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  1. Bodacious Barbie

    The June Bug Challenge

    Name, real or screen~Bodacious Barbie Age~44 Weight on June1st~268 Goal Weight for June 29th~260 Exercise Goal for June~1 hour exercise 3X week Dietary Goal for June~Staying healthy w/my food intake Personal Goal for June~Picking up my baby Date Banded~6/27/11 Total Weight Loss Since Banding~ 3LBS
  2. Bodacious Barbie

    why is everything sugar free?

    The ice cream man just drove through my block. I ignored him, but my husband pointed it out to me. I said, "we have ice cream in the fridge already." Me, I have sugar free pops so if I want something sweet that will do. All the worse foods for you taste the best I tell ya. Chewing sugar free gum right now and that really works too.
  3. Bodacious Barbie

    Surgery in 7 hours, can't sleep

    Had surgery 3 days ago and am tired of liquid diet already. Well not sick and tired of it yet, but just tired. More like bored I should say. How much Jello, Soup broth can you eat/drink. Weighed myself today and I'd lost 3 1/2 lbs since I last weighed myself 2 weeks before surgery. I know I gained weight since my last weigh in because I was eating everything I could since I knew it was the last hoorah. I had pizza, steak, lamb chops, corn, macaroni salad, ribs, shrimp, everything I knew I would not be eating for a while without any hesitation. I had to have gained at least 3 lbs since I'd last seen my doctor, which is why I believe I've lost more than 3 1/2 pounds since my last weigh in. They didn't weigh me on surgery day. Anyway, I'm sure its all Water weight, but a pound is a pound is a pound. I'll take any weight loss. The swelling has gone down quite a bit, and now I can feel where my port is much better. My husband went food shopping right before surgery and managed to get the worse, most tempting items. There are so many temptations, and everything is high in calories. I've been bad and did cheat by chewing a teaspoon worth of scrambled eggs, meat, etc. and NOT swallowing it, but spitting it completely out, juices and all. (i know its disgusting) I've done this about 6 times since yesterday. Just really craving texture other than Jello at this point. Otherwise its just been chicken broth, crystal lite juice, and jello for me. I've been going to bed early, around 8:30 or 9 pm, which helps me alot. If I'm not up late, I'm not craving those Snacks at night. Having my daughter to help me with the baby is a blessing, even though he kicked me in my stomach today by mistake. I feel good otherwise. It doesn't hurt as much when I bend or try to stand up. I am so happy to be banded right. I just wanna dance. Its gonna be a tough road I know, but I don't care. Got all of my sugar free, reduced fat crackers, foods, etc. for when I am finally able to eat regular food. I can't wait. I've had enough of the liquid stuff, but gotta do it. Talk to you so0n Oh yeah, coughing has been a challenge, but its easier now.
  4. Bodacious Barbie

    My first Post-Op posting

    Congratulations to all recently banded. I was banded earlier today and feeling pretty good considering. Urinating like a race horse every half hour is tripping me out. It wasn't this bad when I was preggers. So excited about this journey. Already my husband commented I'd never see 165 lbs, while the nurse agreed that 100 lbs was too much weight to lose. They both made a mistake by telling me what I can't and shouldn't do. Gonna make it that much sweeter when I reach that goal. My true goal is 135, but can definitely be happy at 150. I'm 5'8",so that wouldn't becan unhealthy weight. But for now I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm banded baby!!! Yay!!!
  5. Bodacious Barbie

    Surgery in 7 hours, can't sleep

    Thanks all, I appreciate it. I'm in the waiting room w/hubby. Got my wrist band on about to go back, butterflies and excitement at the same time. The next time I post, I'll be banded yay!!!
  6. Bodacious Barbie

    Purebred Longhaired German Shepherd

    They are my favorite breed since we had one when I was a child. King was the smartest dog I'd ever had , until we got Charlie our Kerry Blue Terrier. German shepards are beautiful and smart, and very protective. Congratulations!
  7. I regret telling my neighbor, my 18 yr old son, my husband and my mom. But, it really doesn't matter cause I would of had to tell my husband no matter what and my husband's gonna tell anyone who asks him how am I losing so much weight. Even if I tell him not to, he just can't keep his mouth shut about things like that, unless it was him. My mom was okay with the idea for a second til my 18 protested and talked to her. My husband says I can lose it exercising, yet he is 100 lbs overweight. After my mom tells everyone in my family, I'm sure I am really gonna regret telling her. Now she says I should just work out more and change my eating habits too, and not get the surgery. She is my worst critic though, and somehow deep down, I think she doesn't want me to be smaller than her. I've been bigger than her for years, and she rags on me all the time. Calls me big drawers, says my behind is huge, embarrasses me in front of people about my weight and brags about me being to big to fit her clothes. I'm African-American and this type of surgery (any kind of surgery that isn't needed out of emergency for that matter) is not looked upon favorably. I've even had my son, who is mixed say that is surgery white people get. Can you believe it. They see it like its some sort of plastic surgery.
  8. Congratulations! Good luck to you. You sound so much like me, and I am sure alot of other people here Mindy. I wonder myself the same thing. I have to lose 9 lbs in 2 weeks and am trying to diet, but my husband keeps sabotaging my efforts. I really have to build up my will power. Even though I've discussed it with him, he constantly forgets and does thing like this morning brought in Krispy Creme Donuts a friend gave him on the midnight shift. They were the first thing I saw when I came down for breakfast. I tried, but darn it they were Krispy Cremes. I don't even buy them, but I have never turned one down when someone offered them to me after tasting them for the first time. See behavior like that has to end now. Before surgery. I just finished up with my pre-surgery checklist and awaiting approval from my insurance company. So I have about a month or two to work on that before the shock to my body of the liquid diet portion.

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