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  1. I'm so sorry you're still not well. I was hoping your update was that your complications are improving, so I'm sad to see you're still ill. Like pcindy said, it's important that you be your own advocate. If something continues to give you problems, make sure it gets taken care of quickly. The breathing exercises are so important, too. I can't imagine how frustrating and scary this all is for you. I'm praying for you that things will start to improve soon, and that when all is said and done, you won't have to regret having surgery. Keep us updated!
  2. a.walker

    A little about me

    Hi Kris! You are doing so well with your sleeve so far! I also have a huge love for romance novels and staying up late at night to finish them. It's made for plenty of sleepy days at work! I hope your appointment goes well on Thursday, and glad you're feeling well. Congratulations on the weight loss! 14 lbs is awesome so far!
  3. a.walker

    Just a little about me

    Wow, congratulations on such an awesome loss so far! I'm glad you made this decision, and have been so successful thus far. Congratulations! I had surgery on July 22nd, so about the same time as you. I feel like this is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Thanks for sharing your story so far. Welcome!
  4. Hurray! Congrats on reaching onederland!
  5. a.walker

    New to VST

    Congratulations, David, on your surgery date! My husband and I both had surgery with Dr. Rodriguez in Tijuana, on July 22nd. We have heard that the hospital in Juarez is even nicer, but our experience was great. The place was clean and the people were wonderful. Dr. Rod and his whole team made us feel good about our decision from the very start, and we have had no complications. Everything went just like it was planned, and we couldn't be happier.
  6. a.walker

    keeping your old stomach!

    My husband and I had our surgeries done on the same day. He went before me, and the surgeon came out and showed me a picture of his stomach that they cut out. That was enough for me. I didn't need to see it in real life.
  7. a.walker

    concerned by high fat

    I haven't really been watching my fat content very much, but when I go check out my food log, I can see that it's very similar to yours. I use low-fat cheese, and light mayo to add some flavor to my Proteins, and that even increases it some. I have decided, though, that I can't stress out about everything, and fat intake is one of the things I just pretty much ignore. I really have to focus to get that dang Protein in, and make sure to stay in the 600ish calorie range, in addition to drinking loads of Water. I haven't lost much in the last 3 weeks, either, but was in a stall for nearly 2 weeks of that, then lost 6 lbs. in 6 days, so I think my body is still adjusting. I'm betting yours is too. Sorry you don't have great food choices, but I think you're doing really well with what you have to work with.
  8. I also have a long way to go, but onederland is a huge thing for me as well. I haven't seen a 1 before my weight since 1998, when I was a junior in high school! I have a long way to go still, but that's probably what I look forward to most is having my weight start with a 1.
  9. Congratulations on your fabulous success! I am still learning how to eat slowly enough, so I'm glad to hear that it does get easier.
  10. a.walker

    Anyone else?

    I'm a nurse, so I probably have a totally different view of this than you do. No doubt, you needed a new gown. Someone probably tossed the old one on the floor, or in the laundry cart. You would not be wearing a stitch when you're on the table, but they would have a large part of you covered with sterile drapes. If I were you, I'd be happy they found a gown to put on you before you got to your room. Many of my patients come back to me completely naked, but covered with warm blankets post-op. I always try to get a gown on them before they're all the way conscious.
  11. a.walker

    4 Months Post Op

    I like stats, too, and yours are great! Congrats on a fabulous weight loss so far.
  12. a.walker

    Time off work

    I am an RN also, and I took 2 weeks off. A little over 2 weeks, actually. I felt great when I did go back, but I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it at a week. I was not to do heavy lifting for 4 weeks post-op.
  13. a.walker

    My 3 Month Videos & Fashion Show

    Christie, you look fabulous! I loved the fashion show, and I'm living vicariously through you until I can go buy some new stuff! 70 lbs. in 3 months is amazing; you rock!
  14. a.walker

    Tomorrow is SLEEVE DAY!

