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  1. Hello friends, I have Cigna (I live in CT, after Jan. 1, 2017 it will switch to Aetna). The shakes, scar cream and supplements were approved. The process took maybe 2 weeks because I wasn't super diligent about making sure my doc got the faxed prescription request from Insure Nutrition - then faxed the company back, signing off on it, which they did. I'm a lapband revision to sleeve (just had the band out 11/22/16 have to wait 3 months to get the sleeve done). So right now I'm in the middle of the two surgeries. UPS confirmed that I have 4 shipments on the way scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I'm not sure how many Premier Protein come per case, but I'll keep you updated as getting our nutrition covered is a hot topic! I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am to have this be covered. It eases my mind to know that my protein needs will be met - delivered to my door and covered by my insurance! Now we'll see what happens after the 1st of the year and if Aetna is as generous as Cigna (fingers crossed).
  2. DMDubey76

    Port Removal

    Hey there kids, Gosh it's been a while since I've posted on here. You have your surgery done and you just kinda move forward (that's what I did anyhow, and now I'm back and looking for that support I've been missing). My lap band surgery was done on 10/18/11 via a single incision through my belly button. All was well until 11/6/11 when I developed a UTI and was severely dehydrated. I had a one night stay at the ER for that and was fixed up with a course of antibiotics. I was good to go in less than a week. Time had passed and I went to my surgeon's office every 2 weeks for adjustments. So far I've lost 45 lbs. Since my surgery my belly button had been leaking. Not a LOT, but enough to moisten the waistband of my pants daily. Fast forward to my fill appointment on 2/23/12. I reminded my surgeon that my belly button was still leaking a bit. He looked in it and he thought the tubing to the port was kinked behind my belly button and keeping it from healing. He scheduled emergency surgery for the next day to clip the exposed tubing (making it shorter to keep it from kinking). I went for my blood work right after I left the office and was in surgery the next afternoon. Fearing infection, he removed my port and the mesh holding it in place. Closed me up and sent me home later that night with antibiotic and (thankfully) pain killers. Tomorrow is my follow-up appointment. I've been changing the dressing 2-3x a day and I have to say today (4 days after surgery) the incision has been leaking the most. My stomach is VERY bloated and tender. I'm hoping these things mean that I'm healing. Once the infection clears I'll be able to have a new port put back in. He's not sure he's going to use the mesh. I just can't wait for them to put Humpty Dumpty back together. I had been feeling fine, now I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Anyone else have port problems? Does the infection sound like it's healing or getting worse? Tomorrow isn't coming fast enough!
  3. So the "process" is coming ot fruition! It started with an informational seminar on May 29, 2011. Now it's October 17 and tomorrow is surgery day. Through a ton of tests, pokes and prods I'm ready to go. And I really am "ready". I'm excited. I can't say I'm nervous per se. My nerves are more to do with my success vs. failure. I realize success and failure are up to me. So, I'm at work today - because being home I would THINK to much. I'm waiting for the surgeon's office to call and tell me my surgery time. All of my ducks are in a row. Clothes are all washed, house is clean, groceries are bought...waiting.
  4. DMDubey76

    Sunday recipe

    Mmm, that sounds really wonderful! I'm just starting my second week of my pre-op liquid diet. chicken has always been a staple of mine, and right now that sounds absolutely wonderful! I'll be sure to make it when I'm back on solids!
  5. Hey there! My surgery is also set for 10/18. I start my 2 week pre-op liquid diet tomorrow (10/4). GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF US! I can't say I'm really nervous, isn't that crazy? I'm excited, that's for sure. More nervous about my success rather than the surgery itself. -Deana
  6. DMDubey76

    Aetna approval

    I have Aetna. My initial appointments started the beginning of June 2011. My claim was sent to them on September 9 and was approved on September 14. My surgery is October 18th. Tomorrow starts my 2 week pre-op liquid diet. You'll hear something soon! -Deana
  7. DMDubey76

    Look! There's the finish line!

  8. Hey there, I live in Southington, CT and go to Bristol Hospital. At the informational meeting I went to at the hospital in May (when my journey began) I met both doctors that do the surgery there. There's Dr. Gedeon and Dr. Oluwole. Both are very nice, but I took to Dr. Oluwole. He's a nut. Great sense of humor but also really explains things and is fine when I bring my little notebook with me to see him. He talks down to earth, hes not pretentious at all. I don't know if Bristol is too far for you. My surgery is October 18, I'm not concerned at all at how the doctors will be when I go for the fills. I hope this helps, if Bristol is too far - I do hope you find someone you click with. That's so important! -Deana
  9. Congrats girlie! I'm still pre-op. My surgery is scheduled for 10/18/11. What AMAZING before and after pics. Initially I have been telling myself things might firm up in time after I start to lose the weight. But more and more people I read about are getting the excess skin removed. I'm HOPING I won't need a TT, but who knows. I would hate to lose the weight and still have the flappies. As far as the boobs are concerned, mine aren't very big to begin with. But they've always been on the saggy side. Just a lift would probably be good there. Thank you again for sharing! And good luck to your healing. -Deana
  10. Oh goodness, I laughed at this post. I keep making fun that I will have a "Last Supper" with 12 of my closest friends sitting at the table with me. I too am a carb-a-vore, so this will certainly be an adjusment. I'm ready for the change though. Good luck to everyone! I start my liquid diet on 10/4 and my surgery date is 10/18. Here's to ALL of us. May we all enjoy our "Last Supper" before our new lives begin! -Deana
  11. Yay, I start my liquid diet on the 4th too! Although, I have to doing it until my surgery date on 10/18!
  12. DMDubey76

    4 days post op

    Hi Kelli, Congrats to you. I'm still pre-op, I'll be starting my 2 week liquid diet on 10/4 (surgery date set for 10/18). I'm surprise to see that they have you on "food" so soon after surgery. I guess every doctor is different. As for me, I was told I would be on liquids 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. Then I would move on to pureed stuff (aka phase 3). I don't have any words of wisdom, as you're farther than me on this journey. But, I do wish you well. Maybe day 4 is just a real doozy for ya. Chin up buttercup, we're rootin' for ya! -Deana
  13. DMDubey76

    New senior member just saying Hi

    Best of luck to you!
  14. I'm still pre-op, but I love me a bargain. What is this card you speak of?
  15. DMDubey76

    Pre-Op Tests

    Almost forgot - and a psych evalution. Thankfully I've been deemed sane enough for surgery!

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