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  1. ryansgirl

    Surgery Tomorrow Feb 22nd

    oh wow! what a scare but glad you are doing well hunny and welcome to the otherside! xoxo, nikki
  2. ryansgirl

    I want to stop loosing now

    can't help you here carolyn still 64 more to go but i understand about the loose skin it not the best thing to look at. by the way all three of you guys did sooo well and i hope to join you guys at the goal point soon! xoxo, nikki
  3. it took me a month and half before i could even really walk to my car without dieing and i didn't start exercising till after my second month. xoxo, nikki
  4. i know tiffy it so bad lol but we are goin on vacation in three weeks and i'm ready to forget everthing for a few days. xoxo, nikki
  5. i love muscle milk to. one thing it lactose and many protien are not. Oh and the smell of protein is good awfull i mean really if you drink protien faithful everyday (i only eat seafood now) most have that protien smell s i can't stand. And like mention above the good one you do have to order online but at a heavy price and i drink three a day so that only a week and half supply (lot of shakes i still want to try but the price is outrages) oh make sure you have ready to drink. i hate powder (i'm lazy) Oh and more clear ones not too many clear protien drinks out there and for whatever reason they should not cost more then the milky stuff. and i don't know if you going to expand but if you make a protein bar make sure it is actully is low carb i mean most have 15 to 20 grams of carb and to me that not low carb but good luck!
  6. i was but i just not started to eat dairy products in small amounts so i i'm assuming in a year it may subside or may always have to take it like i buy all my shakes lactose free for the most part but i brought some pro joes and they didn't do nothing bad just gave me gas so i wont be drinking them everyday. xoxo, nikki
  7. ryansgirl

    My new Jeans, ready to go to a Mardi Gras Zydeco!

    and the jeans are hot!
  8. ryansgirl

    My new Jeans, ready to go to a Mardi Gras Zydeco!

    you look beatuiful!! NOT BAD FOR THREE MONTHS!!!!! XOXO, NIKKI
  9. ryansgirl

    Are we messengers?

    it funny you mention that because i see so many people who lose weight rather it be by weightloss surgery or eating health they feel so gong ho to rescue every obese person. i tend to think most people know they have a weight issue nobody really blind to it. i call it the science of unpertainable we all know obesity is a dauting task and most just accept that it. most of use will never be rich either. so we accept a comfort zone .of course reality is not far behind and it catches up to us all. Just about everyone know about weightloss surgery. and weightloss surgery is not for everyone. Also they could turn to us and say what about the hundreds that have gain weight back from weightloss surgery? after all it really not a cure i feel unless your a friend or something and close. matters like that is really nobody biz at all. i don't smoke but i not trying to find ways to appoarch someone about the health risk again i tend to belive most people know (plus it doesnt bother me so no flames tiffy luv lol) to me that like walking to someone and saying hey your nose is really big there are nose jobs out there for you. i say let it be. my thing when people ask me it only then i mention it other then that i don't talk about my weightloss surgery or weightloss with anyone other then family, friend and my net buddies on here. and i agree with what the guys say ever body can live there life anyway they want.:biggrin0:
  10. so for the past two weeks i have been struggling to stay above 220 i was 216 two weeks ago and then all of sudden i dash back to 218 then 217 then 220! ive triend cutting carbs no luck scale still went up or down i went to eating 600 calories to 900 nothing still in the same boat. i have cried my eyes out for days because i'm so angry at just every thing nothing has change i still can't eat alot the only way i stay above 220 is when i drink just one shake aday and that what i been doing for three days i'm 219 right now i done lost 107 pounds and i can't go back but at the same time i sooooooo exhausted. AS a heavy weight i'm thinking maybe i should have chose the RNY or something else my goal is 150. And for those who want to talk about health and what ever. as i told my BF save it. i'm 25 and looking good is a big thing for me sorry and don't care what anyone think of that. seven years ive been dieting and i just don't have it in me anymore i don't feel better at all i feel like a miss halfway everything is just always halfway with nikki. she almost did it she almost did that. anyway i'm researching to moving on with the ds everyone say a year but at seven months i figure by that time i could prob gaining back 20 pounds in the mean time if not more consider all of sudden my body did a 360 on me. i just don't understand...........:crying: xoxo, nikki
  11. thanks guys!!! i will and just to let you guys know i'm not quiting and i wont give up and i wont disappear i know so many do when they feeling sad and like a failure i wont i will fight on maybe i will try the basics and it really nice you guys are here for me! ((HUGS)) xoxo, nikki
  12. ryansgirl

