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  1. The feeling is incredible! I'm proud of you. Keep the momentum going (:
  2. For starters, I told everyone near and dear to my heart. I also work at a bank and any customer who is brave enough to compliment and ask how I've done it -- I have told. Do I think some people will judge? Sure. I joke and respond to their inquires with, 'I lost over 100 pounds but I cheated, I had surgery.' I know how difficult my journey has been and how the surgery is not a quick fix but that is the popular misconception unfortunately. Most people surprisingly praise me and tell me that it's not cheating and surgery is still not the 'easy way out.' I have also given a few people inspiration to look into WLS with my honesty about my weight loss and the process. Everyone has their own way of approaching it and only you'll know what's right in your gut. Best of luck!
  3. Neese

    2 Months Out 56 Pounds Down!

    Amazing! What an inspiration!
  4. You've done amazing. Keep it up (:
  5. Faith4Me, Sorry about my ignorance! I know there are so many self payers out there and I didn't even consider that on my rant. My apologies! If you do have insurance most of them do cover one visit to a psychologist and I would suggest that IF it is covered. As for the nutritionist as long as you follow your directions you should be fine as well. You're asking questions and getting answers so I am sure you are thoroughly researching this and as a result you will be successful. (:
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    New To The Forum

    106 pounds down for me!
  7. Congrats on the loss! On your iPhone there's a little '+' on the top where you make a post and you go there to choose where to post your pictures from. Best of luck!
  8. Neese

    Hi All! Newbie Here

    Hey y'all! I am about 10 months post op. I did go through the 6 month supervised diet but my doctor never actually put me on a diet. I did manage to lose 13 pounds in the two months leading up to my surgery. I did voluntarily start cutting things out of my diet leading up to the surgery to make the post op phase easier on myself. I weaned myself away from the only thing that I really drank -- sweet tea with lemon (which I still miss sometimes, lol). I don't think the doctors expect you to be perfect but just try to remember the ultimate goal - to make the surgery and the post op phase easier on yourself. I wish you an amazing experience these next few months! peace and love!
  9. Neese

    125Lbs Gone!

    awesome. inspiring.
  10. Hello newbies! 1.) If you could talk to yourself pre-op what would you say? What would you tell the you that was still undecided about having the surgery?: If I could talk to myself pre-op I would first off give myself a big hug because I know the pain I felt inside. I would then tell myself to let go of any fear or anxiety that might hold me back. There is a reason I am feeling desperate enough to have surgical intervention and I would advise myself to follow through with my gut instinct. Then I would congratulate myself for making such a difficult, and thoroughly researched, decision. 2.) Do you ever regret having the procedure? Even in tiny moments...like dinner out with friends or around the holidays? Do the regrets ever out weight the results?: At first I did have small feelings of regret and bitterness at the fact I had to have surgery. I think I was still hating myself because I was still 'heavy' and to further that, I had no food at this point to make me feel better. I had no sembelence of normalcy because food was such a staple in my life. Sometimes I might give myself a 5 second pity party because I cannot drink a milkshake etc. etc. The thing is I AM able to do all of those things but I made the decision to make a lifestyle change. Not only did this surgery give me the tool to lose weight but it gave me the tool to change my relationship with food. I am able to eat and be fulfilled without going back for seconds just to fill myself. I still love and eat the foods that I love -- and I am not always perfect with my diet. I enjoy social outings and eat with friends but just pay less now because I order appetizers . I have been able to really figure out which foods I love and abandon the ones that I ate out of boredom, depression, etc. So at the end of the day I never regret the decision to have my surgery. Now I am writing to YOU; the doubt and thoughts that you are having are absolutely normal. Every surgeon/insurance company gives their patient steps to go through before the surgery. Take advantage of these (nutritional advice, psychological evaluation) they are honestly helpful tools that you can carry into post op. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and health -- whatever decision you make. Peace and love
  11. Starting Weight: 298 Day of Surgery Weight: 285 Current Weight: 191.8 Height: 5'6 Date of Surgery: January 31, 2012
  12. Neese

    New To The Forum

    I'm a 1988'er 10 mos out!
  13. Neese

    10 Weeks Post Op

    Collar bones! I was over the moon when I saw mine. You've done fab!
  14. You look fab!! And so happy!
  15. Neese

    8Months And Pregnant!

    I'm over the moon happy for you! Best wishes!
  16. Take measurements! You'll see a change in your inches which will help negate the mean scale (: best wishes!
  17. You look fantastic !
  18. I'm so happy for you (:
  19. Neese

    Before And After

    What an inspiration!

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