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  1. (New story) http://lasvegassun.com/news/2015/oct/19/what-its-like-to-lose-250-pounds/ (Original story) http://lasvegassun.com/news/2013/jan/28/marathon-runner-mark-noel/ This is a follow up story (the first URL) by the Las Vegas Sun newspaper to a story they originally did a few years ago (the second URL) after I originally lost 250 pounds on my weight loss journey. My son, who was also overweight, went through the same journey and lost 275 pounds. Together, we have lost over 500 pounds or more than the weight of 2.5 average men / 3 average women in the US. With this tool, we now can live happy lives once again. Enjoy my insights from the read.
  2. massindex

    NV - Henderson \ Las Vegas

    Try the basic's boot camp here http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/199346-the-basics-boot-camp/
  3. Just completing my training for the NYC Triathlon in 2 weeks, two week break and then starting back up for Silverman later in the year. No rest for the wicked.
  4. massindex

    Triathlon Nsv!

    Your time is fine and it will get better with conditioning. If you want to, incorporate some speed work into your run training once or twice a week. These can be track work, doing 200s or 400s repeats. You sprint for 200 then jog for 400 for example. What happens is that your muscles get use to repetition so by varying the type and intensity of the workouts, you teach the heart to pump more blood per minute and deliver oxygen to the muscles more efficiently.
  5. massindex

    NV - Henderson \ Las Vegas

    I haven't been on the boards for awhile but I'm pretty good at advice and assistance if anyone needs it. Also in the Henderson / Green Valley area.
  6. I don't know about the others, but I can't eat all that in one sitting either. I do have a 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal usually 2 hours before a race. Later, during the course of a Half Ironman, for example, I'll have a Protein Bar and some GUs in my bento box on my bike (maybe 1/2 of a PB2 sandwich also) and then on the half marathon portion of the run I'll have some GU and usually the aid station will have potato chips (need to replace my potassium) and some electrolytes. Carbs will always be a battle with me but they are essential to longer distances. Protein won't convert to energy in time so I just have to dance that dance with the carb devil occasionally.
  7. massindex


    First thing is find a local triathlon club. Don't be intimidated. Everyone in these clubs started out as a newbie at one time and are very happy to help and work with you. I can also provide assistance if you direct message me. I might not respond immediately because I'm in training for an Ironman but I will get back to you. I'd be glad to help. You'll love it!!
  8. I'll just throw my two cents in here. I've done 1 marathon, 7 half marathons, numerous triathlons and now I'm training for a full Ironman (training keeps me away from these boards). Carbs are important but not at the expense of Protein. Everyone is going to find their own balance but a low carb diet only will cause you to bonk. I don't carbo-load before a race but I don't shy away from carbs either. I still follow the protein first but keep room for carbs. Good luck!
  9. All things are possible. It's a great journey and welcome!
  10. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/jan/28/marathon-runner-mark-noel/ Shortly after this story was published, I was contacted by NPR to participate in a round table discussion. During the course of the 45 minutes we were on the air, we discussed my journey and whether weight loss surgery was the answer for many people. I was on with the head of UCLA's Bariatric Surgery unit and discussed the VSG and other options for people with weight issues. As soon as the podcast is available, probably tomorrow, I'll post a link to it and you can down it. It was hard to come 'out of the closet' to tell everyone about my surgery. Even now there are comments that somehow I'm weak for having the surgery and not doing this on my own. As the doctor on the show pointed out, 97-99% of the people who try to do this on their own without surgery will fail and likely gain even more weight. Without addressing all the issues, you are setting yourself up for failure. Enjoy my story... Mark (massindex)
  11. It helps to some degree but short of surgery, it won't go away. Compression undershirts seem to help the most and in fact are necessary when exercising. The jiggling of loose skin can damage tissue when I run so, unless I have cosmetic surgery, I'll probably always be a supporter of compression garments.
  12. massindex

    I did a Duathalon!

    Great job. Enjoy the bucket list accomplishment!
  13. massindex

    Any cyclists out there?

    I did a couple of 60+ mile rides my first year. It wasn't easy and you have to follow normal hydration principles. That means a few oz of liquid ever 15 minutes, ever hour you need electrolytes and watch for potassium loss. I carry 4 bottles on my tri bike for rides of 80 miles or more or when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees. Hope that helps.
  14. From the album: 1 year - Post Surgery

    Rocking it at the LA Half Marathon... Couldn't have made to the starting line a year ago.
  15. massindex

    These shoes are amazing! (For me)

    Running is a key but the evaluation found I have 3/8 inch difference in leg lengths(not uncommon) and needed an insert to get better form. I'll agree with all comments, it's not one thing but many factors.
  16. massindex

    These shoes are amazing! (For me)

    Getting a good evaluation and fit is the biggest key. 2 marathons, 8 half marathons and 2 half iron mans later, no problems. It's the single thing I recommend. Sounds like good advice here.
  17. massindex

    fitness and sodium / iodine levels

    Fiddleman, you'll need to increase you potassium and magnesium to stop your cramping. Supplements for leg cramps are out there but bananas and raisins are a couple of the best natural products for this. Often one banana will fix this for in a matter of minutes.
  18. massindex

    Working Out Post Op

    So the bigger question is whether you are trying to do too much too soon. Has your doctor cleared you for this kind of workout schedule? On your question specifically, I'm no doctor but you are going to lose muscle mass for a time period anyway because you can't consume the protein you need. Eventually you will become depleted and your body chemistry will force you to stop anyway. My personal feeling is that if the doctor says its ok, go ahead. Just keep in mind what is happening with your body and stop sooner than too late.
  19. massindex

    Upset tummy while working out

    I wasn't able to start working out so soon, most because I needed to lose a lot before my knees could take the pounding. Off the top of my head, I'm wondering if the queezy feeling is just normal post surgery symptoms? You are just 7 weeks post surgery. Drinking can still be an issue at this point also. I'd just go to the point where it doesn't feel normal and stop. You have plenty time to work through this. You're in for the long haul and I like the healthy habits you're focusing on.
  20. massindex

    November fitness challenge

    LOL. Not if you saw my time, Butter!
  21. massindex

    New Here

    Ditto. Welcome!
  22. massindex

    November fitness challenge

    Got my 26.2 miles in this morning at the Malibu Marathon. Great venue for a run. With the 40 miles in on my taper, that leaves me 32 miles from my 200 mile goal. I'm going to knock it out next week and take the rest of the year off to recover.
  23. massindex

    November fitness challenge

    You are doing great. 20 miles is great. I did my first metric century about 15 months after my surgery and 7 months after I got my first bike. It takes a while to work up to this but its incorporated in my triathlon training so I ride three times a week and try to leave the weekend for my longer rides. The riding club I'm in has three levels (A, Bl and C) so I started in the C level to learn the techniques and proper peloton methods I move up and down according to where I need to in my training. The C's usually ride 20-30 miles (10-12 MPH) on Saturday morning, B's ride 30-50 (14-16 MPH) miles and the A's ride 40-75 miles (18-22 MPH) The routes always start and end at a Starbucks so we get our coffee before we start and when we finish . I'm usually in the B group except when I'm ramping up for a race or I'm recovering. I like riding with the B's and C's because they are out for the fun of it. The A's are highly competitive and it's all business. That's not what I'm about.
  24. massindex

    November fitness challenge

    A little more than half way through my goal for month. Did a Century ride on Saturday so that knocked out 101.8 miles. One more ride like that and i can take the rest of the month off
  25. massindex

    November fitness challenge

    I don't want to do anything, I'm so dead. But I'll go in for 200 miles this month.

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