    Yay for sleeve day tomorrow! I hope it goes perfectly!
  15. Hmmm, your sister does sound clueless. What size shoes does she wear? I'll lose some weight for her, cuz I'd love some boots!
  16. It's a good idea to plan out your food for the day. Try to take things that will be easy to eat on-the-go, at least for the first couple days. Make sure you take your Water everywhere you go (if you can). I really had a hard time getting in my water at work, and I'm still not doing as well on work days as I do when I'm home. I think what's important is to have a plan going into the work day, so you don't feel stressed out about eating, and having the right foods. I do much better when I plan the night before, get everything made and portioned out into my tiny little bowls, etc. It keeps me from worrying and stressing out early in the morning. Do you like string cheese? It's something I've been eating at work for a snack, and it has pretty good Protein. I also have some hard-boiled eggs on hand to take for a snack as well. I am really pretty boring, and I eat a lot of tuna salad, chicken breast, lunchmeat, cottage cheese, Greek or Carbmaster yogurt, and cheeses. I don't get a lot of variety, but I make sure to get my protein in. Then I usually have different meals at home, with a little more variety (sometimes. I still eat lots of tuna, even at home).
  17. One of the doctors I work with told me it should be taken 30 minutes prior to eating. The proton pumps are inhibited (obviously) and that's what the mechanism of action is with these drugs. The proton pumps are only active when you eat something, according to him. So, if you take it in the evening, and then don't eat anything, there are no active proton pumps to inhibit. That's why, at our hospital, these drugs are ordered 30 minutes prior to breakfast for every single patient, rather than being at the normal "morning pill" time. He told me this totally randomly about a patient I was caring for about 2 weeks prior to my surgery. (Nearly every single patient in our hospital is on a PPI, so I'm not sure why this was the first I had heard of this, but it was). I have just carried it with me because I knew I'd be taking one post-op. I still take mine twice a day, and I try to do it before meals, but it doesn't always work out that way.
  18. I'm a month out, and can drink normally, except for chugging. I didn't realize how accustomed I was to chugging water on a hot day until I accidentally tried it about 2 weeks post-op. Not a nice feeling.
  19. a.walker


    Hi! And welcome. I hope your insurance approval comes through quickly. It sounds like you're pretty well prepared. I never had to go on the liquid pre-op diet, mine was just a low-carb diet, so I feel for you with the 2 week liquid one.
  20. I told the people at my work after I had it done. It was hard enough to keep it under wraps that I was going for surgery. I work with lots of nosy women! They wanted to know all about my vacation plans, etc. So when I got back, I wanted to tell a few people, but I also know how things get around, and I thought I'd rather have people talking to me about it rather than behind my back or talking about it. Everyone has been very supportive about it, and I'm glad I told them. They will help me be accountable, as well, so that's nice to have also.
  21. I like BSN Lean Dessert chocolate fudge pudding, but honestly everyone has different tastes. Someone in this thread mentioned they like Unjury, and I cannot stand them. So, I think you just have to taste a few and find what you can tolerate. Try some samples. Vitalady.com has a lot of samples for $2 each I think, and that's a nice way to get to try quite a few.
  22. My insurance had a lot of hoops to jump through before surgery. I would have to be on a 6 month physician-supervised diet. So, going to the doctor 6 months x $35 co-pay. Then they want you to have a sleep study done (on your own dime, because I really have no reason other than my fatness for them to think I need one). Then there's the psych eval, EKG, etc. The costs piled up before my very eyes. Add to that, I only have the plan that costs me $200 every 2 weeks, instead of the one for $325 every 2 weeks, and my deductible is (I think) $2000 per person, or $5000 for a family. Then they pay 80%. My co-worker went through all these hoops and got RNY a year ago. What she ended up having to pay was over $8500 and she has the better insurance. I decided I would take out a loan instead. I went to Mexico and had it done for $6700 without the 6 months and possible denial drama. I am happy with that decision!
  23. a.walker


    Congratulations on getting a date so quickly! Good luck with your parents. I was surprised because my parents were quite supportive, although I know my mom worried a lot as well. I didn't tell my dad until after it was already over. I am a coward!
  24. I'm sorry you had complications. I'm glad they found the leak and were able to repair it, but like everyone else has said, it will make recovery a longer process. Take care of yourself, and don't overdo it right now. I know I felt completely wiped out the first week after surgery, and I didn't have complications, so I can only imagine how you feel after having an extra surgery and blood loss. I hope your strength comes back soon. Don't worry about the weight loss right away. It'll happen, but you have to concentrate on recovering right now. Good luck, and I hope things are much better in the next few days!

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