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    looking for Dr. in Washington DC area

    Hey TurtleGirl - BluePoint Surgical Group has a great group of people. I've seen Dr. Halmi around the office - I had my surgery with Dr. Moazzez - and he was great. They truly care about everyone. I never felt like I was just a number. Good luck!!! It might seem like you'll wait a long time - but it does go quickly and, before you know it, your surgery is in a few days. I was so worried that I wasn't ready - that I wasn't prepared. But they give you so much information - if you follow their guidelines - you'll do very well.
  2. Hi all - I am almost 6 months out - and have been in a stall for about 2 weeks. The scale has moved up and down, 2 lbs each way, for the past three weeks. Not very uplifting at the moment... I had hoped to be down a bit further by now. So, I'm re-evaluating what I'm eating and drinking. In the meantime - my measurements have drastically reduced!!!! I went shopping over the weekend and had the best time at an outlet store that does not have Plus sizes. Size 10 shorts were a bit too big - Wow!!!! I'm wearing mostly Large tops but I can get into a Medium - depending on the fabric and style. I'm wearing heels!!! I feel more balanced so the higher heel and wedge styles don't scare me. Before the weight loss, I only wore flats or a 1 inch heel - I was always afraid of losing my balance and falling. I also had pain in my ankles and feet as the day progressed due to the pressure of my weight. Now, I wear heels and wedges - I feel great! In fact, I'm at work, I'm wearing 3" inch heels, and I'm not worried about aching ankles or feet. You know, I'm so glad I answered this post. Just typing this has made me happier and restored my faith that I'm doing the right thing! Staying positive is one of the best tools you can employ. Please don't give up!!! It's about living and feeling good!
  3. bloomin_vjf

    Embarrasing question

    Hi there - I'd like to see what it's like wearing one all day, but all of the body suits I've found would require me to completely undress to take a nature break... I actually bought a body shaper but found the little slit a bit scary... how the heck am I supposed to work with that? Thanks!
  4. bloomin_vjf

    6 months post op

    Wonderful!!! A great incentive for the rest of us!
  5. bloomin_vjf

    Tomorrow is my big day

    Good luck!!!! Just stay positive! Looking forward to hearing from you, very soon!
  6. Step back!!!! Walk away from the scale!! Truly! You've done well so far and you're doing the right things. Good things are happening! Keep up the good work!
  7. bloomin_vjf

    4 wks post op today!

    Hi there! Sounds like you're doing really well. The stalls can be frustrating but if you're doing all the right things - the scale number will be lower. Wallow in the Non Scale Victories!!! An XL instead of 2x or 3x? How great is that!!! It's not a race - truly.. eat the right things, take your Vitamins, and do some physical activity. That's the way to go. Keep up with the right stuff! I know we'll hear wonderful things from you!
  8. bloomin_vjf

    I wake up nauseated?

    I'm 4 months out and still have an occasional moment of nausea - It reminds me of my pregnant days - when my stomach was completely empty and I wanted to heave but there was nothing there. I keep something close to nibble on first thing - always helps me. Still, I've noticed that I can feel the emptiness of my stomach but there is no hunger! What a strange thing that is. But oh so nice.
  9. bloomin_vjf

    With nothing to lose and the world to gain....

    Good Luck!!! I think we'll hear good things from you!
  10. bloomin_vjf

    4 Month Progress Pics

    You look beautiful!!!! Congratulations on your success. Keep it up!!!
  11. I was an anytime eater but frustration could always be soothed by eating. Yep, I was so soothed and weighed over 250 pounds. My husband has recently gone through bypass surgery - but before surgery - anything and everything stressed me. I found out my old way of "soothing" myself wasn't going to work any longer - in fact, I laughed when I realized that I couldn't stuff myself with anything!!! Two bites and I would be growling - I was so full. But the lightbulb went off! I finally had to find another way to get rid of the frustration. What do I do? I walk, do housework, or hula hoop - it's a great cardio exercise (it only goes around three or four times but it's better than when I started and it only went around once. Granted it's going to be a while before I can keep it going for 30 seconds but it's something I did as a kid and I really want to do it again). The one thing I really like is getting into my closet and trying on clothes. Not only are you moving and stretching, each time I try on an item and it feels a bit looser - I think - do I really want to return to my old ways. Then I start smiling, because I know this is a victory for me! The point is... find something positive to do with your frustration - work it off. In the long run, you're going to overcome one of the worst habits most of us have had - feeding our frustrations!
  12. LOL I couldn't get past the subject - but - I felt right as rain after 3 or 4 days. I found that I could sleep comfortably at an angle - with pillows supporting me on both sides but it doesn't sound like you could. When I was pregnant - I found sleeping on the couch the most comfortable - I could sleep on my side, getting support from the back - and a pillow under my stomach to "prop" me up. As for the other - if you feel "froggy" - Jump! Good Luck!
  13. I have Federal BCBS and was denied on the initial submission and then again on peer-to-peer review. I appealed and received approval at the National level because I had previous abdominal surgery (C-Section) and I already had a documented Vitamin D deficiency. Based on these two things plus a BMI of 43, Diabetes, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol, I was approved. It may be the way your Blue Cross policy is written. Maybe there are other conditions that allow you to have the sleeve. Good luck - don't become discouraged. I hope to hear positive things from you very soon!
  14. bloomin_vjf

    Pureed foods arent working out!!