    Coffee... How Naughty, Really?

    just to let you coffee lovers know i just got my order of pro joe today and it was actully good it woke my sleep taste budes up!! not a strong coffee taste but i keep in mind it is protien after all 3 different flavors too! only had the mocha which was yummy that also have a chi flavor i don't like chi and the glass bottle makes you think you are drinking something bad because the bottles look like startbucks jars. you know the one in the gorcery stores. so i just thought i let you coffee lovers know and it 12 for 25 dollars not too bad. 120 calories no fat and tons of b12 vitmans and other stuff 5 g carbs xoxo, nikki
  13. thanks tiff. my bf is refusing to help pay for it because he keeps asking about our future kids and all the other stuff that comes with it. but at this point i don't know what to do. he suggested this weightloss clinic that has a support group and what not and try that first. he agreed by august if there no change or major weightgain is speedy in sight we will get the ds. so i guess i can agree with that. lol and i really don't wan the lines from stress. i feel better these are feelings i was just holding in and it nice to share them out loud and not get bash for it! i had lab work done and everyhting was fine my b12 was 2000 go fig but other then that i was told everything is fine. i could deal if this was astall but i didn't think you gain weight with stalls right you just stay the same weight? i donn't bu i will try to have a less stressful day today.((hugs)) xoxo, nikki
  14. ryansgirl

    Coffee... How Naughty, Really?

    http://www.drinkclick.com but you can find it cheaper on amazon sometimes free shipping also it cheaper on other websites as well. but it really good and it does give you a kick. xoxo, nikki
  15. ryansgirl

    Check it out!!!!

    :thumbup:congrats love you are on your way your pass the half mark!!! xoxo, nikki
  16. ryansgirl

    Coffee... How Naughty, Really?

    these days i have given up coffee don't seem worth it anymore without all the sugar so i just gave it up but i was drinking the protien click coffee for a while but now i'm sick of it................. xoxo, nikki
  17. ryansgirl

    Anybody watching Biggest Loser tonight?

    same here judy and now that tiff brought that up i think that why i stop watching it. i hated how they did the weigh-ins. Also on a funny note ( i really wasn't laughing at all) a co worker saw me for the frist time since i had my surgery (she works on a different floor) and she was like omg it the biggest loser i just looked at her she kept going on about how big i was and yayay and i'm thinking the whole time of all the things to compare me to:001_rolleyes: and yes bill lol i am! i never know what half the things people talk about *sigh i'm so behind............................. xoxo, nikki
  18. ryansgirl

    Anybody watching Biggest Loser tonight?

    I don't watch tv at all ( i knowi know i'm a freak from another world but i like movies!) but i have seen the show like two years ago and i always did wonder how come the don't have loose skin???? it seems so unrealstic to me? can some shade some light on that? xoxo, nikki
  19. ryansgirl


    YAY DEE DEE! i'm so happy for you!!! u have to be on top of the world! xoxo, nikki
  20. ryansgirl

    VSG Dietary Guidelines

    love the link tiff and glad you are feeling well! xoxo, nikki
  21. ryansgirl


    Omg u look so wonderfu!!l ^_^i love it!!!!!! Big difference!!!! Xoxo, nikki
  22. ryansgirl

    Half way to Goal!!!

    congrats you be in the ondeland before you know it!!! xoxo. nikki
  23. as of today i'm 223 i have made it down a 100 pounds and i have to say not too bad for 5 months and some change. now 73 more to go! xoxo, nikki:thumbup:
  24. ryansgirl

    Finally...half way to goal!

    congrats dear and with that tude you can not fail. ONWARD MARCH!!! My boyfriend and i are going to disneyworld march 29 and i too can't wait just to wear normal things and not worry about the rides last time i was so miserable. xoxo, nikki
  25. ryansgirl

    I am 'normal'!!

    congrats der! xoxo, nikki

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