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  1. Hi Lauren,

    My weight loss is VERY slow. I feel like I am loosing inches and the clothes are getting baggy, just wish I could see it more on the scale. How is your weight loss?

    I find that I do get hungry (every two hours), but I fill up pretty fast. I can eat all the bad stuff with no problem. I do find it hard to keep down meat. KIT. Chantel

    No problems with swallowi...

  2. Hi How are you doing? I know we were sleeved on the same day so Im curious to where you are at right now with diet and weight loss ect?? How is it going with swallowing food? Hope all is well. thks Lauren

  3. hey how are you doing?? I have a ? I had surgery the same day you did. have you experienced a stall yet? I am so frusterated I have not lost 1 pound in almost two weeks. I dont know what to do.

  4. wannabskinee

    How are the jewels of June doing

    Sleeved June 9th - Ended up staying in the hospital 5 glorious nights. Had 2 seperate blood transfussions. I can't stomach any of that nasty Protein (and yes I have tried different brands). My Bariatric Advantage Vitamins get me sick. Really scared that I am not getting my nutrient requirements. I am still having left shoulder pain (especially in the a.m.). I am hoping that I will have an upward turn soon. Glad everyone else did okay.
  5. I hope so b/c I am having surgery tomorrow too and I feel the exact same way. Lots of Anxiety!! Where are you having your surgery? I'm having mine in New Orleans. It's very hard saying goodbye to all the good food and drink indefinately. But getting healthy is first. KIT
  6. wannabskinee

    "Jewels of June"

    June 9th. Good luck on your date tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers your way
  7. wannabskinee

    "Jewels of June"

    Hi.... Checking in on you. How was your sugery. Hope everything went well.
  8. wannabskinee

    Calling all June sleevers

    Same day for me.
  9. wannabskinee

    time off of work?

    I am taking 7 work days off. That will give me a total of 11 days off work (including the weekends). I have a desk job.
  10. wannabskinee

    Calling all June sleevers

    I see you're a who dat. I am too. Having my surgery June 9th at Wester Jefferson in Marrero, La What about you?
  11. wannabskinee

    Calling all June sleevers

    I'm June 9th New Orleans.
  12. wannabskinee

    Calling all June sleevers

    I'm June 9th as well. Just started the Pre-Op diet and I'm hungry. lol.
  13. wannabskinee

    June 9 surgery date

    Cool. I really don't know how to navigate this site too well. Is there a place that the June Jewels chat or post info?
  14. wannabskinee

    June 9 surgery date

    Where are you having your surgery? Of course you will be fine. You have to wake up so you can become skinny