more. Got down to 130 lbs, i look terrific. (cute as a button)🤣 maintenance, little fluctuations you look great - amazing transformation love the pic of you and your dog. Both of you look wonderful! keep up the good work for the rest of your healthier, happier, longer life☺️ kathy congrats
  13. ProudGrammy

    Trusted my gut

    @Carrot64 congrats on finding a great surgeon - personal, successful, - what more could you ask for?☺️ good luck on your wonderful journey. kathy
  14. home from GA. grand-daughter HS grad - she was the best! are you surprised?!! good to be home and back to you guys - missed you all!! - kathy

  15. Georgia on my mind - off to grand-daughters high school graduation - she's smart and cute as a button, just like her grammy,☺️


    1. SusieQ2019


      Congratulations to her Proud Granny, and wishing her a bright and successful future.

    2. Orchids&Dragons


      Congrats to your granddaughter! Have a wonderful trip!

  16. ProudGrammy


    month before sleeve, 58 years OLD 7+ years later, 65 years YOUNG☺️ fluctuation/maintenance healthy. happy & proud!! kathy
  17. @Rrusan73 lookin' good chic keep up the good work happy surgiversary, and many more to follow😉 kathy
  18. @sillykitty don't sell yourself short - all the pics are wonderful - love craftsman houses, especially blue!! ahhhh, i love the aroma i am getting!! kathy
  19. @Healthy_life2 awwwww - nothing like our grand-kids to help keep us motivated☺️ hope the kids enjoyed the walk/jog- but they didn't burn any calories!! lovel scenery too!! kathy
  20. ProudGrammy

    Yah year out as of may 16

    hey bud good for you - a pic says a thousand words one year down, rest of your healthier, happier, longer life to go how much weight did you loose? inquiry minds want to know? keep up the great job happy surgiversary kathy congrats
  21. ProudGrammy

    I finally made it to Onderland!

    @Dtrain84 hey dude!!! Look at you!😎 You're doing great - keep up the good job hmmmm, (is it sexist to say look at those those muscles!! hubba, hubba) kathy congrats happy surgiversary
  22. @tal woo hoo, it's almost your day - the first day of the rest of your healthier, happier, longer life lots of OP will give you their words of wisdom, experiences - and that's great - lots of good info from OP on the board - end of the day, only listen/follow what your doc and NUT tell you. (and me too)☺️ Follow all the rules you are given. I always say water rules are the most important. No drinking with meals, or for 45-60 minutes after you eat. drink 64 oz plus a day. you should understand that all of "us" are different with some food plans, how long it takes them to loose weight, how much they loose, certain foods some are told to eat, and other NUTS might say don't eat that. You will have ups and downs, stalls etc. good days, bad days. Try not to get discouraged. (easier said than done) All part of the long journey you are starting good luck bud kathy This is a marathon, not a sprint. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
  23. ProudGrammy

    Return to work?

    @Ohcinders I returned to "work" the second i came home. i am happily retired!😉 good luck with WLS speedy recovery kathy
  24. ProudGrammy


    @Sharlanay "God Grant Me Patience, Just Hurry Up About It"☺️
  25. ProudGrammy

    My Season

    @elegant1 happy back at ya☺️ you'll love your sleeve as much as i do -remember, the sleeve is here to help you you have a lot of hard work in front of you. but i know you will enjoy and be a success!!! good luck bud kathy congrats