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  1. Something I've been struggling with recently. I'm looking at the caloric needs of a person post-sleeve and comparing it to what a typical anorexic might intake. It's the same. Where is the difference? Just the mental aspect? **excerpts taken from wikipedia**
  2. Haven't had pop in nearly 1.5 yrs.... I've "tested" it but 1 sip frankly anything carbonated now feels super uncomfortable and way too sweet so I don't bother at all. Pre-op, I had soda EVERY SINGLE DAY.
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    What Do You Tell People?

    I am getting closer to 1.5 yrs out. Very very very few people at work know I had WLS, all of my family and close friends do though. My family/friends are all on board and frankly some are thinking about doing it for themselves! The thing is, since my surgery I have changed branches/provinces ... so no one in the new branch at work knows my new weight is actually NEW since they've only seen me at THIS weight. But I have a bad habit. I get PISSED when people that clearly have not had weight issues make comments about how other's eat/their weight/etc.... and start to get annoyed quickly and comment how regardless of their diet, its no one's business how they are as a PERSON/MANAGER... etc... they have NOTHING to do with each other. It really makes me MAD when people in my office do that and I'm not quiet about it either. My weight is MY business. If I chose to tell someone about m WLS, then I will. Mostly I will tell others that struggle with their weight but even then, its a slippery slope. You don't want to offend. In their place, I would be so seriously embarrassed if someone brought up my weight. As much as I want to help those people, I know who might actually benefit from a life changing surgery such as this... its certainly NOT for the faint of heart.
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    IMG 2132

    From the album: Before and After

    133 lbs
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    Before and After

  7. I missed out when this program aired and have been looking for it online to no avail... any hint/tips?
  8. I would love to see if there are any Canucks weighing in on this. I am just in the beginning stages of choosing a surgeon (which may include MX) and I don't know what the heck I'm doing right now....
  9. I'm interested in this too... I'm researching PS right now and haven't picked a Dr yet
  10. Welcome fellow successes! A year has gone by since we all each posted about our nerves going into surgery, our fears, our hopes, trials and tribulations post op... and now we're on the outside looking in... as success stories, as "seasoned sleevers"! For me, I'm a couple weeks from my one year anniversary and sitting comfortably below goal! I hit goal (149 lbs) a few days before Christmas 2011 and since then I've blasted past it and now sit at 133 lbs! Occasionally I've had moments where I worried that I am losing too much, or worse that I won't be able to stop losing. I currently get in around 1000-1200 calories a day which I know is too low for me and I still struggle with this but try to get in the calories I need now to maintain my weight. My "DO SOMETHING" weight is 140 lbs. If somehow I find myself nearing/approaching/above that mark, that's when I will take control and do a pouch test (& potentially revert to mushies again) to ensure that I stay below that magic number. For exercise, I've been working with a trainer for the last few weeks to bring back some strength to my body. I have not exercised until this point. I'm now looking and planning for possible/likely plastics in April 2013. I'm pretty unhappy with how my body looks post-op and would like a mommy makeover to have my body look in person like it does in my mind. Here is my pre and post -op pics! PRE OP Size 18-20 XL/XXL AND TODAY! Size 4-6 XS/S!!! Tell me about your journey! How has the last year been for you? No matter how much you've lost, you are a success story!!! Celebrate it in this thread!
  11. I love this thread! I hope my experiences are welcome here too! Your Do's and Don'ts are invaluable LilMissDiva, I hope you don't mind that I reposted that post on my own blog (I gave you credit for it). If you do, please PM me and I'll amend or delete as required I want all sleevers to have as much information as they possibly can and I love to offer as much insight as I can into those early days when we all had a million questions!
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    I Ate Pop Corn;( Help.

    The reason popcorn falls on the "no" list is because of the husks and kernels. They can become stuck in the ridges of our newly created stomachs. I've eaten the popped part off of the popcorn a few times and done ok but I really recommend you stay away from movie theatres until you're a little further out if its a trigger for you to mindlessly eat. We have to stop the patterns that we did pre-op otherwise they will follow us post op and we will re-gain our weight! Good luck!
  13. The sleeve removes a section of the stomach called the fundus which is responsible for the majority of the production of ghrelin in your body, that's your satiety/hunger hormone. The surgery works 2 ways. One is physical restriction since you simply CANNOT eat to much. The second way is that it takes away the physiological response for hunger - you'll still get head hunger but the physical cramping/grumblies etc is gone.
  14. I was back at work 6 days post op. I went back for day 6 full day and then did half days the rest of the week. I have a desk job so it wasn't strenuous but in retrospect, I was so completely exhausted, I should have taken 2 weeks.
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    Reason For Time Off

    It's none of their business and they can't ask what its for. My boss simply asked "is it necessary?" I said yes. That was it. If you ABSOLUTELY feel the need to tell them "something", say you're getting a hernia repaired. That isn't going to come back and bite you down the road like saying your gallbladder and then later needing it out and not being able to use it as an excuse anymore!
  16. Thank you bella! You're right where everyone stalls so take hope that it will pass! Biggest things I can pass on to new slivers are: Try and stay off the scale if you can, it will only determine your moods. MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE!! The very first thing you ever eat should have protein in it. At ALL times. Make sure its your make food source. I did not stay away from carbs or sugars on purpose, it just kind of happened because by the time I had my few bites of protein, I was full and didn't want the rest! Good luck to you, a year from now, you'll be where I am today!
  17. Thanks so much everyone! I have a decent amount of extra skin on the tummy area but I'm really pleased with how this last year has turned out! Hopefully I can tighten up the rest without plastics but if I feel that I can't do any more without surgery, then I plan to do that in another year
  18. VJSlim & ChristineS NY - thank you! I FEEL amazing!!! Thank you!! You're welcome! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one worried about losing too much!!! Congratulations on your new sleeve! i'm excited for you to be at the beginning!!!
  19. weight before sleeve? 223 lbs weight After Sleeve ? 133 lbs How many weeks is your sleeve? 11.5 months did you start to gain weight already ? NOPE!
  20. This is the absolute BEST way I can explain what the last year has been for me. The obsession of being on a diet... the guilt for going OFF the diet... the deprivation and hunger while ON the diet... its all literally disappeared. Thank you for putting this in such clarity!
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    Whats Your Sleeves Name?

    Mine has been sleevie the whole time... it works for me!!
  22. From what I can tell you're pre-op so frankly, at that point, I was doing pretty much all the "bad" things I wasn't supposed to as well. But when I hit my pre-op diet, it was game-on. I think I had my first drink post op a couple months out. It was a (canadian) caesar (clamato and vodka) and I regretted it as I was very dehydrated and a MAJOR lightweight (1 drink)... pre op, I was used to drinking several drinks over an evening. Now, at 1 yr post op, I have a glass or 2 of wine over a couple of hours and I'm feeling it. ALOT. More than that, I'm stumbly. Make good choices post-op to make the best choices for your weight loss and be aware of the potential of transfer addictions and monitor your intake. Good luck!!!