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    Calories per day..help

    I have consistently eaten about 600-800 calories unless I work out, then I try to get 800-900 calories in. You might be experiencing the 3 week stall. That hit for me with a venegance and lasted almost 2 weeks. I just kept on doing what I was doing, and it worked out. Are you keeping your carbs low? That works best for me, if I keep my carbs to 40 or less, and make sure to get my 60 grams of protein in. That's hard to do early out, but it has worked for me.
  2. a.walker

    The stall broke (again)!

    Way to go!! I'm battling the 260s of doom right now, too. I'm guessing 260 looks much better on you than it does me. Glad to see there's hope! Congrats on your loss!
  3. a.walker

    Is it just me behaving badly??

    Having carby snacks in the house is dangerous for me, too. I still buy him a few junk food snacks, but just pick the ones I don't like (like Cheetos). He also is a big fan of beef jerky, so that's a staple in our house. We eat nuts, too, but those can become addictive! I think if I eat carbs, I crave them, and it's easier for me if they aren't around to tempt me. At work, it isn't as easy to avoid them, but at home, I don't want to be tempted.
  4. a.walker

    Too Soon?

    It gets easier. I'm not quite 3 months out yet, and I can barely remember that miserable "What was I thinking?!" moment. I know it was there, but now this sleeve and I have come to a happy place and we like each other more. Sorry you're feeling crappy, but it really will get better. The shakes were really hard for me at first, too. I was not able to get my Protein in until I was on mushies, because I couldn't stomach the protein until then. That may be part of what's making you weaker. I know I started feeling better once I started getting my protein in. I really like BSN Lean Dessert protein. There are a few flavors, and I have liked them all, but my favorite is the chocolate pudding. Lots of people also like Muscle Milk, and while it seems to have more calories, at this point it wouldn't be a big deal since you're not getting in much at all. Are you staying hydrated? When I let myself get behind on fluids, I was nauseous, which made the whole situation worse. I hope you get to feeling better soon, and this is something you also won't have to remember in a few months!
  5. a.walker

    3 months post op, 6 weeks pregnant

    Congratulations! I can see how it would be a little scary doing all these new things at once, but what a wonderful blessing! Let us know how it goes, and best of luck. I am hoping to get to or near my goal weight and then try to get pregnant, as well, so it will be interesting to have some guidance from someone who has done this with the sleeve.
  6. a.walker

    NSV shout outs

    Today I bought a pair of size 20 pants at a garage sale. And they fit me! They fit good, too. I had no idea what size I would be now as I haven't bought new pants at all yet; I have just been letting my old size 26s be super baggy, because that's all I have. I've been this size for 8 years, so I didn't really even have any smaller sizes in my closet. I haven't been a size 20 since before I got pregnant with my son. I'm excited to get back into the teens next!
  7. a.walker


    You shouldn't feel either one if you have a good anesthesia provider (and most of them do this countless times a day!). Post-op you might have a little scratchy or sore throat, and some people have a sore lip where the tube rested or was taped funny, but that's usually the extent of it.
  8. a.walker


    I don't remember it at all. Usually they have you still pretty drugged out, but awake enough to breathe when they pull the tube. When I actually remember waking up, I had an oxygen mask on, but that's it. I work in ICU, and I can tell you that most people do freak out when they are intubated. It's different post-surgery. They are able to give you reversal agents for the paralytics which allow you to breathe well on your own, but still let you be a little sedated, and more than likely you won't remember the situation at all.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that she is so sick. My prayers are with her, and her family through this. I hope you'll update us if you have time.
  10. a.walker

    Cauliflower Pizza and Pizza Crackers

    We are making this tonight. It looks fabulous!
  11. a.walker

    On to pureed foods, need recommendations.

