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  1. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    I don't want to leave the house

    i just sat down to read all of you wonderful words of inspiration and started to cry. Thank you all for your support. I am so thankful for all of you and this site. I realize i need to find my footing in my new life and self. And when I am feeling down I have all of you here to remind me what is important and what is not worth thinking about. Blessings to all of you. Teresa
  2. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    protein suppliment besides shake and protein bars?

    thanks all! The reason I ask is because I am not hungry enough to eat enough protein. I will chat with my dr thanks again
  3. Hello my name is Teresa I was banded on june 21, 2011 so far so good. I would love to know about any support groups in the puget sound area
  4. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    First fill tomorrow what should i expect?

    It was really stress over nothing. easy easy easy. I surrvived. Also I have learned from my surgeons office that once you have your first fill you only need to wait one week before getting another if you need it. because I didn't ask I just assumed that i had to wait a month like the first fill. Do Not assume just ask!!!!
  5. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    I don't want to leave the house

    ok I know that I am fat and that is why I had lap band surgery on june 21 2011. I am losing weight to date about 20 lbs I am thrilled but I do not want to leave the house. I know I am large and I am working on my weight/mind issues. i just hate that no one know i am working on it they do not know the struggles I have or the effort I have to put into myself. All they see is a fat person and they make assumptions about me without knowing a thing about me. my family that i live with husband and two kids ages 7 and 2 know how hard i am working but all the other people in my life don't see what i have to do to make progress they just look at me and say or think oh what a waste she is still fat after all the money we spent to pay for the surgery. I know that I cannot let others bring me down or dictate how i feel about me. I just do not want to leave my house and deal with the looks or comments from friends and family or even strangers. I have isolated myself as much as possible before I had the surgery many of my friends and family that have not seen me do not know how big I have gotten. Wish i could hide away until i lose my weight. Having trouble dealing with my negative thoughts. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest. I could not speak them
  6. I am having some trouble getting all my protein in. Is anyone using a protein pill or suppliment that isn't a shake or bar just protein without any food with it?
  7. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    First fill tomorrow what should i expect?

    MLR- Thank you for your post I very much appreciate you taking the time. I wish you all the luck to reach all of your goals. I seem to be a bit like you since the pre op diet I have not lost or gained and am hoping this will change for the better after tomorrow. Thanks again Teresa
  8. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    First fill tomorrow what should i expect?

    Jenn- Thank you for posting I appreciate your step by step. I am probably more nervous of not knowing than scared. It seems to be that way alot in this journey. Good luck to your goals. Teresa
  9. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    First fill tomorrow what should i expect?

    hello I was banded june 21, 2011 so far things are good not a lot of restriction but I am trying to watch what I am eating. tomorrow is my first fill ever and would love to know what to expect or any tips from anyone that has had them before Thank you Blessings
  10. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    Freedom Challenge

    I would love to join in it would be my first!
  11. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    taking medicine capsules any advice

    thank you I will check with my dr about the drug release. And thank you I will try to take them whole
  12. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    Anyone with a "Side Ache"?

    I am 9 day post surgery and have been having the same problem the left side side ache I have no idea why either. You are not alone I am just not able to answer why that is happening. Sorry
  13. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    June 29,2011

    I totally understand!! I guess we as women just have to force ourselves to be a little selfish even when it isn't to feel ok about having time for us or alone time. It is very frustrating I agree. Maybe now that you are aware of what you are feeling and at some point when you feel comfortable to talk to your husband and be honest with him. Good luck to you!
  14. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    taking medicine capsules any advice

    oh I like that idea thank you Cindy!
  15. daddyzbumblebee@aol.com

    taking medicine capsules any advice

    thank you for the suggestion I will give it a try

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