    I never vomited but I could tell by the first bite whether it was going to make me sick to my stomach and I stopped eating. Just like "NotFat..." I stuck with full liquids like yogurt and puddings a bit longer. One day, I figured out that flavors I really liked was the key. I ate mashed sweet potatoes with Splenda and Cinnamon, mashed potatoes, mashed pinto Beans and black beans, and finely chopped boiled eggs with a bit of mayo on saltine crackers. I found ground turkey was easier to chew and, when mixed with beans, was quite tasty. I would melt a small amount of cheese on top of the beans and ground turkey - getting in some extra Protein. I never really pureed my food - just took really small bites and chewed very, very carefully. I ate several times a day - and, of course, sipped on everything. I'm still very cautious - there are still things that I won't eat because I feel "sick" when chewing the first bite. Just take it easy...like you said - you're not hungry but you know you have to get some nutrional value. Take your Vitamins, drink your protein... it will get better. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be posting about your successes soon!
  15. Welcome and good luck!!! I have Federal BC/BS - they follow what's applicable in each state. I had to appeal the initial denial last September. I got approved in November. The insurance coordinator at my surgeons that many insurance companies have begun including the sleeve in their covered weight loss surgeries. In fact, Virginia BC/BS began covering the sleeve 2 months after they granted my approval on appeal. You sound confident and I don't think anything will stop your success! Can't wait to hear good news from you!
  16. I'm just past the 4 month mark - I've lost 59.2 pounds!. I'm so thrilled! MOMof2 - I LOVE sugar free Fudgesicles! I eat 5 small meals to get in around 1000 - 1200 calories... I try to burn about 2200 calories a day. I have a Body Media that I wear on my arm. It's helped me stay focused. I log all my food to make sure I'm getting in enough calories - I tend to get to the afternoon and have only consumed 400 or 500 calories. I got my daughter one and she's lost 30 lbs using it since January. I can't believe how light I feel - and I know there's more to come. I posted some of these before but here are some highlights of my success, so far: Now fitting in size 12 pants - used to be 16 or 18 (Apple body type) and Large misses shirt (No longer searching out the Plus size clothing) Can walk up stairs to my 4th floor office without gasping for breath (as I've done before) Sat in a plane seat without the tray hitting my stomach. And today, I noticed how far I am from the steering wheel in my car! There are so many Non-scale Victories! - but those are the most obvious. Good luck to everyone. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself.
  17. Wonderful! I had a similar experience - used to wear 20's - 4 months out from surgery - tried on size 12 jeans... they were too big!!!! Well done all of us!
  18. bloomin_vjf

    looking for Dr. in Washington DC area

    I just saw this post - I had surgery with BluePoint Surgical Group in Fairfax.. they were great!!!!
  19. When they moved me to my room after surgery, the TV was on the food Channel. Really? The first week I noticed there were a lot of food commercials. Head hunger - you know you can't eat it but you really crave it. After a while, I turned on music and read - a lot. My surgeon allowed full liquids - including no fruit yogurt (banana and vanilla were my friends), sugar free fudgesicles, popsicles, Jello pudding and Gelatin. I craved salty things. I'm sorry you're having a rough time - it may seem like a long time but you'll get through it. Keep your spirits up!
  20. bloomin_vjf

    7 months, 67 pounds down....what's next?

    Brilliant!!!!! You look great and you're inspiring!
  21. bloomin_vjf

    I'm 51 pounds lighter!

    Love the hot color on you!!! You look wonderful and I'm so happy for you. We're close - I'm in Northern VA! Looking forward to hearing more from you!
  22. Hi there - I see that you posted yesterday - how are you doing today? I hope you're feeling a bit better and that each day is better than the last. You've taken a brave step toward a better future - I have a feeling that you'll be very glad in a couple of months. Take care.
  23. bloomin_vjf

    The last straw!!!

    Wonderful!!!! Good luck and let us hear how you're doing!
  24. bloomin_vjf

    Getting sleeved 3/21

    Good luck to all of you! I have been overweight all my life and had Type II diabetes that was spinning out of control. I've never known what it is to be a normal size, my body shape is like an apple on a stick. Here's what has happened since December 6th, 2010: - Lost 50 lbs. - Now wearing a large shirt - between 14 and 16 (down from 3X) - Having fun shopping!!! - Now wearing size 12 pants - down from size 16-18 (People tell me my legs look skinny - Skinny - a word never associated with me before) - Shoe size is now 8 - 8.5 B width instead of a 8.5 - 9 Wide - Able to take the stairs to my 4th floor office - Walk 2 miles in about 30 minutes with no problem - Last weekend, sat comfortably in an airplane seat without the tray bumping against my stomach - I smile all the time and feel more confident There's so much more I could say. I, too, was nervous and felt very anxious before surgery. It's the best thing I've ever done for me. Good luck!!!!
  25. bloomin_vjf

    Return to work

    I am 55 years old, weighed 247 at surgery, and my BMI was 43 - my surgery was my birthday present to myself. I returned to work 2 weeks after surgery. My job is sedentary and I don't do any lifting. I felt pretty good - but I purposely scheduled surgery three weeks before Christmas since it's the least busiest time of the year for me. I started on mushies the Saturday before I returned to work so I'd be ready for it during the work week. I was so busy during work that I often forgot to eat on time. Truly - it's all about planning. Good luck!

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