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  1. Eating to many calories in a day is not really an issue for me.I do 1500-1800 per day. I dont have the sleeve yet, but my doctor suggested bariatric surgury as a possible option for me 2 week ago. I keep on gaining weight. I am 5'7" and 260 lbs. i can gain weight in a heartbeat and i have sleep apnea. My husband is concerned that having surgury is not right for me and is concerned i may have 80% of my stomach removed and still not lose weight.He wonders if the surgery is only successful for people who ate calories above the recommended amount for their height and weight before surgery. I have been lurking on this forum for 2 weeks and just joined today. After doing research i know i only want to do the sleeve. i have been fat for so long i feel kind of like this could be my light at the end of the tunnel for me. Ok here is my question Did anyone eat lower amount of calories before surgery and still lost weight after ?
  2. I am on the other side of the Sleeve now and i am loving it ! i have already noticeably lost weight in my face,legs and butt.So here is how it went Day 1 I wake up from surgery and feel like i have major cotton mouth i did not feel pain really becouse i was hitting my morphine pump as soon as they hooked it up. the nurse administered pain meds to me until the pump was hooked up. i just automatically said i was in pain to her when she asked lol it took a few hours for my room to open up but i was really to drugged to care Day 2 I feel pain in the one incision where they took my tummy out of (this is really my only major complaint even now on Saturday) It hurts when i cough or move from a laying down position. but it is not even close to being as bad as when i had my hysterectomy which ended up being an open surgery.i had alot of nausea which was immediately taken care of by this medicine they put in my IV. i was bummed when they took my morphine pump away but the Tylenol 3 did the job nicely. they did not put a catheter in me so from the time i wake up after surgery i have been doing the potty thing on my own. which is a good thing as i hate catheters. Day 3 felt great and was glad to be going home Day 4 I went garage sailing with my mom for 4 hours and was probably to much movement i was exhausted and slept for 5 hours when i got home Day 5 I ate some pudding and am so glad it tasted yummy . I think my secret weapon is the 32 ounce bottles of Gatorade i bought to help me recover. as ridiculous as it sounds the Gatorade has saved me since i have been home Day 6 What can i say but I love my tiny tummy Giving back thoughts Since i am a Watercolorist i am thinking about every XX amount of pounds that i lose to do a painting and give it away to someone on this forum.Do you guys think that would be a good idea. would anyone want to be in a free painting drawing every 10 lbs i lose?
  3. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    The post op happy dance and giving back idea

    yes i did paint the bird in my avatar and the lake scene in my profile.Thank you for your kind words kath-a-leena
  4. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    The post op happy dance and giving back idea

    maybe have a separate thread where people could put their name in and then have random . org pick the number EXAMPLE lets say only 3 people want in and the number generator picks #2. I would then contact #2 person and get their address and mail out their painting. i could post a pic of the painting up for grabs at the beginning of the thread. 1.) apple-saucy 2.)sarsar 3.)Raine 4.) 5.) 6.)
  5. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    The post op happy dance and giving back idea

    Ok ill do it! I have 4 lbs left to lose before i giveaway my first painting :lol::lol::lol:
  6. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    Which Michigan VSG surgeons are the best?

    Doctor Carlin Henry Ford Hospital Detroit. I really liked the care i received in the hospital by the nursing staff. I am 4 days out and feel fantastic. i have no problems getting my fluids down either. Both Dr's Carlin and Genaw have been doing this a long time and i felt very comforted by their experience.
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    68 lbs in 4 months is crazy amazing all i can say is WOW i hope i do as good as you
  8. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    Michigan Sleevers

    i am a michigander too
  9. it is the day before my surgery and i have horrible sinus headache and a fever of 101. Do you think they would cancel the surgery if i had a fever tomorrow morning?
  10. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    fever on the day of surgery

    Fever and headache are gone now, maybe it was just stress
  11. How much weight did you lose on the liquid pre-op diet? how long did you have to be on it? i just started mine today and i was curious what others lost. i have to do mine for 7 days
  12. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    How much weight did you lose on the clear liquid pre-op diet?

    Ok so far 3 people who lost 11-14 lbs on 2 week pre op Clear liquids. in my fantasy dream world i was hoping i would lose that amount of weight in one week lol
  13. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    How much weight did you lose on the clear liquid pre-op diet?

    14 pounds is very good.
  14. So sorry you have had a hard time i hope you feel better. Would you mind telling me what doctor did your surgery? I am in Michigan too.

  15. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    Approaching my 6-month Sleeve-i-versary...

    73# makes a big difference. i bet you feel so much better. i cant wait until i get to have the sleeve done.
  16. The first appointment of my journey is scheduled for March 29th It is an orientation and i a am not sure but i think i meet with a dietitian too that day. The scheduler said it last from 9-4 i am so excited !!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Does it feel different to puke after the sleeve? The reason i ask is i am a puker in general so i just wonder about this. Is it the same or different ?
  18. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    does it feel different to puke after the sleeve?

    this is so interesting ladies thank you so much. I do not ever want to over eat after i get my sleeve lol
  19. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    does it feel different to puke after the sleeve?

    its a huge question with me becouse i have always had a weak stomach to things. i can not stand to look upon someone else's spit lol. its kind of the family joke that i am the puker.
  20. Does any one know Henry Fords Pre op diet? i am just curious how long it is and what it entails
  21. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    Oohhh yeah!!! Whose doing the happy dance?!?

    thats wonderful i cant wait until i hear those words and get a surgery date
  22. Mindy i am 32 from Michigan too and i see so much of my self in your story. I hate booths with a passion. Bridget jones is my favorite movie and i love that line becouse it reminds me of my hubby who is my biggest support and loves me for who i am. i have not had my surgery yet but i know that s where i am heading and its giving me some peace just knowing someday someway i will be the me on the outside that i am in my heart.
  23. hey i am from Michigan too :) i have not had the surgery yet but i definitely want to follow your progress. i see so much of my own self in your story.

  24. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    strange question from a newbie

    thanks so much everyone for your input. Susanne i think you are right about mentally preparing myself to not lose as much weight as quickly. I think i would be doing cartwheels if i could lose 60 lbs in a year. All i want is to be in onederland again i have not been under 200 in like 10 years.
  25. sleevesmagoohowdoyoudo

    strange question from a newbie

    My doctor ran my blood work and did a 24 hour urine sample. i will get the results on Friday. My throat is being cat scanned Thursday. He is looking to see if i have thyroid/hypothyroidism or Cushings Syndrome (too much cortisol in the bloodstream) He said he will have enough info from all the test on Friday to start making decisions together. I had a massive crying breakdown in his office a week and a half ago. I am so tired of feeling like crap with all this extra weight If i get to have the surgery it will likely be at Henry Ford Hospital. He told me he has sent just over 50 patients there and no one has had complications. I am so tired of sleep apnea and fat at 32 yrs old.