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  1. SO EXCITED! I weight myself on my 3 month surgiversary and yep, 55 pounds lost...WOOT! *happy dance!*
  2. ybnormal

    55 pounds lost!!!!

    DUH! I forgot to come back and let everyone know, I was right, I WAS lighter, another 2 pounds for a grand total of 57 pounds lost now. WOOT!!!! Yep! I'm dancing! lol
  3. ybnormal

    55 pounds lost!!!!

    Thank you!!!! I feel lighter tonight so I'm going to weigh myself in the morning when I wake up. I'm excited to see if I've lost anything besides the air in my head LOL
  4. Up the calories a bit, add a bit of healthy fats and make sure you're getting between 70 and 90 grams of protein a day. Cutting out fats leads to dry skin and dull hair, the body needs fats. I'm really NOT into the whole non-fat thing at all! Anyway, this is how I would kick start the body to lose again, just my 2cents.
  5. ybnormal

    Problem? 6 months tomorrow

    Hate to break this to you, but you can still get gallstones even w/o a gallbladder.
  6. ybnormal

    Hairballs or Hairy Throat???

    I had this after surgery as well and it lasted for about a month. It seemed like it was going further back into my throat before finally subsiding totally. WEIRD feeling and yes, it felt like there was fur or hair on my tongue! Renee
  7. ybnormal

    55 pounds lost!!!!

    LMAO Lynda! It's true! Renee`
  8. ybnormal

    55 pounds lost!!!!

    LOL Thanks all! I'm having problems with my computer lately so I'm not on as much but yes, it feels WONDERFUL and I'm happy and excited and anyone that has questions or fears, don't be shy, ask away! I'm willing to help anyone with this journey, it's amazing!!! xoxo's! (skinnyrenee)
  9. ybnormal

    55 pounds lost!!!!

    Weird but I noticed today there's less of my legs to shave...that counts as an NSV, right? LOL
  10. I'm seriously not here to judge anyone but I honestly would hate to see a marriage end because of this. Not just because it's a marriage (as if that's not enough) but it seems to be a very religious topic for you both as well, since you mentioned prayer. It would be a bit different if, like some, your marriage was on the rocks. This is a major decision and hard as heck on a good day but with not only no support but total opposition, dang, this would be a very hard thing to do. On the other hand, I don't do well with ultimatums and especially one as blatantly controlling as "do it my way or do it alone!". Only you can decide what is right for you, I can only say what is or isn't right for me. I hope the prayers work Renee`
  11. I'm finding that while counting down to my surgery date there are things that I absolutely WON'T miss when I get healthy. I also know that when surgery time comes and I'm laying there in pain there will come the "WTF HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF!?!?!?" moment. My mentor (she's already been down this road a year ago and is coming with me to get my surgery) suggested to me something that I'm passing along to you. Make a list! List 12 reasons why this surgery is so important to you and what you want or what you don't want anymore. It may be harder than you think! I'm struggling to be brutally honest with myself even though some of it is painful. Now, when you have that "moment" after your surgery, pull out your list and KNOW and remember why you did this to yourself! My list so far, and feel free to share yours because maybe it will help others! 1. I want to be able to breathe easier 2. I want a lap again 3. I want to be able to do pedicures and not have to take a breather moment cause my chub is in the way! 4. I want to be able to walk and not hurt so much 5. I want to be able to get on an airplane and not have to pay for an extra seat or get a seatbelt extender 6. I want to be able to drive my car comfortably again (here is where I'm a bit stuck, and these are in no particular order, just things I know I want!) Renee`
  12. ybnormal

    12 things...

    Jane those are great! I giggled at # 8, why be picky, right? Renee`
  13. Guilty of this. Many times. In fact when I get weak I remember to eat normally and this is DANGEROUS...don't try this at home. I have so much acid reflux and heartburn going on that eating just plain hurts and Protein shakes kill me. Sometimes yeah, it's easier not to eat. I try to remember to eat every 2 hours but honestly with the fibro and chronic fatigue I sleep A LOT and then I wake up and have to get fluids in (which is a huge challenge for me) and by the time it's all said and done, there's really no time to eat. *shrugs* It's not easy. Renee`
  14. Isn't everyone doing another version of Atkins? I'm not sure where to put this, so I put it here in the pre-op pages. Sorry if I've asked this already, but isn't everyone kinda doing the same thing? Very low calories, low carb and moderate to high Protein? I was going to actually try this way of eating (totally fell off the wagon due to traveling and Easter) but then I read somewhere that doing low calorie diets should be watched over by a physician because it can be dangerous. Isn't being fat dangerous? Why can't I do a liquid diet (like the pre-ops do) for two weeks and then cut my calories to 800 a day and make it high protein low carb? Yeah, I figure I'll starve but would I lose the same amount of weight as the post ops do? Would I lose it as fast? Would I keel over dead but need a smaller coffin? These are the things going through my head right now...aren't you glad you're not in my head? LOL Renee`
  15. Was that Spoongal or something? I don't see her post anymore and when I first started here she was on a lot.
  16. ybnormal

    Is the ACID forever now?

