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  1. TijuanaPlication

    DS Questions

    The DS should only be done by a vetted surgeon. You can see a list of them here http://www.dsfacts.com/duodenal-switch-surgeons.html#.UsRkrvRdX10 If you do the Vitalady plan (https://vitalady.com/vitanews/pre-packaged-regimens/) and get regular blood work done (6 monthly ideally) and you have more than 100g of Protein a day you should be good. Pretty much everyone who went to a vetted surgeon and got the DS in one surgery loses (most people that get a sleeve then the DS lose more slowly). It is possible to regain if you go silly with carbs but you'd gain waayy faster with any other WLS.
  2. TijuanaPlication

    What Week Can You Start Having Salad?

    I can't exactly remember when I started taking pills as I don't think I had much need for them. I think I was allowed regular food at 4 weeks out so that should be OK, but if you really can't then wait something small should be OK - just take one or two and see how it goes. If you're at all concerned check with the co-ordinator. I was told to avoid vomiting at all costs within the first 3 weeks, so you have to judge for yourself. I had an extremely easy recovery and never vomited at all (well a mouth full of Water recently coz I drank too fast, but I'm nearly 2 years out). I saw my PCP when I was a couple of weeks out and he said it was OK to remove the paper stitches and that's been it. HTH.
  3. TijuanaPlication

    What Week Can You Start Having Salad?

    I was allowed mushies from week 2, so by my reckoning if you chew it to mush then from week 2. Start with a small amount and see how you get on as we're all different.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. It appears that all of my alerts on this site were switched off when the site was upgraded... anyway. With the DS you normally have a VSG and part of the intestine is bypassed (significantly more than with RNY). With the DS you malabsorb 80% of the fat you consume, 50% of the Protein and some complex carbs (you absorb all simple carbs). You have to take numerous Vitamins several times a day as you'll malabsorb a lot of nutrients as well as calories. The DS is the most successful WLS when it comes to EWL. You can find more information on the DS here http://www.dsfacts.c...-procedure.html HTH
  5. Are you going to get a revision? I'm hoping to get the duodenal switch just on my intestines later this year. I want my stomach left as is. I'm 16 months out and the regain only gets worse.
  6. TijuanaPlication

    Post Op Diet Reminder

    Didn't your doc send you home with enough pain meds? I'd try and continue with what he prescribed until you can eat normal foods. Like FatToPhat said, I'd act as though I'd had the full plication again foodwise. Long term NSAIDs are fine after plication. You can't have them after RNY ever. I had sublingual painkillers for the first few weeks post op, so I'd check with your surgeon if they're OK before you're allowed solids (you don't wanna mess up your revision).
  7. I have to agree with everything that Lmom says - well apart from the fact that I'm a lightweight and it didn't help me either. I think VSG gets you closer to goal whereas GPS gets the first few lbs off.
  8. That's so sweet. Thanks and all the best.
  9. Hi, I've not been successful with the plication and wouldn't recommend it. Please see below for some supporting stats: "overall weight loss was considered satisfactory in 78.6% of the patients who underwent gastric plication and in 97.5% of those who underwent sleeve." Source: http://www.skrekas.net/surg_hemstatistics.htm I would seriously look into Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy if I were you. There are surgeons that do it via a single incision (I'm aware of one in London that does it). He charges a few hundred pounds more as it's more time in the OR, but something worth considering if you're concerned about this invasiveness of surgery. HTH.
  10. TijuanaPlication

    Liver Shrink Diet

    I was a lightweight so I didn't have a pre-op diet. You should ring your surgeon and check what he'd like you to do, as this varies from surgeon to surgeon.
  11. Congratulations. Give it a few weeks and you'll barely feel like you had an op. I feel completely normal and was reminded when we went out for a Christmas meal with work (it was a set menu) and people were saying things like "what's wrong, don't you like it?" Normally I'd choose a Caesar salad and nobody would notice me leaving behind the potatoes LOL!
  12. TijuanaPlication

    Had Surgery Dec 19, 2011 Rny Not Sleeve

    Congratulations. Glad to hear you're doing so well.
  13. Congrats. You sound like you're doing great. I was way too sleepy from the anesthetic to be up to much the first couple of days.
  14. Hi Misha on forums I've read of it happening to a couple of people. Zanthina is one of them, see here for further details http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/12850-unexpected-complication-from-plication-surgery/

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