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  1. I'm 5 days post op and since surgery I have to keep a cup near me so I can spit into it every 5 mins. Its this weird foamy stuff. Doesn't seem to be coming from my stomach. I"m on Nexium. I had to go get fluids today because I was getting a little dry and the nurse said she only sees that with sleeve patients. Its definately not vomit. SO WEIRD! Anyone have input? Thanks
  2. I'm looking to have my surgery in a few weeks. I'd like to talk to someone from MS that has had this done. Thanks
  3. I am 10 months post sleeve and down 100lbs since day of surgery. Unfortuntely my husband and I separated a few weeks ago. I'm in a very bad place mentally. I'm heart broken for my kids but I KNOW in my heart this is for the best. My husband does not want this. We've had problems prior to my surgery though and now I just can't take it anymore. It infuritates me that people think "oh she lost that weight now she is going to leave him." I've heard that comment about some of my friends that had WLS. That is sooo not the case with us. I'm seeing a therapist and taking it literally one moment at a time. I'm scared and very upset with myself. I have been eating JUNK...lots of it. I KNOW this isn't what I should do and that is how I gained weight in the first place. I'm using food to self soothe. I don't need a kick in the ass...I know this isn't what I should be doing. I guess I'm here just to vent. Since my WLS I've had a couple of health issues that I am dealing with along with the emotional crap. I'm feeling so overwhelmed. I also do not know how to handle the attention I'm getting from people..mainly men. I'm not used to being looked at in positive way. When I was overweight it was RARE for someone to make eye contact with me, much less speak to me. I feel like I am rambling. If any of you have gone through a divorce/separation post WLS feel free to comment.
  4. I'm hoping to be sleeved middle of June. I'm from MS but plan on using Dr Redmann in Slidell. If anyone knows anything about this group please share. Also if you've been a pt of Dr Redmann I'd like to hear from you as well. I've met with the nurse practitioner and really liked her. I'll have a meeting with the surgeon once I'm all cleared for surgery from my PCP. I'm a self pay patient and from what I understand I don't have to jump through a zillion hoops to have this surgery (Thank God). Any info would be wonderful!!! Thanks!
  5. I went to see my doctor this morning for a check up and nearly passed out in the waiting room. He admitted me to the hospital. I was having severe muscle cramps and weakness. My lab work came back PERFECT...could be that I'm dehydrated and everything is concentrated...hence the good labs. If I had to bet I'd say my potassium is low. I do feel somewhat better since getting a bag of IV fluids bolused. Right now I'm trying to choke down milk of magnesia because apparently I need it. I've literally been admitted to the hospital once a week since my surgery and this is getting OLD. I just want to be home cuddling with my babies and living my life. Hopefully soon this rough patch will pass.
  6. I had a 4x4 square of this tonight. Thin crust cheese pizza and cannot find the nutrtional value of this anywhere online. I've tried my fitness pal and Domino's website. If you have the stats on this please share! Thank you! P.S. a few minutes after I ate I got such a full sensation and regretted eating that pizza for a good hour.
  7. I forget to mention my doctor kept telling me that week 6 will be a turnaround week for me....and he was right. I was in the hospital once a week for various issues. After week 6 I was like a new woman!
  8. I drink the sugar free Carnation instant breakfast for breakfast. I buy the individual packets and mix it in skim milk. I know its kind of high in carbs (24) but I can get in Protein and it tastes really good. I find in the morning I need carbs because I am so busy physically at my job. I do very low carb the rest of the day. I hope you can find something that works. I had quite a few complications early out and I know it can put you in a bad place mentally. Just remember even though it seems like it won't it will get better. I found once I was able to eat soft cheese and have milk I did soooo much better. Thank goodness I'm not lactose intolerant. Please keep us posted. Hugs!!
  9. imawhodat

    Nutritional value of Domino's Thin Crust Pizza

    Myfitnesspal is making me crazy with this. Domino's website isn't that helpful. I don't think they calculate it by a square, more like a quarter of the pizza. Grr....guess I can't be OCD about this one food item.
  10. imawhodat

    Make ahead Muffin Melts

    Let me know how that turns out. I want to make this but I do not eat bread and stay far away from crackers. I had wondered how your idea would work. Thanks
  11. imawhodat

    Stress Eating

    Is it normal to be able to eat more around "that time of the month"? I rarely get in 1000 calories but today I'm at a whopping 1300 cal, 66 carbs, and 85 Protein. I live in the area that is being hit by Tropical Storm Lee and maybe subconsiously I'm stressed about that. Weather is too bad to get out so I've been inside all day and bored.
  12. imawhodat

    Hurricane Rant

    Just wanted to say I hope you and your family stay safe. I live in hurricane country....Katrina...ugh.... and all of us down here are praying for those that are being affected by that storm. Please update when you can.
  13. Meggie, I loved reading your update! I am so happy for you Miss 68lbs Weight Loss Lady It's wonderful you are able to have a wonderful quality of life. I do hope you are pain free very soon. XOXO Leanne
  14. imawhodat

    Crab legs

    I'm just wondering how to determine what a serving is. Is it a cluster or just one little leg? The box just says serving size 3 oz. but doesn't indicate what that is. And of course I don't have a kitchen scale yet. I plan on getting one tonight. Thanks y'all
  15. What a scary experience! I'm glad you are ok. Definately talk to your doctor ASAP. For the first month after my surgery I was so weak I was admitted to the hospital several times due to dehydration and extremely low potassium. When my potassium was low I fainted a few times. I hope you feel better soon! I'm at week 6 and can't get over how good I feel. It does get better!
  16. imawhodat

    Refried beans!! Heaven!

