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  1. I too am suffering with fatigue. One pool exercise routine and I’m exhausted but not every day. Some days getting up is a challenge. I don’t like cold, so hope it’s that. I walked two miles one evening, it was great, but next morning was exhausted. Blood work seems ok. Yes I’m 70, but this is weird. I read some COVID patients experience this much later. I can’t seem to get answers. I take my multi vitas, Protein, vitamin B12 and Vita D 50K per week. Go to gym almost every day for pool or walk, bike, so trying to build muscle. Slow looser. Sleeve last July. Lost 30 lbs so far, so it’s not that I’m depleted. Ughh
  2. Grider


    So I had a lap band - approved by Fed BCBS in 2011, they also approved the removal of it 2021. Now it’s 2022 and Medicare is my primary and FedBCBS is second. They said will just piggy back from what Medicare won’t cover. Anyone here have experience with Medicare? Wait times once the pkg is submitted? Any info would help. Just getting started, and going through the process 3 mo dietician- psych appt etc. even though I have Gastroparesis now. Thanks
  3. Grider

    May 2022 surgery?

    I had a lap band 11 yrs ago Ins paid all but about $3k and some dr bills. I ended up getting a part time to clear them up. Now retired n with both Ins., it’s a blessing.
  4. Grider

    Pain after surgery

    I mentioned the pain pills because in some other forums, I’ve heard Drs don’t like them and are not prescribing for this type of surgery.
  5. Get busy doing something else. Change your daily routine. And drink water or zero cal drinks. Need to occupy your mind. Only 2 days that awesome - norm it’s 2 weeks. And you will be recouping after surgery so maybe not be as hungry for a while. But You must do this so you don’t hurt your tummy after. Think positive and if can get some one to talk to or hang out with - get them. Good luck 🍀!!
  6. I had to have mine removed 5 yrs after the lap band. Didn’t change my life much. Had to take it easy on the fried foods. Seems common but not everyone.
  7. Grider

    Surgery and Covid

    Great news . Stay positive and take your vitamins Yes mom. Lol. Glad you called your dr. Take care. Keep us posted .
  8. Grider


    Thanks. Thurs see the surgeon and hope to start the process again. Let’s see what he says for type of surgery to correct my gastroparesis . Thanks for the support.
  9. I used to be on here back in 2012, I had the Lap Band done, but last year had to have it removed. Not sure if it was Covid or all the issues I had before and after surgery this past year but I have now ended with Gastroparesis. Or slow/ delayed emptying. My Gastro is sending me to weight loss surgery as I think he said the Bypass seems to help the problem. I fit the bill for weight loss surgery with out this issue, BMI, diabetes etc. . My question involves digestion. Does anyone know how it affects the bowels ? I don’t want to live in the bathroom . Did that almost a year Now try to eat soft foods that will digest quickly and hopefully not cause staying in the John. It seems if you only eat a cupful - it would move in a few minutes if you are missing part of your intestines. I’m not sure, I would appreciate any information on this. Thanks
  10. Grider

    Bc/bs Federal

    Paintertwins where in Fla? Good luck grownazzkid, I get on pretty reg if you have more questions- also join me n Myfitnesspal.. I am Griderrr and makes a BIG difference in weight loss,
  11. Grider

    My Fitness Pal!

    Griderrr-- and love my fitnesspal although I keep calling it paypal lol
  12. Grider

    Too Tight?

    Ok been now couple of days since last post... the acid reflux is almost nill- not eating late at night, and started taking my nexium -restriction is now different by the hour- definetly worse in am... but dinner is doing OK so far. the PB is gone and I do not feel so tight anymore but if I eat something like eggs, I may ride that breakfast for hours before it actually goes down. Very uncomfortable. Now Im deleting food more and more from my diet..See Dr this monday. although I have lost weight, been a very rough month.
  13. Since my last fill been doing the night gerd- not nice Maybe I ate too late?? I see Dr next week- so he can take some outor tell me what to do..- but anyone use the apple vinegar thing w water and honey??
  14. Had a 24 hr one few months ago- I was in distress, lots of pain, but by morning I was much better. Dr said my tummy was swollen so that band was extra tight! I was ok later but I suffered that night mostly dry heaves and thought the band was bye bye. All is well. I think depending how many ccs you have will determine how you can handle it- back then I was at 3cc so not too much restriction. Not sure Id do as good now as I feel tight eveyday now with 5.1 cc. HOPE i never get sick again...
  15. I do not think the band has to come out, I did have a 24 hr bug it hurt like heck, my stomach was swollen and i threw up all night- that was over 6 mo ago, I think removing fluid be best, but, wish they would not charge so much for that saline!
  16. Grider

    Restriction Tight

    I am going to go strickly by the book- 2-4 oz only - I can drink ok, but more like 1/2 my big cup of coffee vs the whole thing- the nxt appt will be in 2 weeks, then I will ask Dr. I think the drastic change of what I was eating prior to fill threw me for a loop- I could not eat alot of meat etc but plateful of salad,,, now I will use the little plate only- and do protein shots etc. I looked to see what others were eating on my Fitnesspal.. and I was eating alot compared to other banders, so let try to see if I do OK with LESS!
  17. Grider


    I kep some peptobismol around too- I think some times now in the heat we may eat some unwanted bacteria,, keep and eye on it.
  18. Grider

    Crunchy Knees!

    yes bought new dance sneakers for the zumba and i do NOT hop or jump with those routines. Dr said to strenghthen my muscles above n knees front n back so now I try to do the machines that do that each time I go- and pool class in between the others not to over do it.
  19. I bought a pill crusher,,, and do Biotin for my hair, Centrum, and vita B complex and Calcium.. and sometimes vita D as it got very low. Found out certain foods help in the digestion of certain nutrients,,, as in fat, so if you now eat diff, you may not be absorbing as much normal nutrients in foods, and of course you eat much less of them and some not at all. VITAS are needed..
  20. Grider

    Tight Days. Can Hardly Eat.

    I found out through my GP that when I have sinus issues, I have alot of post nasal drip in the back of my throat that fills up my pouch and this foam which is what we see when we do the BP,,, is all that flem which is VERY hard to break down... Some days its really hard to eat, and if I watch a crybaby movie - IMPOSSIBLE! It makes sence to me, now I can see why drinking so much water is helpful... anyone else heard of this??
  21. Grider

    Severe Pain

    Hope its just trapped GAS
  22. Grider

    Throwing Up Daily.

    some palces change for records- crazy but true,, just do your homework before you pull out- and we all BLOW it sooner or later,,, its a life time of changes. Since we got off the bottle or breast we have ate one way,,, so for me 58 yrs I must NOW change,,, whewwww, but Ill get there n so will you!

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