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  1. girly831

    Type II Diabetes Diet with LapBand?

    NEED HELP! I had lap band almost 3 years ago and was not taking any meds. When I finally got around to getting my blood work done, it was all too high. Started taking metformin again, which did not work to lower my levels. Then I added Januvia, which did not work at all. Stopped that and started Glimeperide which made my gain about 10lbs very quickly. I was so frustrated I went back to my PCP and we are trying Byetta. Still I have not lost any weight and am very frustrated. the last time I saw my Bariatric Surgeon he told me he did not want to adjust me any further because I'm already at 9.5cc and I have an 11cc band. what are you guys eating to maintain sugar and lose weight?
  2. girly831

    Band Slipped and unfilled

    I think I may have a slippage as well, I had a rib out of algnment that was put back in place by my chiro. About 2 weeks later I have been having what feels like stomach spasms, I can eat fine, no reflux just some back pain along with the spasms. What is the process if the band has slipped?
  3. girly831

    Need Daily Weigh-in Email Buddy

    I actually am no longer weighing 2 x day. I have been on a very long plateau and have now started back on metformin, zocor and lisinopril. I have been having a really hard time losing, I have gained a good 5 lbs instead. Very frustrated, still working out 5x week for about 45 minutes and still no losing. Need some advise!!!
  4. girly831

    Type II Diabetes Diet with LapBand?

    Back on Metformin for about 2 weeks now. Scale has still not moving for almost a year now. Getting very frustrated!!!! Band is almost at full capacity, I have an 11cc band. WTF!!!
  5. Gov. Christie had the same surgeon as I did, Dr Richard Boorse. In Allentown, PA at LVH, he was even on the news last night. Good Luck to him!
  6. girly831

    Need Daily Weigh-in Email Buddy

    I'm addicted to weighting myself everyday also. At the gym every morning before workout and after workout without sneaks...yes it is diffrent. My email is christine_gicking@glic.com. I'd love to join. Today 158.8
  7. girly831


    I'm taking for Diabetes Type 2
  8. girly831


    Anyone taking Metformin think it is helping them with weight loss?
  9. girly831

    Bragg apple cider vinegar

    How do you take the apple cider vinegar? I would think it would not agree with your stomach...
  10. girly831

    October Bandsters Updates

    You are doing great! I haven't lost that much. I was banded on October 5, 2011. I finally hit the 25lb lose mark. It has been sloooooooow. Since I started the pre-program I have lost a total of 32lb. What is your secret? What are your typical meals for the day?
  11. girly831

    July Summer Challenge

    Down 1lb since challenge started!!!
  12. girly831


  13. Just checking in to find out how my other fellow October 2011 bandsters are doing...
  14. girly831

    July Summer Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Christine Goal weight for July 31st~160 Weight on July 1st~163 Age~44 Dietary goal for July~1200 calories or less per day Exercise goal for July~at lease 4 days week Personal goal for July~5 lb loss Date banded~10/06/2011 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~32lbs What is your favorite 4th of July activity~ fireworks

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