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    Eating to many calories in a day is not really an issue for me.I do 1500-1800 per day. I dont have the sleeve yet, but my doctor suggested bariatric surgury as a possible option for me 2 week ago. I keep on gaining weight. I am 5'7" and 260 lbs. i can gain weight in a heartbeat and i have sleep apnea. My husband is concerned that having surgury is not right for me and is concerned i may have 80% of my stomach removed and still not lose weight.He wonders if the surgery is only successful for people who ate calories above the recommended amount for their height and weight before surgery. I have been lurking on this forum for 2 weeks and just joined today. After doing research i know i only want to do the sleeve. i have been fat for so long i feel kind of like this could be my light at the end of the tunnel for me.
    Ok here is my question
    Did anyone eat lower amount of calories before surgery and still lost weight after ?
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    sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo got a reaction from debby01 in Which Michigan VSG surgeons are the best?   
    Doctor Carlin Henry Ford Hospital Detroit. I really liked the care i received in the hospital by the nursing staff. I am 4 days out and feel fantastic. i have no problems getting my fluids down either. Both Dr's Carlin and Genaw have been doing this a long time and i felt very comforted by their experience.
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    sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo reacted to thinoneday in Feeling betrayed and ANGRY. Advice?   
    It sounds like your more hurt then angry. . I don't blame you. . your hubbie wanted to protect you thats all. He tried to stand up to his parents by telling them what he was going to do with ya'lls money. . . i hate overbearring people like his parents. . . apparently they have been telling him and the other siblings what to do for the whole of their lives. . . your hubbie doesn't like to have waves it seems with them. . . don't be mad with your hubbie, you did chose to tell others and he (being a man) thought that it was ok to tell others too. . . so you just go on now, it's out in the open, so just hug your hubbie (he does love you lots you know ) hold your head up high and carry on. . . you don't have to please the stupid inlaws, just yourself and hubbie. and if you don't get your surgery you are just pleasing them, showing them they won AGAIN, and not yourself or your hubbie (plus your acting stubborn then) . . . you live with him not THOSE other people. . . good luck! I too was self pay and yes, it's an investment like a little car, but hey i'm alive and living life good and healthy now!