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  1. You keep that positive attitude. You are going to do great. I am 13 days out and doing very well. Walking is SO important and makes you feel better. Wishing you all the best!
  2. Hi everyone, I had surgery on the 27th and my Dr. has you stay 3 nights, so I came home yesterday. The pain was the worse on day 2 but even that was really tolerable. Getting in my liquids and just have soreness in the belly area. Just so happy that my journey can now truly begin! Thanks for everyones support! Tracy
  3. Thanks everyone! I am leaving for the hospital right now.
  4. Hi everyone, just wanted to say thanks for the support and encouragement that this forum has given me and the wealth of information that help to lead me to this decision. Wishing everyone being sleeved tomorrow a safe surgery and a speedy recovery!!!
  5. 1tracy

    Surgery date tomorrow

    Best wishes to you! You are on your way to the new you!:dance: I will be sleeved July 27TH (another firecracker :usa: )!!!!! Take care !
  6. Thanks so much for the info!!!!
  7. 1tracy

    Red Velveter's

    So good to see you girls back!!! I am amazed on how well each of you are doing, congratulations to each and everyone of you!!! Right before the Red Velvet gang was sleeved, I would read your post and you girls made me laugh, so happy to follow along in the journey. Wishing you continued success!!!:cheer2:
  8. 1tracy

    4 days post op

    Congrats to you and keep up the good work! Take care of yourself and I am so glad things went well!
  9. Congratulations on being sleeved and doing so well, you certainly deseve it! I am so sorry for all that has happened in the past....I know what it is like to lose a sister/brother and it is hard. Wishing you the best, I will be cheering you on, and looking for new posts!:cheer2:
  10. 1tracy

    lab result came back bad

    Don't fret...it sounds as if everything will be taken care of. Sending healing thoughts your way!
  11. 1tracy

    Approval e-mail today

    Just had to say congratulations and I am so glad it has all came together! Wishing you the best!
  12. Congratulations fellow July 27TH sleever! Wishing you all the best!:cheer2:
  13. Congratulations....I am so happy for you. I will be sleeved the 27TH of July. ( Cheers to you Ruby for the same day). Wishing you all the best!
  14. Thanks for posting!! It is truly an incentive for those of us not yet sleeved. You look great and I have to say it too....younger....yay! So happy for you!:cheer2:
  15. 1tracy

    Pay or Insurance

    Hi, my insurance would also only cover the bypass (VSG was considered experimental) I knew from knowing people who have had bypass surgery- it just was not the wls choice for me. So I am a self pay (bummer, I think insurance should cover it ) and looked around for a surgeon I felt comfortable with and by the end of next month I will be sleeved. I know it will be the best money spent! Best wishes to you on your journey!

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