    Blenderized Wendy's chili was a staple for my husband and me. We also liked refried beans with a little melted cheese. Yogurt and cottage cheese were also relatively easy to eat and had at least a little bit of protein. We didn't really do much meat except in the blenderized soups.
  12. Hi and welcome! I hope your appointment with the surgeon goes well, and you will soon be starting your new life. It's a hard decision to make, and I don't think there's anything wrong with being a little bit scared. I don't know your surgeon, so I can't help you there, just wanted to say hi, and encourage you to really consider what an awesome thing you'll be doing for you. It's hard to think about ourselves sometimes, but being selfish is necessary in some instances, and I'd say this is one of them. Keep in touch, and let us know how things are going!
  13. 1. Why isn't the surgery more well known? --I have no idea. It's fairly new, and it seems like all the hype these days is about lap-band. I am hopeful that as there is more long-term information about the sleeve, it will get more attention from the media and be a more "popular" choice. 2. Since I am considering the surgery, but have a lower BMI, would any US doctor perform this surgery for me if I paid out of pocket? I just worry about surgical follow-ups in the US. if I do it in Mexico. --I really don't know this either. My BMI was much higher and I had surgery in Mexico, so I know little about the standards for low-BMI patients here. 3. I'd love a realistic idea of pain involved post-op. Is it an ache? Please describe. Some have said it is excruciating while others said a mere inconvenience. --My pain was not excruciating, but it was pain. I had nausea with it, and dry heaving, which was the most unpleasant thing. The first day it hurt to take a deep breath, but after that first day it got better quickly, in my opinion. I didn't take pain medication after the 2nd or 3rd day, and was given Toradol for pain the whole time, didn't need anything stronger. 4. I inquired online and was given the name of Dr. Jose Rodriguez in Juarez, Mexico. But most members (including my friend) seem to have had the surgery performed by Dr. Alberto Aceves or Dr. Alanza Reyes. They seem to perform the most number of sleeves. Any feedback on any of the above dorctors? --I went to Dr. Rodriguez (though in Tijuana, where he also practices, at the INT hospital). I had no complications and would definitely recommend him. He and his whole team of doctors were very professional, made sure questions were answered, were friendly, etc. I would be happy to email you if you have any specific questions, but it was a very positive experience for my husband and me (we had surgery the same day). 5. What do you feel like when you eat after the surgery? What is "foaming"? Is eating uncomfortable or painful? How long until eating (not over-eating) feel normal? --I have never had "foaming". I have eaten too fast (often!), and had pain and nausea. I haven't thrown up since the first few days post-op, but if I eat too much, there is pain involved. I started on "normal" foods at about a month post-op, and now I can eat almost anything, though I don't eat much bread or bread-type foods at all. I am 2.5 months out, and my brain still hasn't fully adjusted to the idea that I have a much smaller stomach, so I can't say I quite feel normal yet with the portions. I have learned to measure everything, because my eyeballs are bigger than my sleeve 6. I would prefer to have a slightly larger sleeve so the weight loss is more gradual and my weight manageble. What are the options? My friend has a 5 oz sleeve. --I'm not sure, actually. I would say this is something you would need to talk about with your surgeon. You might also look into gastric plication surgery, as I have heard it works well for those with lower BMIs, but there is maybe not quite as much restriction as with the VSG surgery. There is another board with information about the plication, and some people are having very good luck with it. Just another option for you. 7. I am freaked out by two possible side effects: gall bladder problems (very painful) and hair loss (doesn't sound too preventable unless the weigh loss is more gradual). In the US, doctors use a medication aimed at preventing gall bladder issues...is this standard in Mexico and is it effective? --Dr. Rodriguez did not use this as a standard medication. I haven't had gall bladder problems thus far, but I am considering asking my PCP for the medication anyway, as I'm a bit concerned about the possibilities, and it would seem better to prevent it. I'm worried about hair loss, too! I'm not sure it can be prevented. 8. Any regrets? Or any tidbits you wished you'd know and prepared for before hand? --About the first week or 2 after surgery, I had severe buyer's remorse. I didn't feel good, I couldn't eat, I was miserable. At a couple weeks out, I started to feel better, then the weight started coming off, too. I can now say that this is the best thing I've done for myself ever. I have a lot to lose still, but I am thrilled with how things are going so far. No regrets. 9. How difficult is the post-op diet? I like soup, chili, etc. but not so sure I can handle "mushy" food... --I had no difficulties with the post-op diet. I didn't feel like eating much at all, and I was unable to get in all my Protein at first, so that was a struggle. I didn't mind the mushy stage, and found a few go-to foods that I ate a lot. Then when I went to regular foods, those kind of went to the back-burner. I haven't eaten tuna for quite awhile, because I ate it for lunch every day my last week of mushies. I was surprised that I didn't have a harder time with the post-op diet, but I actually thought it wasn't too bad. The post-op diets vary a lot, though, so some are harder to live through that mine
  14. a.walker

    ~*~ WORKOUT Challenges and Chat Thread ~*~

    I'm sort of the opposite of a workout junkie. I don't hate working out, but I have very little motivation when it comes to workouts. Once I get started, I stick with it and even enjoy the sweating, but getting my ass to the gym is rough some days. My challenge is to go to the gym 3 times a week this month, and to do the arc trainer for at least 30 minutes once a week, and to do weights every time, even if I don't want to. I always have excuses, because I work 12-hr shifts, it is hard to get to our gym after work because it closes at 9, and I have the kiddo to get to school in the morning. But I will have at least 30 minutes after work every day. And some weeks I only work 3 days, so I have to just give up the excuses and do it! Hopefully this thread will help me to stay motivated. Otherwise I'm going to need a cattle prod :scared0:
  15. Congratulations on having your surgery done. Dr. Watkins sounds like a great surgeon. I hope your diabetes resolves soon, and you can live the life you want.
  16. a.walker

    Annoyed, pissed off, emotional...

