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  1. Denise's New Life

    200 and more

    I was sleeved 2 years ago and lost a total of 235 pds 60 of that was before surgery, I still have like 6 more to go and have ot lost an ounce in 10 months - thinking about getting the 2nd half done and turning it into the ds surgery
  2. Denise's New Life

    Cant Stop Obsessing!

    Your not obsessing your just getting so very exceited. A whole new life is ahead of you. There are many emotions that come into play with WL surgery. As it gets closer you may second guess yourself and start getting nervous. This is all normal. Just keep your eye on the prize. a healthy new you. I had surgery April of 2011 , I always wanted to parasail and well 2 weeks ago in florida I did. What a wonderful gift we are given with this surgery.
  3. Denise's New Life

    Eating Out... Restaurant... Fast Food.

    a small chilli from wendy;s
  4. Denise's New Life

    I Have A Lot To Lose!

    I had 280 pounds to loose. I started out at 460 and have lost 5 pounds before sugery and was 410 on april 7, 2011. Today almost 11 months out I weigh 238. 58 more pounds to go. You can do it
  5. Denise's New Life

    Where Are You 200+Er's?

    Hello all I have lost 220 pds so far. 50 before surgery and 170 since surgery. I was sleeved 10 months ago. I still have 60 more to go, slowing up but still coming off. feeling great. Denise
  6. Hello, One thing not metioned here is a battery power fan. I took one and used it. My hospital said they would have to inspect a plug in one and the fan was my lifesaver. Hospitals can be hot and it was very cooling and soothing for me. good Luck on your sleeve
  7. Denise's New Life

    Abington Bariatric

    Hello All Well I do not have any children except for the 4 legged kind and it will be a Great meeting and looking forward to meeting everyone. Denise
  8. Denise's New Life

    Abington Bariatric

    It is definitly normal to be nervous. I was so scared the day of surgery I cried in the or room before they put me under . They were great they talked with me and calmed me down and I was impressed how they gave me that time to calm down. I have not heard of any complications and I was able to drive after 2 weeks and go back to work after 4. so you will need a driver to take you both to your 1 week appointment. what are POCS?? I am glad you both will be there Tuesday- I sit in the back before we break out into groups. I was suppose to get the ds but when Dr. G went in there I had gall stones stuck to my wall of my stomach ( I had gaul bladder taken out 4 yrs ago and there were stones left in Ugh- Dr. G was afraid of infection so I got the sleeve instead- he said he did not want to mess with my plumbing at that point and can come back in a year for the 2nd half of the ds and well I love my sleeve and am loosing a nice amount of weight with this surgery does not really have much complications- now you can like any surgery have some but they are much lower then the ds or gastric bi pass. although my husband is getting the ds in november by Dr. G. looking forward to meeting you and your husband. I can give you our phone # then. Denise
  9. Denise's New Life

    Abington Bariatric

    Hello I was thrilled when I saw your post. I had my sleeve done April of this year and am down 129 pds since surgery. 179 pds all together. Dr. G is my surgeon and he is great , they are both very good and wonderful surgeons. I go to the support group every 3rd tuesday of the month and have never heard of any complaints about either surgeon. The whole process was a wonderful expierence. The office staff and nutritionist, along with the nurses etc are a great team. I had no problems , but did have alot of questions when I came home from surgery if something was normal or not and when I called they called back right away. I was fine though. I will eb at the support group on Tuesday night if you want to talk in person we are breaking out into goups by what surgery we have. My name is Denise B.
  10. Denise's New Life

    Things I can't wait to do!

    I can't wait to go para sailing
  11. Denise's New Life

    12lbs more and I will be out of the 400's

    wow that is Great I was sleeved on April 7, 2011 I have lost 55 pds and was exceited to get below 400 5 more pds till under 350 still trying to figure out how to put the diet tracker on line here

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