    I was able to eat about 2oz of refried beans with a tiny bit of cheese and sour cream. Brought a tear to my eye I tell you! So it took me almost an hour to eat it, and I KNOW that's not what most of y'all have been told to allow for meals. But this was my first time eating it and I didn't want to rush it and get sick. I needed to know how I would tolerate it...and I did just fine Tomorrow I will reduce meal time. I'm so excited! Who would of ever thought 2 oz of food would make me this happy, but after the road I've been down with this sleeve it makes me wanna jump for joy!
  17. imawhodat

    Stressing over....an EGG!

    I am finally (thank the good Lord) able to try eggs. My plan says I can have poached, scrambled, or soft boiled. I have been stressing all day over how to cook the sucker. So my question to you all is: How was your egg cooked the first time you ate it? And did you tolerate it? I've never in my life had a poached egg and to be honest it doesn't sound appealing. I'm thinking I want to do a boiled egg and then puree it...make a sort of egg salad minus all the mayo and pickles. Thanks everyone!!!
  18. I have a teensy tiny incision on my right side. It is very red and scabby. I've also been having some significant pain around it. Its not oozing anything, just real angry red and tender. I am not running a fever either. Well tonight I decided to investigate it further. Getting out of the shower part of the scab looked like it was coming off. Instead of it getting ripped off I decided to gently remove it. Soooo....I tenderly pulled..nothing except a bit of pain. I did get some of the scab off and I discovered a thread! It appears to be an internal stitch that is stuck. I have a follow up appt tomorrow at 1 and I'm going to have them take a look at it. I'm afraid to mess with it because I'm worried about infection. I have been putting Bactraban on it 3 times a day. My other two incisions are healed and not even noticeable. They are almost the same color as my skin. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what did your surgeon do about it? I start my new job on Tuesday and hope this won't interfere. I'm just now feeling great after struggling for so long. The only real pain I've had since about 2 days post op is occuring now. I did take some pain meds so I can lay down without hurting. Thanks y'all!
  19. I've tried to pull it "off" thinking it was a scab, but it wasn't coming out. It started stinging and I decided I'd let my doctor do it. Last thing I want to do is pull something out and then cause an infection...and you KNOW that would be my luck LOL. Glad to know this is common. I've had several surgeries and haven't ever experienced this.
  20. imawhodat

    Whatcha eating today!!! Sunday

    Can you share the recipe for the low carb pizza? Thanks
  21. Today is my husband's birthday and we decided to go eat at a seafood restaurant in our town. I told the waitress that I recently had weight loss surgery and I can only eat a tiny bit. She suggested ordering off the kids menu and that she would ask the chef to boil 4 shrimp for me. I was stoked that she was so accomodating. Well the shrimp came and I found them to be a bit to chewy. BTW this was the first time to eat meat Protein so doing it in a restaurant was nerve wracking! Anyway, I decided I would try some of my husbands baked flounder. I was able to eat about an ounce and a few bites of baked potato (swiped off my daughters plate ). I was so happy everything went down great. I definately feel like I got fuller faster. I can usually eat 2 oz of refried Beans without difficulty, so I was a bit surprised to only eat a tiny bit of fish. However, I have some yummy leftovers that is going to make a wonderful bedtime snack Just wanted to share......this is a huge deal for me and I am so happy!
  22. Thank you!! I had some crab legs today and was so happy. Each day does get better! How is your recovery going? I hope well
  23. imawhodat

    Whatcha eating today!!! Sunday

    Breakfast: Sugarfree Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed with 8oz Skim Milk Lunch: 3 oz. snow crab legs Dinner: 2 oz. refried Beans 64oz of Water Going to try to squeeze in more Protein. Maybe more crab legs for a snack BTW 6 weeks post op.
  24. imawhodat

    Whatcha eating today!!! Saturday

    Finally off of liquids and so happy I can post here Breakfast: 8oz skim milk with sugar free carnation instant Breakfast added Lunch: 3oz baked tilapia Snack: 1 oz baked tilapia Dinner: refried Beans (homemade) 2oz. with 1 tsp of greek yogurt added lots of Water taking vites soon ETA: I am only 6 weeks out and have been on a liquid diet for the past 4 weeks!!
  25. imawhodat

    The Easy Way Out

    Easy way out, like H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS it is!!! UGH that's all I got. I'm steaming mad!!!!

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