    I'm sorry about your rough day. I have been there. I still feel that way some days, even after losing a little weight. I think it's a normal part of the journey to becoming a new you. I think it's a good thing that you envision yourself alive, and not just in a literal sense of being alive. I think being lighter will make us feel alive in ways we haven't felt in years. I have been obese my whole adult life, and morbidly obese for most of it. I can't imagine what life will be when I'm not this way, but I imagine I will feel so ALIVE! Concentrate on where you're going, and try not to stay too down about where things are right now. You're doing a positive thing, and making changes. 2 inches off your waist is great! Celebrate that, and try to remember just how good it feels when you start to get down. Hugs!
  17. a.walker

    coffee ???

    Just this past week at work I tried coffee for the first time since surgery. I like it with one Equal packet. Sometimes I add a little milk, but only if somebody makes it really strong. I gave up soda, so I allow myself some coffee in the morning. I think since I had been off caffeine for so long, it affects me more now, though. I stick to 1 or 2 cups a day, though. At home, I have a Keurig as well, and I drink a decaf. every now and then, but not like I used to.
  18. a.walker

    in TJ getting sleeved today!

    Best of luck on your surgery. I hope you are up and feeling great soon!
  19. a.walker

    Protein bars?

    I take a Protein bar to work every day, because I work 12 hour shifts, and I really need something in the afternoon or I feel like crap. I like the Pure Protein Bars and most of the Atkins ones, too. I don't have the problem with sugar alcohols giving me gas or diarrhea, though (thankfully!). I've never tried any other kind because I do use the Atkins theory of net carbs, although sometimes I wonder if a sugar alcohol is really that much different from sugar. Especially the one that tastes good -- Maltitol. I have heard it actually has nearly the same impact on blood sugar as real sugar does, which makes it pointless.
  20. a.walker

    Depressed "/

    First, you have to think positively. You CAN do this!! I think if you start on the Atkins diet (very low carb, high protein) you might be able to lose the weight rapidly. I lost 12 lbs in a week with a low carb diet (and I ate more than Atkins allows the first week, because my guidelines were different) pre-op. This is how I eat post-op, too, so it was helpful to get me on the right track. This is not the only possible plan. You could also count calories. Stick to 1200 calories a day. Start tracking every bite that goes in your mouth. Make sure you are following SOME plan, and just do it and stick to it to get rid of those pounds. It doesn't have to take months to lose that 20 lbs, it could take just weeks. Going to the gym is great, but your diet is what will make you lose weight. I used to feel embarrassed to go to the gym also, but it's something I also just had to force myself to do. Now it doesn't bother me even a little bit. Get a friend or someone to go with you the first few times so you don't feel so alone. That sure did help me. Best of luck!
  21. a.walker

    Pre-Op Liquid diet questions

    Congratulations on being close to surgery! I didn't have to be on a full liquid diet pre-op, but I did do it post-op, so I will tell you what was allowed for me post-op on full liquids. -cream Soups, strained -cottage cheese -juice, Water, tea, milk --really any liquid that doesn't have sugar and isn't carbonated -sugar free popsicles -sugar free Jello -chicken or beef broth I hope you got ahold of the nurse and got their guidelines, because it seems everyone's is different, but this is what I was allowed. I am a nurse and work in a hospital, and our full liquid diet is a little different from this in that we allow pudding and yogurt also. Those things weren't on my list of approved for post-op.
  22. a.walker

    How many calories per day?

    I have been tracking every day on myfitnesspal, and I usually have about 600-800, but on the days I work out, I try to eat an extra protein bar and usually I'm around 800-900 those days. I didn't get any clear guidelines on calories; I just make sure to get in 60gm protein and then my fluids (which I need to work on!) and with those guidelines, my normal intake for calories is around 600-800.
  23. Good luck tomorrow, Mary! Congratulations on getting the appeal for the surgery you really wanted. Good job sticking with the pre-op liquid diet, too!
  24. a.walker

    How do I eat when I always feel full

    Does your surgeon or nutritionist have a guideline for you? Most very new sleevers don't eat 1200 calories/day. Some keep it as low as 400-600, while others eat up to 1000 or so daily. I think 700 calories a day is very reasonable. Myfitnesspal doesn't know you have the sleeve, so they give me that message every day, too. I ignore it, because I know I can't eat that much. I actually shoot for 600-800 calories/day with at least 60 grams Protein and 40 carbs or less. The protein and carb goals were my surgeon's guidelines, and the calories just seemed to work out at about this many if I was eating the right foods.
  25. a.walker

    4 Month Update!! Video & Pics!!

    You and Ian are both doing great! I love watching your videos, and seeing your photos. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see 220s on my scale, too!

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