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  1. LadyT150

    Gaining weight

    I was banded 12/2011 and fell like I’m still learning still@30 from my initial goal
  2. I love my band too! In December it will be 3 yrs for me started at 260 and down to 195 clothes sizes went from size 22- size 14 some size 12s. Still 40lbs from my goal and for the most part I'm enjoying the journey!
  3. LadyT150

    Instagram anyone?

    Hi @@fearfefe I just sent you a frend request on Instagram ine lifecoach_throndice
  4. LadyT150

    Ketone in my urine

    That happens when you cut carbs from your diet
  5. LadyT150

    Apps for tracking?

    I use myfitnesspal
  6. LadyT150

    Constipation And Gas

    just eat some sugar free chocolates like SF reese peanut butter cups... 5 of them are only 1 net carb. anytime I start feeling constipated I go to walgreens and get some and it straightens me out.. plus they are delish!
  7. LadyT150


  8. LadyT150

    December Bandsters!

    Hello there, looks like we are bandtwins! Dec. 13th is my day as well, I start my pre-op diet on the 29th, 2 weeks before surgery.. what about you?
  9. LadyT150

    Any Pastor's Wifes out there?

    hey there, how are you doing on your journey? My day is approaching, my surgery date is 12/13. Not everyone in my congregations knows, but most do, the ones that I am around the most.
  10. LadyT150

    sad and frustrated

    JUST HOLD ON! remember the race is not given to the swift(how fast we lose) nor is the battle given to the strong(when we cant seem to get over temptation hurdles). But the reward is given to the one that endures... so girl friend, never give up. just keep doing what you know is right to do... on thanksgiving, eat really slow and off of salad plates. thats what I intend to do and I'm not even banded yet. ( Dec 13th is my date) I agree wit Loretta's comment above. Love ya sis and I'm praying for ya
  11. LadyT150

    P/O Week #1

    hey there! I get my surgery on dec 13th.. I can eat mushy 24 hrs after surgery... its interesting how different doctors have different guidelines
  12. Wow we gonna be band-twins!... thats my date as well, my surgery is at 8:30am... when is yours? hahaha who will be the oldest... we even weigh just about the same right now... my pre op testing is this thursday. I pray all goes well with you!
  13. LadyT150

    Home from surgery

    Hey there! I pray you have a speedy recovery keep us posted on your recovery
  14. LadyT150

    December Bandsters!

    Hey there Jess how are you feeling 2 days after surgery? I pray all went well for you
  15. LadyT150

    December Bandsters!

    I am happy to announce that my "band-date" is Dec 13th Hallelujah!! I get so excited because this has been an answered prayer for me

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