    ROFLMAO who wouldn't be after chasing down imaginary things all the time, LOTS of exercise! Maybe this should be moved to the fitness thread? LOL You rock! xoxo's, Renee`
  17. lol oddly enough I just said this hours ago on another thread. I'm not lying, like I said, I don't know either. There was a death. To be honest, since we aren't in the industry, we probably will never know the truth of it. I certainly wouldn't trust the coordinator, but maybe she's telling the truth, who knows? Unless there's an autopsy report (ew gross, I wouldn't look at it to be honest) we'll never know.
  18. Dr. Kelly and some claim it was a blood clot. Some claim it was a nicked artery.
  19. Ya know, just thinking about it, I did a YouTube video on this and would love to hear from anyone that's been there to get the TRUTH out once and for all. Good or bad. If they're good then that should be stated. If they're bad, then that should be told as well. Please email me at skinnyrenee@rocketmail.com and as I find out more I'll do more YouTube on it. I won't mention names but I want to find out the truth of it all. IS it one giant smear campaign or are people really coming back on deaths door? Renee`
  20. I am NOT a coordinator and you can check it out IF they will give you the medical license numbers for BOTH doctors. No deaths? What about over 50 infections, over 10 staple line leaks, perforated stomachs, spleens, and livers? Check out: (about 1/4 of the way down) http://wasabubblebutt.blogspot.com/ Ironically, I didn't hear about this from her, I heard it from several other people...all of them are coordinators? C'mon! Renee` ****Edited to add THIS, the name of the clinic before they changed...again. There have been several names btw...WHY? Very shady...very scary. I'm extremely thankful that those with no complications are doing fine but I worry about the others. http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/2529-major-complications-emmanuel-medical-center/
  21. Let me add that yes, Margaret is right, I could have driven sooner IF it was my moms car. Like I said, the only problem I had was with my car. I had my husband, my mom and Lynn here running errands so there was no need for me to drive. If there had been a need I would have managed it probably about day 4 or 5 just maybe not very easy in my car. I don't agree with the 6 week thing but that is very very common after surgery. I was told the same thing after my hysterectomy and I was driving and running errands the next day. Renee`
  22. Hi Debs and welcome! Just to ease your mind a bit, most (actually EVERY) case I've heard of, the hernia was repaired at the same time so don't worry, be thankful this is the case! It won't make a bit of difference so don't worry, ok? Easier said than done, I know! You will be astounded at what this surgery will do for you! You'll be so much healthier and live much longer...that's what's important, right? I agree, it sounds like you're taking the bull by the horns and taking charge of your life. GOOD FOR YOU! I'm so happy and excited for you and I wish I could make time go faster because I know the waiting for it is the hardest part. It really is! Once it's done you're like ... "That's IT?! SERIOUSLY?!" ...it's that easy. Like I said, it felt like I'd been doing a lot of sit ups or crunches and that was the extent of the pain. Tired? YES. When you get home you'll want to rest and take it easy. I had a little over 5 hour car ride up and through and around a damn goat path, or that's what it felt like LOL Through tons of mountains so the ride sucked! I made it and you will too! Yes it's sucky but it will all be ok I promise xoxo's, Renee`
  23. ybnormal

    It will kick your butt

    oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I had the same itchy reaction to the tape and as a matter of fact I STILL have a big square on my tummy where the tape covered the bandage of the drain! Are you supposed to be putting benadryl cream so close to the incision though? be careful, the last thing you need is an infection on top of it, that'd suck! Renee`
  24. my drain incision was on my left side and when I would stretch and then push on the clutch...ouch! I never knew it took so many different muscles to drive a standard LOL Renee`
  25. ybnormal

    Lemon juice allowed?

    omg my teeth hurt just thinking about this and then my mouth watered thinking about tasting lemon....eeek! Y'all are braver than I am LOL Renee`

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